What are SARMs?

You don’t have to look like an average bodybuilder, fitness model or athlete; all you got to do is use a SARM. If you’ve not heard about them or need some more information, this article will provide you with all the details regarding this drug. They are selective androgen receptor modulators that show the same kind of effect as that of androgenic drugs, but the only difference is that they are more selective in their action. SARMs are chemically similar to steroids and are also as effective in increasing fat loss and muscle growth. As much as SARMs benefits are identical to those of anabolic steroids, their selective action makes the SARMs side effects fewer. It means that once you decide to use SARMs, you get to bid goodbye to hormonal imbalance issues, acne, virilization in females and prostate problems that could be brought about by the use of some steroids.


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SARMs have been in existence since World War II and were developed through the modification of the testosterone molecule. In the 40s, they were used in the treatment of osteoporosis, cancer and other illnesses that led to muscle and bone wastage. Today, there are many types of SARMs available in the market including MK-2866LGD4033, YKII, RAD140, MK677, and others. You might be wondering why they all have alphanumeric names. The reason is that pharmaceutical marketers have not yet named them because they are not yet medically approved.

Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs

How do SARMs work?

To fully know how SARMs work, you need to understand how the hormones in our bodies work. Hormones act as messengers in the body by communicating with cells. Once the communication is done, the specific commands are executed.

Hormones that increase masculinity (reduced body fat levels, larger muscles, facial hair, and deeper voice) are called androgens. There are a number of them including Testosterone. Here are ways how androgens carry out their function in the body;

  • They convert to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone and later bind to androgen receptors.
  • Bind to the body’s cells androgen receptors.
  • They convert to estradiol (estrogen) hormone which then binds to the estrogen receptor.

Usually, your body regulates the production of androgens to prevent their imbalance. When one takes anabolic steroids, the cells get flooded with androgens, and all receptors become saturated. Consequently, a message is sent to all the body cells that lead to their growth. This may be an advantage to anyone looking to gaining muscle, but it is a downside at the same time.

It comes with major side effects, some of which are reversible while some are not. The reversible side effects include a lower sperm count, increased aggression and elevated blood pressure. It may also cause oily skin and hair, cysts, acne, and testicular atrophy. The irreversible ones include; gynecomastia, liver disease, heart dysfunction, and male pattern baldness. Steroids also lead to addiction and users may have to use them for the rest of their lives.


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It is because of the above reasons that scientists decided to come up with steroid-like drugs that provide similar benefits to those of steroids but do not lead to the damage of one’s health and wellbeing. How Does Synephrine HCL Work On Your Body?

Fortunately, SARMs work just like steroids by stimulating androgen receptors but only does it in the bone and muscle cells. This means that all other cells in the body do not get altered. SARMs can do this because;

  • They are better attracted to specific tissues like bone and muscle and not for others like the brain, liver and the prostate.
  • They do not convert into unwanted molecules like estrogen or DHT which could cause undesirable side effects.

Unlike regular steroids, SARMs do not suppress the production of natural testosterone making it very easy to recover after a SARMs cycle.

SARMs benefits- Why do people use them?

As mentioned earlier one of the main SARMs benefits is that it allows your body to enjoy all the benefits of steroids use without sacrificing your body’s health. Here are the reasons why SARMs are the holy grail of bodybuilding;

  • They are very selective in their action therefore not likely to harm your other tissues.You probably wouldn’t want to damage your body tissues just because you want others to increase in size. That’s the reason many people who want to enhance their performance prefer using SARMs since they will only alter the tissues that lead to growth in the size of bones and muscles.
  • SARMs do not make your estrogen to convert into dihydrotestosterone. Estrogen conversion has adverse side effects on the body like causing puffy nipples and loss of productivity in women, and unlike other performance enhancers,SARMs will not cause that.
  • It will not lead to a reduction in your libido.SARMs do not lower your libido; they increase it, and they will, therefore, enhance your sex life.
  • Some SARMs may take away various prostate problems.They don’t come with any prostate issues and will do away with them if you have any. By this, you are sure that your prostate problems will be a thing of the past without losing any muscles.
  • While many steroids in the market may lead to bone wastage or loss, SARMs will not. SARMs combat muscle wastage especially during the cutting phase.
  • They will boost the growth of your muscles. Every bodybuilder is interested in the growth and development of the muscles in their bodies and SARMs will deliver just that. SARMs work by selectively binding to the androgen receptors thus increasing the amount of glucose and nitrogen they take in. Consequently, there is an increase in the anabolic effects on the bones and muscles.
However, the amount of muscle that you will gain depends on some factors like which SARMs you decide to use. Once you use the best SARMs, you are likely to pack on 20lbs of muscle mass.


