1. What are Nootropics and Sunifiram?
  2. How does Sunifiram work?
  3. Five potential benefits of Sunifiram
  4. How to use Sunifiram
  5. Sunifiram Stack
  6. What are the side effects of Sunifiram
  7. Who can use Sunifiram
  8. Conclusion

What are Nootropics and Sunifiram? phcoker

Have you thought about unleashing the great potential in terms of memory, focus, and inventiveness? At times you may want to ace your exam but feel like you are too busy to burn the midnight oil. The good thing is, you can now easily enhance your cognitive ability within a short time. With the advent of technology, you can know more about products that will place you first.

If you feel like you want to have an improvement in the way your brain works, then you should try using nootropics. Nootropic comes from the word “NOUS” and “TROPOS” meaning brain, changed or altered, respectively. They are better known as smart drugs that improve one’s cognitive functions. For years, nootropics have been known to increase sharpness and influence mental capacity dramatically.

Nootropics come in handy, especially when you are hanging in the balance and need something to make you stand out. Businesspeople, students, and even fighters have always used nootropics to find their edge. Other than that, nootropics have been reported to be useful in patients suffering from motor function disorders like Huntington’s, Parkinson, ADHD, and Alzheimer disease.

One of the nootropics that offer excellent results is Sunifiram, which is also known as DM-235. Its structure is similar to that of racetam nootropics but is a thousand times stronger than piracetam. Sunifiram’s half-life is one to two hours.

This nootropic was first produced in the year 2000 by scientists from the University of Firenze in Italy. It has not been comprehensively researched on, but the preliminary animal studies done on it show that it is a highly effective nootropic that could also play a significant role in the management of neurological disorders.

How does Sunifiram work? phcoker

Although Sunifiram is considered to be a piracetam derivative, its structure is different compared to the racetams. It is categorized in the same chemical class as the piperazine alkaloid.

Although its mechanism of action is not fully understood, it is known to work through the stimulation of the glutamate receptors activity. It also increases the production and release of acetylcholine, which is a learning neurotransmitter.

Sunifiram primary mechanism of action is believed to be that of ampakine. That means that once it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it then binds with the AMPA-type glutamate receptors that are found in the brain. As a result, there is the stimulation of the production of glutamate, which is a vital neurotransmitter and whose role is neural activation.

Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter whose role is to promote synaptic plasticity. That means that it enhances the nerve synapses ability to respond to an increase or decrease in activity.

The body needs adequate levels of glutamate so as there can be long-term potentiation or rather a lasting improvement in the signal strength between neurons.

Also, glutamate levels are essential in the hippocampus, whose role in the brain is to allow spatial navigation. It also provides for the formation and storage of memory. It is believed that Sunifiram’s ability to enhance cognitive function is as a result of an improvement in the neural signal strength in the hippocampus.

Other than enhancing memory formation and remembrance, ampakines offer mild stimulation that helps increase alertness and energy. Luckily, it does not cause restlessness, and other side effects brought about by the use of stimulants like amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin), and caffeine.

Additionally, Sunifiram acts as a cholinergic by increasing the production and release of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine affects most cognition aspects, including learning speed and ability, memory, and the capacity to solve unique problems without having to depend on learned behavior.

Although it is not yet known how Sunifiram controls the production of acetylcholine, an Italian animal study done showed thatDM235 had the same cholinergic effect as piracetam.

Sunifiram vs. Adderall

The Sunifiram vs. Adderall mechanism of action is very different since Adderall works by stimulating the release of norepinephrine and dopamine, which in turn increase one’s focus and also lead to physical and mental stimulation.

Sunifiram, on the other hand, works through the glutamate receptors hence increase the memory formation.

Five potential benefits of Sunifiram phcoker

Increased sex drive

Everybody deserves to have a satisfying sex life. Although pleasurable sex is one of the things that one should enjoy for a lifetime, it might not be the case for everyone.

Nootropic Sunifiram (DM235) Powder


Some people could be in the mood all the time while for others it may fluctuate time to time. A low sex drive could make you suffer emotionally and affect your relationship too. Fortunately, no matter how low your sex drive may be, there is help.

