Everything about Fasoracetam

  1. History and origin of Fasoracetam
  2. Mechanism of Action
  3. Surprising Benefits of Fasoracetam
  4. Suggested Dosage of Fasoracetam
  5. Common side effects of Fasoracetam
  6. User Review and Experience of Using Fasoracetam
  7. How and Where to Buy Fasoracetam

Nootropics are one of the emerging trends today with Fasoracetam taking the lead. It is one of the most famous nootropics in the market that many people prefer using to enhance their cognitive performance. You will agree that while undertaking your everyday business, you need more than just food. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation whereby no matter how much you try to eat clean, exercise, sleep well, you still experience problems trying to remain focused and motivated.

Additionally, in this world that we are learning new things every day, your brain may get overworked to the point that you start losing concentration. Lack of enough sleep and rest may even make it worse and struggling to remain mentally alert all the time could be next to impossible.It is then that you notice that you need a supplement that can enhance your mental activity without negatively affecting your health. No wonder experts have come up with these drugs to deal with the weakening intellectual capacity in human beings. Not only do they assist them in moving forward but they also play a significant role in helping one learn more.

Taking Fasoracetam is one of the ways that could assist power you through the day by ensuring that you have the sufficient energy and wellness that you need.

1. History and origin of Fasoracetamphcoker

Also known as NFC-1, LAM-105, and NS-105, Fasoracetam (110958-19-5) has been in existence since the early 1990s. It is classified as one of the racetam family of drugs and was first developed by Nippon Shinyaku, a Japanese Pharmaceutical company that intended in coming up with a cure for vascular dementia. The company used more than $200 million in researching about the drug although it failed at phase 3 because it lacked efficacy.

After its abandonment, interest in the supplement was revived in 2013 by a company called Neurofix after it bought Fasoracetam clinical data from Nippon Shinyaku. Aevi Genomic Medicine acquired Neurofix and began doing clinical trials on adolescents who suffered from anxiety, autism, ADHD and also those whose glutamate receptor gene had mutated.

In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration’s Investigational New Drug Program allowed the developers of Fasoracetam to start conducting their trials on humans and also ship the drug across the state lines. As at now, Fasoracetam is in phase 2 of the clinical trials whereby the researchers are investigating if the drug is useful in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

2. Mechanism of Actionphcoker

Just like all the racetams in the market, it is still not fully understood how Fasoracetam works. However, research done shows that it works in these ways;

  • It increases the receptors found in the cortex for gamma-aminobutyric acid which is an inhibitory transmitter. Fasoracetam alters the GABA-B receptors’ activity thus increasing the amount of GABA available in both the central nervous system and the brain.

Also, glutamate is GABA’s precursor and is an essential inhibitory neurotransmitter that improves learning, reduces anxiety, promotes sleep, and has calming effects.

  • It increases the amount of acetylcholine released from the cerebral cortex. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is found in thebrain and whose responsibility is to enhance memory, learning and overall cognition. Fasoracetam also acts as a cholinergic by increasing the uptake of choline in the hippocampus and cortex. Choline is a nutrient that plays a critical role in the creation of acetylcholine throughout the brain.

The cholinergic action does not only occur with Fasoracetam, but it also happens with aniracetam, piracetam and all other nootropics found in the racetam family. They are all known in making a significant improvement in all aspects of cognition. At times there may be a high demand for choline in the body to the point that it gets depleted. As a result, it could lead to low mood, brain fog, and headaches. To deal with this effect, you could take supplemental choline.

  • Another way in which Fasoracetam work is by activating some types of glutamate receptors known as the metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs). mGluRs perform various functions in the brain including the enhancement of learning and memory and also dealing with anxiety. All the eight known mGluRs work hand in hand in maintaining balance with two of them increasing the neural excitation. The other six mGluRs help in reducing the risk of neurotoxicity by reducing neural excitation. Glutamate is essential in the body since it is a critical excitatory neurotransmitter.Fasoracetam Benefits Fasoracetam Dosage Buy Fasoracetum

When there is an imbalance in glutamate in the body, one may suffer from various mental and physical disorders including; epilepsy, schizophrenia, ADHD, depressive disorder and neurodegenerative disorders, e.g., the Alzheimer’s disease.

In studies done on animals, Fasoracetam proved to successfully restore the function of the two inhibitory mGluRs hence leading to a reduction in the glutamate activity in the brain. In other circumstances, Fasoracetam may control all the metabotropic glutamate receptors thus leading to restoration of balance in the whole glutamate system. That is the reason why Fasoracetam has been a benefit to anyone who has ADHD, a condition associated with low glutamate levels without just acting as a stimulant.

