1. What is Epithalon Acetate?
  2. Epithalon Acetate mechanism of action
  3. Applications of Epithalon Acetate
  4. Epithalon Acetate usage for reference
  5. Epithalon Acetate benefits
  6. Epithalon Acetate side-effects
  7. Epithalon Acetate storage conditions
  8. Where to buy Epithalon acetate drug?

Have you ever heard about Epithalon acetate? Are you researching on it and want to know everything about it? If yes, then this article is going to help you in letting you know about Epithalin Acetate. This article will contain thorough knowledge about this drug. The various parts of this article would be as follows:

1. What is Epithalon Acetate? phcoker

Epithalon acetate(CAS: 307297-39-8) is a type of peptide and is also known as an anti-ageing drug. Other names by which this drug is known are Epithalon, Epithalone, Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly, UNII-O65P17785G and many more. It is known that Epithalon Acetate, is developed by St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. This drug is a putative active component of a small gland which is found in our brain known as the pineal gland. After some thorough research, it is found that this drug increases the length of telomere in the blood cells of the persons of age 60-80years. In the same study, it was found that out of those persons whom this drug was given 90% of persons showed positive results.

By increasing the length of telomeres in the blood cells of aged group peoples, it helps in maintaining the body to stay strong and healthy.

Till now, we have known that this drug can be life-saving and can work as a high-quality anti-ageing drug. In the next point, we are going to discuss the mechanism of Epithalon Acetate drug.

2. Epithalon Acetate Mechanism of action phcoker

With the help of this point, we are going to know about the mechanism or the working of Epithalon acetate drug in action. Epithalon acetate looks like just as a white powder, this powder can be mixed with water, but in some cases, it is preferred to mix with mild 1% solution of acetic acid. This drug is completely stable at room temperature. The ingredients of Epithalon acetate drug are Epitalon((S)-4-(S)-2-aminopropanamido)-5-(((S)-3-carboxy-1-((carboxymethyl)amino)-1-oxopropan-2-yl)amino)-5-oxopentanoicacid). The real mechanism of this medicine is that it goes inside the body of the patient who has some particular or multiple diseases, after getting inside the body of the patient it directly attacks the affected organ or tissue. If directly kills the cells which spread the disease, by doing that it kills the disease properly.

3. Applications of Epithalon Acetate phcoker

In this point, we will know about the applications of Epithalon Acetate.

  • Anti-ageing-The first application of this drug is that it helps in the anti-ageing process.This drug is widely used around the globe for this reason mostly. Epithalonacetate drug is best for such purposes, many kinds of research all over the world have been taken place, and the results of every study is highly positive,there is no such negative case, that came up in the research.
  • Antioxidant-The Epithalon Acetate drug also works as an antioxidant. With the help ofantioxidants that are present in this drug, many people have got huge benefits. With the help of these antioxidants, the damage that is done to our body cells from our daily working is slow down. This slowing down of the damaging of cells of our body helps in boosting our overall health. Many more benefits are thereof these Epithalon Acetate drugs, which are helping many people out there everyday.
  • Telomere-The other application of this medicine is that it helps in increasing thelength of telomere in blood cells. Medication for this purpose is only given tothe persons of age in between 65 to 80 years.
  • Researchpurpose– The last application of this medicine is that it is still being used for research purpose for many different diseases on various animals. In most of the cases we are getting positive results only, and it has also killed diseases such as cancer cells and many more, which most of the medicines out there were unable to do.

Peptide Epithalon Acetate

4. Epithalon Acetate benefits phcoker

There are many benefits of Epithalon Acetate drug other than anti-ageing process only, We are going to discuss other benefits of this drug which are less known to the people out there-

 Increasing lifespan

Before using this drugs on humans, the researches have been done on many animals in which no animals were harmed; hence the result of those researches came as an increase of 11 to 17percent lifespan of those animals. For various animals, the lifespan in crease was different.