One of the easiest ways you could make yourself want to have some good time with your partner is to take Sunifiram. That is because it does the trick in making you feel like you cannot resist your partner. A study done on both men and women showed that one of the Sunifiram benefits is that it gives one aphrodisiac-like effect upon taking it.

Although it is not yet identified how it causes an increase in libido, some theories suggest that it leads to an increase in the flow of blood to the penis and the vagina.

Also, Sunifiram powder may improve the quality of one’s sex life by making one more sensitive to touch, boost stamina and by stimulating the release of more dopamine and serotonin (feel-good chemicals) into the brain.

Visual and perceptual enhancement

Today, our eyes are likely to suffer visual problems due to fatigue. Staring at small numbers and images on small screens, telephones, and televisions could also contribute to it. Worse still some of the treatments may not be very convenient for us, especially when you are now forced to wear spectacles.

Good vision is essential because it goes a long way in improving one’s performance. If your vision is in top shape, you are most likely going to notice changes and react to them fast. Have you thought of a way you could enhance your vision without having to wear glasses that may shatter on impact and cause severe eye damage?

Sunifiram has been reported to give its users a brighter outlook that makes light and darkness more pronounced. It also makes the colors appear vibrantly.

For others, Sunifiram powder (314728-85-3) is reported to make music more mentally engaging and give one emotional satisfaction.

It is a mood and energy booster

Have you found yourself in a down, foul, blue, or unproductive mood? Have you felt like low energy levels are dragging you down and not even a cup of coffee or energy drink seem to be giving you a lift?  If you are going through this, then you could try the Sunifiram effect to keep the sluggishness at bay.

Participants who used Sunifiram reported that it added on their energy and gave them a positive outlook. For there to be energy, the brain makes use of the glucose that is usually supplied by the red blood cells. One of the drugs that impede the flow of glucose across the cell membranes is Pentobarbital. A low Sunifiram dosage exhibited the same effect.

At a high dosage, it prevented the glucose from leaving the red blood cells. It is, therefore, useful at low concentrations because it promotes the uptake of glucose.

It improves focus, motivation and mental clarity

We live in a world that is confined by so many things. Sometimes they may weigh us down and demotivate us. The monotony of having to get up every day, at the same damn time and doing the same thing could derail us. While strong motivation and focus are essential in all the tasks that one may undertake, achieving them may not be very easy.

A lot of advice on how you can improve your focus and concentration have been given around the web. While you might be unsure which one among them delivers, you might want to know about the Sunifiram effect on the same.

One of the Sunifiram benefits is that it significantly enhances concentration, focus, and mental clarity. It also helps improve motivation that is essential for the successful handling and the accomplishment of mental tasks.

That could be because Sunifiram enhances the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, whose role is to promote cognitive ability.

Nootropic Sunifiram (DM235) Powder


Enhances learning and memory

While many believe that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, this may not be the case when it comes to your brain. No matter your age, your brain can adapt and change when it comes to memory and learning ability. With the right supplement, you can enhance the ability to learn new things as well as improve your memory.

Animal studies done showed that Sunifiram improves one’s learning speed and information retention too. Other than enhancing performance in learning tasks, it effectively reversed chemically-induced amnesia. A study done on healthy adult showed that even at small doses, it is still useful in the enhancement of memory and learning.

One Sunifiram user had his IQ increase by fifteen points after using a Sunifiram dosage of 25mg four times weekly for four months.

It may decrease pain sensitivity

The analgesic effect that Sunifiram causes help it act as a pain reliever and the beauty that comes with it is that it doesn’t come with the depression and anxiety side effect that other pain relievers cause.

A research done on mice showed that Sunifiram supplementation delayed their reaction towards heat, indicating that this nootropic has pain relieving properties. This effect was observed to be at peak at a Sunifiram dosage of (0.01 mg/kg) will a higher, or lower dosage is less effective.

How to use Sunifiram phcoker

Sunifiram is one of the strongest nootropics in the market today and should, therefore, be taken with a lot of caution. Since it has not been thoroughly studied, it is hard to come up with the right dosage. One should, however, maintain a low dosage, especially if you are using it for the first time.