Therefore, we could say that Fasoracetam works on three target receptors to give similar results. The first thing it does is that it works on the choline neurotransmitter hence promoting its receptor activity. Secondly it stimulates the increase in the number of GABA receptors, and lastly, it alters the glutamate receptors as well. All of these actions lead to an improvement in the cognitive capability of Fasoracetam users.

3. Surprising Benefits of Fasoracetamphcoker

Based on various studies done on stage 1 and stage 11 of a clinical trial on Fasoracetam most of its benefits are legit. Let’s take a more profound look at the benefits that it brings on the table.

  • Primary Prescription in ADHD

Today, ADHD is one of the most prevalent conditions that adults face. This is because most people indulge in many tasks at the same time which leads to the shrinking of their attention span.  Fasoracetam is used as the main prescription for most ADHD patients. It works efficiently and fast to relieve symptoms. Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs

When there is a change in the concentrations of GABA, and there are alterations of its receptors, one may suffer from depressive moods.  This is because other than calming down extreme excitement; it also controls neurogenesis and neural maturation.  Stress reduces the birth of new neurons which are responsible for regulation of cognition and moods. When neurogenesis is induced, the GABA system helps regulate the moods.

  • Promotes the Level Of Focus and Incitement

Taking Fasoracetam frequently could elevate your focus. It ebbs away the helplessness that could cause despair and depression. Fasoracetam encourages the uptake of choline which helps improve mental focus and concentration.  Choline is known to assist in the maintenance of structural integrity of the cells, neurotransmission and the production of homocysteine.

Moreover, choline is further synthesized to acetylcholine which is quickly absorbed by nerve endings to help transmit neural messages.  Acetylcholine enhances the discharge of responses which means that it improves alertness and helps in sustaining attention.

  • Increase Learning Ability

The difference between top students and slow ones is the good cognitive skills that good learners have. When one’s cognitive skills are improved, learning because easy and fast. Once you use Fasoracetam, your cognitive skills get enhanced, and your mental capabilities are strengthened. It speeds up the efficient encoding of new information through the cholinergic facilitation of neuronal activity.

Fasoracetam works on increasing the levels of choline in the brain which helps prevent the decline of the dendritic network. It also facilitates quick cerebral metabolism. The consumption of Fasoracetam is associated with a massive boost in energy especially when taken as treatment.

  • Has Powerful Anxiolytic PropertiesFasoracetam Benefits Fasoracetam Dosage Buy Fasoracetum

Anxiety is beneficial as it prepares the mind for competition especially when it is in its physiological levels. However, if the levels are on the higher side, it is likely to interfere with intellectual performance. Anxiety leads to hesitation, inability to make a decision and makes it hard to think. The fight to reduce anxiety is a lifelong activity that may require you to reorder your days to prevent self-limitations that are brought about by apprehension and nervousness.

Anxiety comes as a result of neurotransmitter and cognitive problems as such nootropics are known to help in a significant way.  One such nootropic is Fasoracetam whereby it is a cognitive enhancer and an anxiolytic agent which helps make more GABA available to the brain to counteract any additional excitatory activity. These actions create a smooth, confident verbal fluency as well as increase the motivation to be more social.

Though numerous other pharmacologic agents can be used for similar functions, Fasoracetam is a far much better option. The reason for this is because it works on inducing anxiolytics when used for a long time. Those who use Fasoracetam can admit that it does not cause addiction but causes relief with zero tolerance for dependence. When GABA and glutaminergic pathway are balanced, then the possibilities of excessive drowsiness and sedation are reduced.

  • It may prevent memory loss

Dealing with memory loss is quite puzzling especially when you cannot even recall familiar things or people. You may feel like your confidence, dignity and independence are reducing hence feeling helpless. Fasoracetam is known to help one stay mentally sharp as well as lower memory loss.

Research done on rats, Fasoracetam proved to prevent memory problems that were caused by baclofen, an activator for the GABA-B receptor. It was also reported to reduce amnesia by increasing the levels of acetylcholine and by minimizing the effects caused by the activation of the GABA-B.

  • Improves on motivation

In case you want to remain motivated while undertaking your everyday activities, then you should get a cognitive boost. Today, many drugs promise to assist one to achieve that but very few deliver. Nootropic solutions not only promise but they provide amazing results especially on performance enhancement. An improvement in cognitive skills means that you can not only aim better but also have a broad vision and perspective.