After the properre searches on these animals, then after this drug was made to be used for humans also in which this medicine had shown positive results too. As you must be knowing that right now the overall lifespan of people living is near about40 to 50 years most probably, so with the use of this drug we can increase this life span up to 16 percent. With which the lifespan can go up to 60-70 years.

 Increase in enzyme activity

When a person grow sold at that the enzymes present in the body start decreasing to a very grea extent. So, in that case, epithalon acetate drug can help in increasing the enzyme activities in our body.

These enzyme activities are responsible for the overall actions that occur inside our body with the help of which all the functions of our body takes place. This decrease in enzyme activity was a severe issue because people were unable to identify the problems then after many types of research enzyme activity by known.

♦ Melatonin secretion and circadian rhythms

Let me first tell you all about what melatonin secretion and circadian rhythms are.Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, which is found in our brain, this secretion does not look essential, but it is highly necessary because with this secretion many psychological effects and human behaviours are related. While circadian rhythms is an internal process and are entirely natural, this help sin the sleep-wake cycle of everybody.

In this case, epthalon acetate drug helps in various processes such as there would be no adverse psychological effects, and this drug also helps in the better sleep-wake cycle too. Those who have a hard time getting sleep in that case this drug is highly beneficial for them.

♦ Fights cancer

During the researches that were done on rate and mice, during the result of those researches, we found that this epithalon acetate drug produces such cells which helps in the death of cancer cells. After knowing this, many animals with cancer were given the dose of this drug, and surprisingly, they were adequately cures, as the drug made all the cancer cells die.

After these researches were successfully done, then this drug was given to the human cancer patients,and in their case, this drug worked well, and in some cases, it even cured the mcompletely. This drug directly works on the particular tissues and genes that develop cancer in the human body.

 Retinitis pigmentosa

This disease is a type of eye disease; in this case, the rods present in the eyes of the person are decreased. This drug helps in the cure of this eye disease. This disease was also cured first in animals; even, when research took the place of animals,more than 90% of animals were appropriately cured. After that, when this medicine was given to human patients near about 90% of patients were cured from this disease.

 Improves antioxidant

I have told above about the uses and importance of antioxidants. They slow down the cell-damaging process, with the help of which we slow down the ageing process. All the seissues were found when the researches took place on animals. After knowing that this drug helps in improving antioxidant, this drug was given to animals who lackin antioxidant, and after the study, it was noticed that this drug helps in improving antioxidants in the animal’s body. After seeing such positive results, this drug was given to patients with such disease, this antioxidant drug was given, and it helped them in slowing them their cell-damaging process.

5. Epithalon Acetate side effects phcoker

As you must be knowing that everything has some good and some adverse effects too. Same is the case with this epithalon acetate drug. Till now, you have known about the benefits of this drug, but at this point, you will know about the side effect of the drug. Many types of research have been done, but till now, we haven’t found any side effect from this drug. The only side effect we got is that as we discussed that epithalon acetate drug helps inthe increase of the length of telomere in the blood cell of people of age 60 to 80 years. The side effect is that in some cases this, medicine has done some wrong effects also.

This side effect, in some cases, has gone up to such an extentthat the life of persons has also lost with this side effect.

This was the only side effect that we have noticed till now after the use of this drug for many years. This drug is a life-saving drug, but the cases in which it does not perform well, or we can say it shown opposite is near about 10% cases, while in 90% cases it cured the problems of patients.This makes the drug risky in some cases, there haven’t found any such clue that why in some cases this medicine does not work correctly, many kinds of research on the fault cases have been done, but nothing comes in our hands.

Peptide Epithalon Acetate

6. Epithalon acetate usage for reference phcoker

Every drug have a proper dosage, and this being such a vital drug have correct dosage, and if someone does not take this medicine according to that dosage, then it can work wrong for them also. So let us know about the proper dosage of this medicine, please have a look at it thoroughly.

