What is YK-11?

YK-11 is classified under (SARMs) Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Yuichito Kanno, a scientist, discovered SARM YK-11 in 2011. Through his research, he confirmed that this compound is a SARM. YK-11 (431579-34-9)   chemical structure resembles that of a steroid. Its effects are similar to those of other steroids but with minimal adverse side effects. However, this should not mean that YK-11 is a steroid. Without any effect on the prostate, this compound can trigger hair growth on the body. Too much of this product can cause aggression thus only correct doses should be taken. It is an androgen receptor and thus delivers in the same capacity as other androgen receptors.YK-11 binds to the androgen receptor selectively in the bone and muscle tissues. This results in an accelerated buildup of lean muscle mass.  SARM YK-11 users barely experience any severe side effects due to the compound’s ability to be selective.

According to research, YK-11, to some extent is a myostatin inhibitor since it can reduce myostatin activities. Myostatin is a protein manufactured and released by the body. In large quantities, these proteins are referred to as myokines. The muscle cells release these proteins with the aim of preventing immoderate muscle growth. Typically, they are released during weight lifting after contraction of the muscle cells. YK-11, being a myostatin inhibitor, lowers the quantities of myostatin circulating in the body allowing the user to build up lean muscle mass during cycles easily.


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Among the many SARMs available, YK-11 is the one of the best out there. Comparing YK with other SARMs such as LGD-4033, it will most likely be on top of the list. Although, minimal research has been done to support that YK-11 is the strongest. For this reason, most performance enhancing users prefer using SARMs such as RAD-140, GW-501516 or Ostamuscle.

How does YK-11 work?

SARM YK-11binds to the androgen receptor in the body. This action improves the levels of anabolic factors produced by muscle cells, which in turn boost the buildup of lean muscle mass. Comparing with other SARMs that feature low androgenic effects, YK-11 results are thrilling. A scientific study concluded that YK-11 (431579-34-9) effect on the muscle cells is much higher. The results indicated that more anabolic compounds were produced by the muscle cells when 500nmol of YK-11 was given compared to when testosterone was administered.

It is only right to conclude that YK-11 is designed to boost muscle growth just like the other SARMs out there. YK-11 works excellently to promote new cells growth, muscle growth, and muscle retention. Users of this compound can enjoy all these benefits without necessarily having to deal with the stubborn side effects caused by other steroids in the market. This is probably the reason why YK-11 popularity is growing among bodybuilders. Most users prefer a compound that displays strong positive effects on the muscles but with minimal to zero side effects.

YK-11 works perfectly for individuals who intend to build lean muscle mass. Also, it is ideal for a bodybuilder who wishes to maintain the already build up muscles after cycles and alleviate the quality of these muscles while keeping the fat cells in check. Sarm RAD140 (Testolone) User told: Reviews, Use steps, Risks

Comparing YK-11 to Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the essential hormones produced and utilized in the body system. It plays two vital roles; as an anabolic steroid and as a sex hormone. Exogenous testosterone is introduced in the body, through an injection, whenever there is minimal natural testosterone. Individuals wanting increased vitality, enhanced body strength and lean muscles growth use testosterone since it has similar effects to those of a steroid.

Testosterone and SARM YK-11 are the same regarding function and structure. The only significant difference is that testosterone attends to many body cells while YK-11 is selective on the cells it works on. High testosterone concentration in the body system is dangerous and could bring about undesirable health conditions such as prostate growth. Users should therefore not take testosterone for an extended period. The benefits this hormone can offer are nothing in comparison to the harm caused when administered in large amounts.


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Lows and spikes in the blood are experienced whenever testosterone is administered in the body, through an injection. YK-11 effects are different. It acts on specific tissues thus fluctuations along with side effects are insignificant. Similarly, YK-11 is administered orally thus safe and convenient when compared to injecting testosterone.