Trials done on animals show that after the administration of this drug, they become more creative. They are now able to handle more than they could before taking the supplement. The same happens to a person. One can focus more on achieving their goals and responsibilities. An increase in the motivation levels helps one cope with life in a better and more efficient way that they did before.

  • Works as a stimulant

This nootropic does a great job as a stimulant since it could assist in rebooting the function of your brain hence keeping it refreshed for an extended period. From the Fasoracetam reviews, you can tell that many people love the refreshing feeling it gives.

4. Suggested Dosage of Fasoracetamphcoker


(1) Dosage Information

In a clinical trial done on ADHD patients, dosages of 100, 200 and 400 mg were administered orally. Anecdotally, most users reported that Fasoracetam was effective at a dosage between 100-800mg daily. Fasoracetam can also be taken sublingually, which means that you can place it under the tongue with a dose range of between 5-15mg every day.

For a high Fasoracetam dosage that will not subject you to side effects, you could take 100mgs a day. If it is your first time taking Fasoracetam, you could opt for a smaller dose that is efficient. The recommended one is 10-15mg per dose taking at least three doses a day. It adds up to 30-50mg dose a day. Once you have tested whether your body can tolerate the drug, you can then increase your dosage. An overdose could lead to nausea and vomiting, so you have to be careful not to take too much.

The best time to take Fasoracetam is in the morning before taking any meal. Most Faracetam reviews claim that at that time it gives a better stimulating effect. Taking it before getting to bed may also cause you problems trying to find sleep.

Fasotaretam is safe when taken by both the old and the young. However, it takes a more extended period for older adults to clear the drug from their system. They could also achieve higher blood levels while on a lower Fasoracetam dosage compared to younger ones.

The reason why this nootropic has frequent dosages is due to the short Fasoracetam half-life that means that it gets eliminated fast from the body.

(2) Stacking

It is fine taking Fasoracetam on its own, but some people may prefer to stack it. While stacking, you take Fasoracetam together with other nootropics. As a result, you can unleash a better effect more brainpower from the Fasoracetam stack.

  1. Fasoracetam, Coluracetam Stack

This stack is one of the most potent stacks because of some reasons. Once you pair the two supplements, there is a significant increase in the amount of acetylcholine in the brain hence giving the user an optimal feeling. Fasoracetam being the best GABA-B antagonist, it will significantly improve on your focus while at the same time the coluracetam will enhance your mood.

The coluracetam, Fasoracetam stack is said to help in neurological disorders, mood enhancement, and concentration. If you want a stack that will keep you focused and balanced, then you should consider taking this stack.

Its dosage involves; 15mg Fasoracetam (110958-19-5) and 10mg Coluracetam taken once or twice a day.

  1. Noopept, Fasoracetam, Choline Stack

If all your intent is increasing focus, then this is the best Fasoracetam stack for that. Both the Fasoracetam (110958-19-5) and Noopept get boosted by the choline to give an energized effect.

The advantage that comes with taking this stack is that it helps with cognitive focus and increase situational awareness without leaving you feeling jittery. For a stack that will keep you focused all day, this is the best option.



  • 10mgFasoracetam
  • 10mg Noopept
  • 500mg Alpha-GPC-Choline


  • 10mg Noopept

(3) Fasoracetam effect duration

You are likely to experience the therapeutic Fasoracetam effect after thirty minutes of its use. When taken sublingually, it exerts the effect quickly, and you could feel the Fasoracetam effect in just ten minutes. The effect could last you up to eight hours. The Fasoracetam half-life is around two or three hours and continues to accumulate in the body with regular use.

(4) Drug interactions

There are not many drugs that may affect the efficiency of Fasoracetam. The only drug that may interact with it is phenibut, a compound that works by activating GABA receptors. It is often used to improve cognitive function and reduce anxiety.

Fasoracetam increases the phenibut response by increasing the amount of GABA-B receptors and reducing tolerance to phenibut. If you have been diagnosed with any medical problems or you are under prescribed medication, then you should think about talking to your physician first before taking Fasoracetam.

Pregnant women are advised to keep away from the drug. Gender does not determine whether you can take this supplement is not; however weight may be a determining factor.

5. Common side effects of Fasoracetamphcoker

It is normal that with every ingestible substance there will be a side effect. This drug is however known to be safe, and you will rarely suffer from Fasoracetam side effects once you decide to use Fasoracetam. However, it is essential that you note that our bodies and brains are different and therefore, there is no assurance that you will not suffer from any effect even if other people have reported not to have undergone any Fasoracetam side effects. Some are just the normal allergic reactions that may go away with time, but if they continue, you could discontinue Fasoracetam use.