The dosage of this medicine depends upon the disease of what type of disease you are taking this drug. There are three different methods and three different types of dosage, and they are the least effective one, medium effective one and most effective one. It purely depends upon you that what kind of dosage you should take, you can consult your doctor about the dosage. So the dosage is:

  • Epithalon acetate dosage(least effective)
  1. Duration-This medicine should be taken after a proper duration, and for the leasteffective drug, you should take this medicine between 10 to 20 days.
  2. Dosage-This means that how much amount of medicine you should take, and that is 400 to600 mg of Epithalon per day.
  3. DailyFrequency- The daily frequency of this medicine is 200 mg per serving.
  • Epithalon Acetate dosage(medium effective)

This medicine can also betaken through nasal spray or drops, in this point we will know about such dosage.

  1. Duration-The duration of such medicine is the same as the above one, which is in between10 to 20 days.
  2. Dosage-The dosage of sprays and drops is in between 15 to 30 mg of Epithalon acetateper day.
  3. Dailyrequency- The daily frequency can be split into three servings per day.
  • Injectable Epithalon acetate dosage(mosteffective)

The last method under the dosage corner is this injectable method. In this method, the medicine is give an injection, and this method is known as the best and most effective method. The dosage of this method:

  1. Duration-The duration of this method is also the same as the other method, which is inbetween 10 to 20 days.
  2. Dosage-The dosage of this method is 5 to 10 mg per day.
  3. Frequency- The frequency of this medicine is oneinjection per day for a lower dose, while one can take two injections per day as higher dosage.

The course of each method is for 10 to 20 days, while after completing of this 10-20 days course one should always have a complete gap of 4to 6 months, and after that, they can repeat the medicine. This notice is for all three courses.

7. Epithalon Acetate storage conditions phcoker

You must have noticed on the box of some medicine where they have written in bold letters CAUTION, under that box they have given the storage condition of that medicine. Some medicines contain such elements in them that they can’t be kept under room temperature. So for such drugs, there are proper conditions in which they should be placed and should be taken out only when it needs to be used. This one also has Epithalon acetate storage conditions, we will be discussing those conditions here.

The only condition that is suggested here is that it should be kept in a cool place such as a fridge.It is said that if kept more in a hot spot, then this can damage the drug. In every, there contain 98% pure peptides, which should be placed under cold condition only and should not be kept under direct heat. This can also put an effect on the purity of the peptides.

This was the only storage condition suggested keeping in mind.

8. Where to buy epithalon acetate drug? phcoker

There are only some online retailers who sell this drug, as this drug consists of some particular amino acids. So if you wanted to buy epithalon acetate drug, then you can find it easily online and can buy epithalon actate. It will get delivered to your home within a given interval of time.

There are many fake people out there, who sell wrong or counterfeit medicines online,you should properly research the company and the retailer from where you are going to buy this drug. You should also not acquire any such medication from some new business holder too, because this medicine is critical and it plays avital role in the patient’s life, so for that case you should always believe and buy medicine from experienced medicine sellers only.

This was all about Epithalon Acetate drug, in this article we can to know about various things such as Epithalon acetate benefits, Epithalon acetate anti-ageing feature, applications of Epithalon acetate drug and many more things about this drug which is a life saver for many.

We came to know that Epithalon acetate drug helps in increasing the size of the telomere, which is present in the blood cells, which gets secreted from a gland present in our brain. Not only that this medicine also helps in eye retina rod increasing issue. It even helps in killing the cancer cells in a person’sbody.

After that, we know about the mechanism of this drug and moved forward to the part where we told about the applications of Epithalon acetate drug. We also came to know about the benefits of this drug, where we came to know about the benefits of this drug.

Moving away from that, we know about the dosage of this Epithalon acetate drug. The person who is taking this drug should always take care of the dosage of this medicine and should take the medication on time as prescribed. In the next point, we know about the side effects of this medicine, and after that, we know about the storage conditions of this medicine. There was only one storage condition, and at last, we know that from where one can buy this drug and what precautions should be taken while buying one.