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  • Increase endurance. Being able to have sufficient stamina that can put up with long and tiring training sessions without getting worn out is what every athlete and bodybuilder yearns for. The good news is once you decide to use SARMs, they will help you work out for more extended periods hence allowing for more development of your muscles. This is because SARMs work by increasing the muscle fiber leading to an increase in its oxygen uptake thus gaining more energy to even push harder for extended periods.
  • Reduce body fat-If you aim at losing body fat, then SARMs will assist you to burn it in various ways. These products stimulate the body to break down the fat cells with the aim of producing energy. The body, therefore, functions as if it is in starvation mode and through this, there is a drastic reduction in the body fat.
  • Increase bone density-A decrease in one’s bone density comes with many problems including suffering from broken bones and fractures. SARMs counter this by increasing the periosteal bone formation hence improving the bone mineral density. Another way that SARMs work is by reducing the trabecular and endocorticol bone turnover, therefore, building denser bones.
  • They will not harm your liver since they are non-toxic. SARMs will add to your health, unlike other steroids which may cause harm to your liver.
  • Joint healing abilities.Joint pain is brought about by aging or injury, and it is a common problem especially to those who are involved in vigorous physical activity. The fact that there is no permanent solution for it is heart-breaking, but with the use of SARMs, you can be sure that you will get well and resume your normal life fast.
  • Improved strength-You will witness increased muscle strength that will make you feel like a new you.
  • Faster injury recovery– SARMs can cut your recovery time by half letting you continue with your training sessions comfortably.
  • Safe for your hair. With SARMs you will not suffer from hair loss or baldness and you are assured that you’ll get bigger muscles with your hair intact.
  • They do not have a severe effect on your Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis.
  • They do not cause androgenic side effects like anger or aggression.
  • Oral use. No more injections and the pain caused by the frequent shots. Even better, the oral dosage means that you are not in the risk of getting infected at the injection area.
  • It is undetectable-some SARMs are untraceable during a drug test.
Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs

Types of SARMs- (Hot sale SARMs)

1. MK2866(841205-47-8)

This is the best SARM that have been studied. It is also known as Ostarine. Studies done show that MK-2866 is very effective in adding on muscle and the advantage that comes with it is that it doesn’t have many side effects. What else would a bodybuilder want?

With MK-2866, you can expect to gain a pound of muscle every month. All you got to do is incorporate the best workout routine. When its dosage is more than 25mgs per day for more than a month, a PCT is recommended to avoid suppression.


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2. YK11(431579-34-9)

It was discovered by Yuichito Kanno, and it is one of the best SARMs since it is very useful in fat loss and gaining muscles without suffering from severe side effects like liver damage or high blood pressure.

3. RAD140(1182367-47-0)

It is also known as Testolone and is one of the strongest SARM that is available in the market. With a dosage of 10mg per day, you get an increase in the lean muscle mass and strength. It also enhances one’s libido. Always run a PCT after its use.

4. LGD4033(1165910-22-4)

Here is another SARM that have been better studied. It was first developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, and it has undergone multiple human trials and proven to be an interesting drug.

A study done on healthy men who took LGD4033 for twenty one days showed that this drug increases ones lean body mass significantly. The only side effect it has is the short term suppression of testosterone. Taking one milligram of LGD4033 a day gives one significant muscle growth but the more the dosage, the better the results.

Another trial was done, and it was observed that people who took 22mg per day did not suffer from any side effects or health issues. In rodents, LGD4033 increased the muscle mass, bone density without destroying the liver or prostate tissue. Semaglutide Effects Only as Peptide? NO, Much More Than That!

It was however noted that LGD4033 does not stimulate the loss of body fat and if taken solely, it would only make one muscular and not leaner. To avoid the effects caused by hormonal suppression, it is advisable that you run a PCT after its use.

5. SR9009(137986-30-2)

This is another big winner in the SARMs world. It was observed that in mice, it led to the stimulation of the mitochondrial growth in the muscles, decreased inflammation, increased endurance and helped in shedding body fat.

However, the rats were given the SR9009 as an injection. When taken orally, it may not have the same effect because it has a 2% bioavailability and will be cleared out of the system as soon as you take it.

6. MK677(159752-10-0)

MK677 is more of a growth hormone, and instead of suppressing the growth hormones in your body, it adds to it. With MK677, you can expect a rapid increase in hunger, boost in performance and a significant loss in fat.

7. GW-501516(317318-70-0)

There are no human studies that have been done on this SARM. Research done on its effect on rodents showed that its use activated many of the same genes as those that are stimulated while weightlifting or running. Although that did not seem to cause any significant change, mice that used GW-501516 and exercised at the same time showed incredible results.


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In mice that used this drugs combined with four weeks of regular running had a 68% increase in the running time and 70% increase in the running distance. Additionally, their overall muscular doubled.