Chances of suffering from Fasoracetam side effects depend on some factors, and the way you use this nootropic determines the severity. Overdosing is one of the primary causes of side effects. Taking too much supplement too frequently could increase the probability of experiencing Fasoracetam side effects. To only get positive results, you are advised to take only sufficient Fasoracetam dosage; otherwise, you might end up overwhelming your body and brain hence triggering undesirable effects.

Here are some of the Fasoracetam side effects that have been reported;

Suffering from Gastrointestinal disturbances, i.e., diarrhea, constipation, bloating and nausea is one of the most frequent side effects that many people have claimed to suffer from. To prevent you from suffering from this, take the right dosage and always use Fasoracetam that is high quality. However, if you notice that the side effects are getting more severe, then you should consult a doctor.

Headaches are common with the racetam nootropics because they lead to the depletion of the choline reserves in the brain. The pains may be frequent but to do away with the headaches, you could take a Fasoracetam stack that has a choline source, e.g., Alpha GPC. Taking the wrong dosage and incorrect frequency of use is also marked by experiencing head pain, and you should, then, make sure that you take the right Fasoracetam dosage. If having a headache, take a nap because it helps to reset the brain. You could also increase the amount of water that you take.

Some individuals may suffer from disorientation and might not be able to organize their thoughts properly immediately after ingesting Fasoracetam. The good thing is that the feeling subsides after some time.

Becoming lightheaded is also one of the effects that people have reported to suffer from especially on the first instances after using it. They have claimed that the lightheadedness subsides after using the supplement for a couple of times.

For others, this drug is said to negatively affect their sex life by reducing libido and diminishing their orgasms. Use of sex enhancing supplements could help counter this Fasoracetam effect.

Once you take very high doses of Fasoracetam, you may suffer from lack of sleep. That is the reason why you are advised to take the recommended dosage as it helps you get sound sleep.

6.User Review and Experience of Using Fasoracetam phcoker

While you might be so excited about starting your Fasoracetam dose, you may want to know if it works from people who have used it in the past. For others, they may be skeptical about its use and would want to listen to another person’s story for them to make an informed decision. Not only will this help you settle your mind but it gives you confidence that Fasoracetam is the way to go.

In the past, Fasoracetam has been used by many people safely and effectively, and the majority of those that have used it have had a positive experience with many citing that their lives have changed dramatically and they wish that they knew this nootropic years ago. Here are some of the Fasoracetam reviews that we’ve gotten from our clients

Luli says “A few months ago I suffered from memory loss and that was just the most frustrating moment of my life. I visited some doctors, but none of the medications given to me seemed to work. I felt so heartbroken and kept wondering what could have caused this. I am just 30, and I cannot even remember my friend’s names. Fortunately, my colleague at work recommended that I use Fasoracetam and since I was very desperate for help, she ordered it for me at Phcoker.com the same day. Within four weeks, my memory had improved tremendously. I was so excited and couldn’t thank my colleague and this wonderful site enough. As at now, I can remember almost everything. My friends say that I can recall stuff that I am not even meant to. I would recommend Fasoracetam to anyone who is suffering from memory loss.”

Juan says, “My son has been suffering from ADHD, and his doctor had put him under many medications. All of them made him worse, and this stressed me up. I always spent many hours doing research on this condition and how we could control it. Luckily I came across a good Fasoracetam review that caught my attention. I ordered it, and our Fasoracetam experience has been fantastic. The medication has helped my son in school, and he is now a better student. It took three weeks to start noticing some changes in him, and I am so glad that I got to know about Fasoracetam. If you could be having the same problem, I would urge you to try it.”

Fasoracetam Benefits Fasoracetam Dosage Buy Fasoracetum (4)

Bai says, “I do not know why poor performance and sluggishness had become part of me at work. I lost focus and concentration after a few hours of being at work. My senior kept on complaining, and I had to seek help. After using Fasoracetam for some time, I feel good. I feel energized, my focus and concentration are back, and I could work all day without feeling like my brain is getting overworked. My mind is clear and I now complete tasks assigned within the shortest time. I know it sounds unreal, but everyone at work is asking me what I have been using. They no longer call me the lazy bone as they used to and they have now nominated me as the best worker in our department. For anyone who is still skeptical about this supplement, I would ask you to settle on the Fasoracetam purchase because it is worth every dime that you will spend.”