Research and YK-11 reviews have proved that SARMs are safer for use compared to testosterone. However, this should not mean that users should not be moderate when administering YK-11 dosage. Instructions and dosage recommended quantities should be followed strictly. Excessively high doses of this SARM can cause liver damage and alleviate the minimal side effects that follow its usage. Bodybuilders can, however, use it for a specified duration of time to trigger lean muscle build up.

Cycling testosterone comes with side effects such as blood clots, sleeping problems, acne or even stroke. YK-11 side effects are insignificant; some users experience none. Therefore, YK-11 is a better performance-enhancing drug that accelerates muscle growth, boots strength and amazingly gives a good looking physique.

YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users
YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users

What benefits can be expected from YK-11?

YK-11 benefits are broad especially when the correct amount of dosage is used. Also, these benefits are not accompanied by adverse side effects like it is the case when using other steroids. The benefits include;

  • Increased muscle strength

YK-11 was not discovered long ago, but it is good at strengthening user’s muscles. A report by Kanno indicated that the muscle cells exposed to YK- 11 feature high anabolic effects compared to muscle cells exposed to DHT. Many studies have proved that this compound is perfect for strengthening muscles ideal for athletes and bodybuilders. It achieves this through inducing muscle cells and stimulating them to produce large quantities of follistatin.

  • Muscle growth

YK-11 is selective on the cells it works on thus carries out its functions exemplary. It only affects anabolic activities of muscle cells to trigger muscle growth without causing any estrogenic YK-11 side effects. Semaglutide Effects Only as Peptide? NO, Much More Than That!

Also, SARM YK- 11 does not alter the structure and functioning of other body genes. It does not interfere with the androgen receptors located in joints, prostate, bones and other body parts. Users enjoy all muscle building benefits without facing side effects brought about by taking typical steroids.

Other benefits include;

  • Accelerated burning of fats
  • Improved strength
  • Maximum endurance
  • Muscle growth
  • No water retention
  • Muscle maintenance after cycle
  • Improved speed and power
  • Increased performance and libido

YK-11 Dangers when used

Most importantly, it is good to note that dosage levels determine YK-11 danger levels.  Increasing the dosage will, in turn, increase the chances of experiencing the side effects. Being a strong SARM, there is a probability that users could feel some minimal side effects. They include;

  • Hair growth

This could be a negative or positive side effect. Users who wish to boost hair growth will have no problem with this YK- 11 side effect. However, those who dislike the accelerated hair growth can quickly get rid of the hair as they enjoy muscle growth benefits. Also, some steroids cause hair loss when taken for an extended period. Users can, therefore, use YK- 11 to fix hair loss problem.

  • Effect on prostate

YK -11 does not trigger androgenic effects thus does not affect the prostate. Other steroids are known to increase prostate size, but this is not the case for YK- 11.  Men can thus use it without worries of prostate enlargement and the complications that follow.

  • Dependency

So far, there is no reported case of YK-11 dependency. Users can comfortably discontinue usage of this drug with minimal if not zero side effects.

Users should only use the recommended dosage and avoid misuse of this drug at all costs. Reason being, long term side effects of high dosages of YK-11 have not yet been discovered.

Other side effects include;

  • Increased aggression

Though aggression does not affect the body, it should be controlled.  Users experiencing this effect should lower their dosages. Those taking the correct dosage cannot experience this problem.

  • Enlarged breast

This effect is common among testosterone users. There is no significant increase in breast size noted among YK-11 users; both female and male. However, some individuals have reported a slight change and twitching of the breast after using this compound for an extended period.

In case users experience adverse YK- 11 side effects, they should stop using this compound immediately. Also, they should visit a physician for further assessment and treatment.

How is it good for bodybuilding?

This SARM was created mainly to boost muscle growth. YK- 11 works in unique ways to stimulate the buildup and maintenance of lean muscles. It also aids in burning fats and reducing the stubborn excess fats stored in the body.

