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Enfuvirtide use in HIV, dosage, side effect & warnings

What Are The Lactoferrin Supplements Benefits For Adults And Babies?

Lactoferrin Overview

Lactoferrin (LF) is a natural protein present in mammalian milk and exhibiting anti-microbial properties. Since its inception in the 60s, there have been numerous studies to establish the therapeutic value of the glycoprotein and its role in immunity.

Although younglings can obtain the supplement from suckling their mothers, commercially-made lactoferrin powder is available for all ages.


What Role Does Immunoglobulin G (Igg) Play in The Human Body

What Role Does Immunoglobulin G (Igg) Play in The Human Body?

Immunoglobulin overview

Immunoglobulin (an antibody), is a glycoprotein molecule produced by white blood cells. Immunoglobulins antibodies play a crucial role in detecting and attaching themselves to certain antigens like bacterial and viruses. These antibodies also contribute to the destruction of those antigens. As such, they form an essential immune response component.

There are five major Immunoglobulin types in placental mammals, depending on amino acid sequence variability exhibited in the antibody heavy chain’s constant region. They include IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG as well as IgM antibodies. Each of these antibody types has a distinct structure, hence a unique function and response to antigens. More…