Mostly it comes in powder form, and the recommended starting Sunifiram dosage is usually 3mg to 4mg taken three times a day.

Typically, there are two different ways in which you can take Sunifiram powder; you could opt to mix it with some water or take it sublingually. If you place it under your tongue, you will notice a minor fizzing or tingling sensation like the one you feel once you place a strong breath mint under your tongue.

Sublingual dosages have proven to work quickly and strongly. You know that this supplement has taken effect once you start feeling a stimulating effect like that of Adderall.

Once you have become an experienced Sunifiram user, you could increase the dosage to 5mg or 8mg gradually. That is the average dose that an experienced user should take. Before increasing your dosage, ensure that you have taken the nootropic for more than a week at lower dosages.

You should never exceed 10mg a day because the long term effects of Sunifiram are still being studied. Also taking it for a very long period could build up a tolerance; hence, the best thing to do is to run Sunifiram cycles followed by breaks.

Sunifiram Stack phcoker

A Sunifiram stack is a combination of Sunifiram together with one or more nootropic supplement to be taken together or in a sequence to achieve more cognitive benefits. Taking Sunifiram alone offers standalone benefits but stacking it with another nootropic means that the benefits get multiplied. You, however, have to be careful about the Sunifiram dosage you decide to take in combination with other nootropics until you know your reaction towards them.

For mood enhancement

Here are various nootropics that stack well with Sunifiram to solve bad mood problems.

  • Aniracetam
  • L-theanine- It works by promoting the production of GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. It also inhibits glutamine reuptake.
  • Sulbutiamine- It potentiates glutamatergic, dopaminergic and cholinergic transmission.

Do not forget to include a good choline source which will act as a potentiator and prevent you from head pains and other side effects.

For cognitive effects

This Sunifiram stack is one of commonest types of stacks. For enhanced cognitive effects, Sunifiram is usually stacked with one or more nootropics from the racetam family like the Noopept, Oxiracetam, and Piracetam. Since racetams are known to decrease the level of choline in the brain, a good choline source like Alpha GPC, centrophenoxine or CDP choline is recommended.

What are the side effects of Sunifiram phcoker

With everyone looking for ways that they can improve their performance and wellbeing as a whole, many have fallen for supplements that have caused ill effects on their health. Some can cause health problems, while others could completely dysfunction the body. The best nootropic that will let you enjoy the benefits without leaving you helpless is Sunifiram.

So far, no Sunifiram severe side effects have been reported, but it is good to keep in mind that human studied and clinical trials have not yet been done. Research done on animals show that this nootropic is both safe and well tolerated. It also shows that even in a higher dosage than the prescribed one, it does not pose the risk of toxicity.

All the Sunifiram side effects that have been reported are minor and go away almost immediately. They include an increase in one’s body temperature, increased salivation, and perspiration. It could also cause headaches, increases sensitivity to audio and visual stimulation, nasal stuffiness, and insomnia.

These Sunifiram side effects have been reported to increase when one takes a very high Sunifiram dosage or combines it with other supplements. If you take the recommended dosage, you are unlikely to suffer from any of the mentioned side effects. Whenever you feel like head pains are creeping in, you should turn to Alpha GPC.

Nootropic Sunifiram (DM235) Powder

Who can use Sunifiram phcoker

Sunifiram is perfect for;

  • Students who need to learn and retain a lot of information.
  • People who are always studying new programs, i.e., computer programmers and those that want to always be in the know of the emerging trends such as web designers
  • Engineers and technicians whose job needs one to be creative and a fast problem solver
  • People who constantly need to read a lot to stay competent and skilled

Conclusion phcoker

As seen in the article, Sunifiram is the kind of nootropic that will meet the needs of your body all-round. When it comes to safety, it has it in loads; after all, it doesn’t come with side effects that will make you see a doctor after taking it. The only thing you got to do is to choose the right nootropic to combine with it and use the correct amount at the right time. Order for yours today and achieve your physical and cognitive goals.



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