When exposed to muscle cells, YK-11 accelerates muscle growth process. Additionally, it strengthens the existing lean muscles. As discussed earlier, this SARM is selective and works on specific cells thus gives better results within a short period of usage.

Some people have a genetic make-up that does not support the buildup of muscles. YK-11 (431579-34-9) helps such individuals in a fantastic way. This is possible since YK- 11 is a myostatin inhibitor. Some people have high concentrations of myostatin, a protein that prevents muscle growth, in their bodies. Such individuals do not build up muscles even with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. Luckily, YK-11 helps to lower the levels of myostatin in the body thus alleviating the buildup of lean muscle mass.


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Who can use YK-11?

Anyone willing to grow muscles can use this compound. Although KY 11 is considered a safe SARM, individuals with preexistent health conditions are advised to use it after a physician gives them the go-ahead. A medical specialist knows how YK-11 works and the effects it may have on the medication being administered to manage the preexisting condition.

YK-11 does not stimulate testosterone to unhealthy levels. In this case, women can take this compound without fear of virilization and other adverse side effects. However, women should take a lower YK-11 dosage than men.

A bodybuilder who was administering a different SARM can switch to YK-11 for apparent reasons. First, it is potent, and its effects are felt within a short period. Secondly, its usage is not followed by annoying side effects. YK-11 gives a safer muscle build up solution for everyone. A single dose of YK-11 gives better results faster when compared to other SARMs ( most if not all) for example Ostarine and Lgd 4033.

For even higher results, users should engage in frequent exercise and remain active throughout. The effects of this compound may vary from one individual to another since bodies are different. Results are, however, definite if the user takes the recommended dosages while remaining active also to alleviate natural growth and development of muscles.

YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users
YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users

The optimal YK-11 dosage

It is hard to tell the most appropriate YK-11 dosage. Most users suggest a dosage of between 5mg to 10mg per day. 15 mg dosage or even more is not recommended, considering that the higher the dosage the high the chances of experiencing side effects. In any case, the effects felt when using a 10mg dosage will be similar to those felt when using a 15mg dosage.

Occasionally, some users report having used high YK-11 dosages without dealing with side effects. This could be possible since, as stated earlier, our bodies are different. Other users use YK-11 alongside other SARMs and registered positive results. However, this idea may not work for most people thus not recommended.

YK-11 reviews by users have been used to determine the most appropriate doses. Individuals can gather more knowledge from these reviews or find out what works best for them through experimenting. Nootropic Source Bromantane: Reviews, Effects, Dosage

Any YK-11 dosage less than 5mg per day will most likely not deliver any results. 10mg dosage on a daily basis will promote muscle buildup within a short period. To avoid risks, starters should use low dosages to monitor how their bodies react and probably increase the dosage with time depending on their observation.

YK-11 half life

There is minimal scientific information available regarding YK-11 half-life.  According to anecdotal experiences, this compound’s half-life is short. This means that it should be taken several times a day for best results.

Multiple intakes of YK-11 ensure that levels of this compound remain stable in the body system. This results in fulfilling effects throughout a YK-11 cycle. For instance, if a bodybuilder plans on administering 10mg dose per day, he should administer 5mg during morning hours and the remaining 5mg later in the evening.

What does a YK-11 bodybuilding cycle look like?

Below are examples of common YK-11 cycles;

  • 5mg on a daily basis for six consecutive weeks
  • 10mg- 15mg on a daily basis for eight weeks

Users who are new to YK-11 usually use the first cycle. It is also possible to find starters who use high dosage in the first cycle. This is not recommended.

Experienced users will go for the second YK-11 cycle. The length of the cycle is longer and a higher dosage used.

YK-11 stack is not highly recommended. Users should not use this compound alongside other compounds.

YK-11 results

SARM YK-11 results are great. Its anabolic effects on both bone and muscle tissues are impressive. From a keen observation of the before and after looks of SARM user’s, it is easy to notice that YK-11 delivers better results than other SARMs. This is because YK-11 (431579-34-9) is the best SARM available in the market.