Chen says, “I have used Phcoker.com for a couple of times, and on all occasions, I have enjoyed the best service. It is the only site that has the best customer support and whose buying process is straightforward. Never have I had any problems with them, and I always receive my package on time. Phcoker is a gem of a place considering their extremely affordable prices and excellent quality. I always trust them with my health, and I just ordered for Fasoracetam, and I am more than sure that my Fasoracetam experience will be positive. I will post my Fasoracetam review here in a month. If you are tired of buying supplements and not getting worth for your money, then Phcoker.com should be the site you go for.”

Fan says, “Last semester I feared that I might fail my exams because I got diagnosed with mild amnesia. I felt so stressed because I could not imagine failing after working so hard throughout the semester. My classmate introduced me to Fasoracetam, and I have not looked back since then. My mental performance has increased, and I can recall almost everything taught in class. I just got the last semester’s results, and I’ve never performed so well since I joined the school. I do not experience brain fog, and this supplement has become a favorite. My Fasoracetam experience is just epic!”

Jinhai says, “My brother has been battling depression and anxiety, and recently he started being suicidal. It drained us emotionally as a family because nothing seemed to be effective. All the therapies and coping strategies seemed like a waste of money. Some of his medication worked for a while others left him suffering from thyroid problems. It’s not until a friend of his who was suffering from the same gave a positive Fasoracetam review. Since then things have now taken a turn around. It is only a month since he started taking medication and there is a big difference in the anxiety attacks. He admits that he rarely get racing thoughts and enjoys his sleep.  So far his habits have changed to the better, and we can attribute all that to Fasoracetam.”

Jun says, “After undertaking a Fasoracetam purchase a couple of weeks ago and taking it religiously, I am happy to say that it has been of much help to me. I have enjoyed a noticeable improvement in my moods, and I now feel more relaxed than I used to feel before starting its use. My energy levels have gone up, and I no longer wake up feeling tired. Even better, I am now able to accomplish more of my daily duties without the need of taking breaks. At 60, I can confidently say that I have never felt this good in my life. Not to forget that I now sleep like a baby after having a very productive day. I will undoubtedly recommend it to anyone who needs improvement on their moods.”

7. How and Where to Buy Fasoracetamphcoker

Everyone looks forward to being smarter than he/she is. Even though not for a long time, feeling cleverer for a short moment could go a long way in improving one’s self-esteem. Fasoracetam powder is not only popular among students, but it also comes in handy to everyone else who would want to have a sharp mind that could efficiently multitask. Also, every person who wants to be ahead of others, retain more of what they take in, and have a good memory of everything that they need to recall could benefit from what this nootropic does. To add to this, Fasoracetam is efficient in dealing with some of the illnesses and conditions that we deal with in our everyday life.

Having in mind that Fasoracetam does not introduce any alien compound into your body rather provides choline which is a very key compound needed by your body to boost acetylcholine’s production. That’s enough reason to persuade you that this supplement only means good for your body. However, you need to get a trusted dealer that will guarantee you quality products.

With all the benefits that this nootropic gives, you may want to know where you could buy Fasoracetam. Unfortunately, many people want to make easy money from you, and you are therefore likely to buy Fasoracetam that is fake, and that might not offer you the desired results. Some may not contain the Fasoracetam powder while others may not have the right concentration as marked on the label. That means that it will only be a waste of money and could even affect your health if it contains dangerous compounds. To be safe, you ought to know a go-to supplier where you can buy Fasoracetam online.

So if you are looking for a site where you can buy Fasoracetam online, then Phcoker.com is the best place to be. We are a reliable site that you can do your Fasoracetam purchase and get the highest quality grade in the market. Unlike other sites that may dupe you by mixing the Fasoracetam powder with binders and fillers, ours is 100% authentic.

We will offer you with Fasoracetam at the most affordable price in the market without compromising its effectiveness and quality. In our site, we also offer bulk nootropic powders for sale at friendly prices. You may be tempted to buy cheaper grades but always note that the cheaper the product, the lower the potency and the higher the probability of contamination. It is your choice to make an investment that is worth your money.  We always guarantee our clients quality products, and after using our products, you will start experiencing the results within the shortest time possible. Another advantage that comes with buying our products is that we make deliveries anywhere and on time. Once you have ordered with us, you can be sure that you will get your parcel safely within the shortest shipping time. If you are also interested in buying bulk nootropic powders, then we got the best deals for you.

Buy Fasoracetam from us today and enhance your brain’s ability to carry out tasks in a shorter time and in the best way possible.

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