Gaining 10lbs of muscles naturally is not an easy task. However, bodybuilders can easily gain 10lbs lean muscle mass when on YK-11 dosage. Users have also reported crazy strength gains while on YK-11 cycles. The extra strength gained triggers more muscle fiber due to the extra weight lifted. With a minimum dosage of 5mg daily, users claim that they experience drastic changes.

A good diet and regular exercise also determine YK-11 results. It is advisable to consume a good diet and work out frequently even before starting a YK-11 cycle.

YK-11 reviews by real users

“I used 5mg daily YK-11 dosage during my first six weeks cycle. I used a lower dosage to observe how this compound would react with my body. Luckily, everything went well, and the results were remarkable. By the fourth week, I had already gained some muscle mass and lost some body fat as well. I was keen on my diet and preferred one with fewer calories. I was also very active and at times involved in the cardiovascular exercise. YK-11 is my new best SARM; at least I do not have to deal with those annoying side effects I dealt with before discovering this unique compound.”


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“I gained 5.2 pounds of muscle mass and lost 3% body fat after cycling YK-11 for six weeks. Also, I gained much strength and managed to lift more weight. For sure, YK-11 is the best SARM in the market. I purchased this compound from Phcooker.com very conveniently; the package was everything I had asked for. If only I had remained active and checked on my diet, I would have experienced even stronger effects and better results. Generally, the results at the end of the cycle were satisfying. I choose to continue using it throughout my SARMs bodybuilding cycles.  Bodybuilders should buy SARM YK-11 from Phcooker.com; they are trustworthy.”

YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users
YK-11 Cycle and Experience Feedback from Real Users

YK-11 before and after use

These before and after photos displayed above are quite impressive. They clearly show how strong YK-11 is. The picture on the left was captured before the individual was exposed to YK-11 dosage. The second picture was captured four weeks after SARM YK-11 cycle.

It is clear that the user packed a significant amount of muscle mass within a short period. This progress photo gives an idea of what bodybuilders can expect from administering YK-11. It is also good to note that the guy was, apparently, observing a healthy diet and trained regularly. This boosts YK-11 effects to give better results.

Where to buy SARM YK-11 (YK-11 for sale)

YK-11 is sold in pharmacies and health stores in many countries. Users can easily purchase from these stores or can also opt to make orders online. However, buyers should be extra careful when making purchases; it is advisable to carry out a background check of the supplier to verify their credibility. This is the only way you will be assured of a legit product offered in the right dosage. Counterfeit products that contain other active compounds are also available in the market. In these cases, users should ensure they purchase the original SARM YK-11.

Not every “YK-11 for sale” post online is genuine. Users should check buyers reviews on the supplier and the product offered before making any orders. Since YK-11 is taken on a daily basis, it is wise to ensure that you buy a compound that will give the desired results and is safe for use. Bodybuilders can also compare the prices and probably go for the less expensive package. However, sometimes cheap is expensive.

Due to the many controversies regarding the quality and credibility of the supplier and the product offered, buyers can buy SARM YK-11 online from Phcooker.com. We offer original and high-quality SARMs at the best price.


As per the information discussed above, it is evident that YK-11 ranks top on the most effective SARMs list. Research and YK-11 reviews have proved that it alleviates the development and growth of lean muscle mass within a short period. Also, it is a safe product that can be administered by all healthy individuals. YK-11 is selective thus affects specific cells. Its usage is not associated with adverse side effects.


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Users who are not sure if this compound is right for them should consult a trainer or physician before taking any dosage. YK-11 reviews available online could be of much help for the newbies. They will gather more information on the product and the results to expect.

Individuals who are on other dosages should be advised on whether to use the compound or not by a physician. To avoid risks, individuals should not take a YK-11 stack and instead use it alone. In case serious side effects are experienced, the user should immediately stop YK-11 dosage.


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