In studies done on rodents, taking GW-501516 together with exercise led to a 50% mitochondrial growth in the muscles, and as a result, the tissues were able to generate more energy hence reducing fatigue.

Another observation that was made is that in mice GW-501516 reduces the body fat while preserving muscles.

GW-501516 is the best SARM if you aim to improve your performance and burn the fat while preserving the muscles.

8. S-23(1010396-29-8)

It is a nonsteroidal SARM that is orally active, and that efficiently binds to androgen receptors leading to an increase in the muscle mass and a reduction in the fat mass.

Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs

How to use SARMs

1. Stacking

Stacking is the process where you take many types of SARMs at the same time to speed up the process of bulking, cutting and healing.  SARMs are very versatile because you can either decide to use them on their own or as part of a stack.

Although SARMs gives drastic results when stacked some may not be safe to stack. To achieve the specific goal you have, you have to know the type of SARMs that are in line with that.

  • With anabolic steroids

Trenbolone is the best anabolic steroid to stack together with GW501516 since it will help do away with endurance problems. You can also use GW with any other steroid stack if you aim at increasing your endurance and shedding fat.

LGD is also commonly used with other steroids to add on muscles without the risk of adding on the side effects. Ostarine, on the other hand, is used in stacks to keep the soft tissues healthy.

  • PCT

Post cycle therapy is the period where one is involved in taking certain compounds or drugs to stimulate the estrogen or hormonal levels back to normal after a SARMs cycle. Running a post cycle therapy is very crucial at ensuring that your body does not suffer adverse effects. GW501516 and SR9009 do not suppress the production of hormones in your body, and they are therefore beneficial during PCT. Also, many people recommend the use of Ostarine because, with the right dosage, it helps prevent muscle wastage.

A PCT is not compulsory, but it is recommended to ensure that your body gets a complete hormonal balance. It should take an average of six weeks although if possible it should last the same period as your cycle did. Also, you should combine it with the right diet and training.

  • Bulking

Gaining bigger muscles within a short period can be difficult. You have to choose the best SARM together with the right diet to achieving this. When it is time to pack up those muscles, the following SARMs will do the trick. LGD-4033 will help you gain strength and the lean muscles. RAD-140 is another good choice for muscle gains because it boasts the same power as that of testosterone, but the only difference is that it doesn’t make you suffer from the androgenic side effects.MK-677 being a growth hormone would also work great in building muscles.

2. Cutting

There are different ways in which bodybuilders can undertake a cutting process. They can either do it within a more extended period or within a shorter one. In both methods, the primary goal is to preserve as much muscle mass as possible. MK-2866 will help protect your gains because it is a mild SARM and works well when there is a calorie deficit.


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SR or GW are very effective because they stimulate fat loss. GW+S4 is the most common stack used while cutting. You will be surprised at how much body fat you are going to shed once you use it in combination with eating in a deficit.

  • Supplement Stack

One of the best natural supplements that can be used together with any SARM to boost gains and recovery is Creatine. Hcgenerate is also very effective in increasing the production of testosterone and can be stacked together with S4 and LGD.

  • Triple Stack

This is where you combine three types of SARMs to achieve your desired results. It is the best stack and the most popular among all other stacks. By combining Ostarine, GW, and S4, you get an improvement in endurance, fat loss, and incredible lean muscle gains. What’s great about this stack is that it gives you just everything that will help you reach your body goals.

Anyone who has had gyno sensitivity issues should use an aromatase inhibitor while triple stacking. Although the side effects are rare using Arimidex or Aromasin is recommended.

Are SARMs safe?

Before deciding on whether to take SARMs, you might be wondering whether they are safe. The first thing to note is that SARMs have not been studied sufficiently since most of the research done has been on rodents. We can rely on it since 98% of our DNA is similar to that of rodents and because the results have been positive, we can clearly say that the use of SARMs is the way to go. Nootropic Source Bromantane: Reviews, Effects, Dosage

One of the things that make them safer than steroids is that they do not suppress testosterone production in the body as steroids do. It doesn’t mean that they do not suppress it entirely, but the severity is much less. With the use of SARMs, you are not likely to suffer from the effects caused by testosterone production, e.g., shrinking of the testes. The severity, however, is determined by the amount of SARMs that you take; the higher the dosage, the more suppression you are likely to suffer from. The suppression is expected to be higher during stacking.

On matters side effects, it is good to note that SARMs come with side effects just like other drugs. The SARMs side effects are mild and will rarely affect your day to day activities. To prevent yourself from suffering from severe side effects ensure that you take the recommended dosage with the correct time frame.


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Another thing that makes SARMs safer than steroids is that once you withdraw their use, your body can recover faster compared to steroids. Since they do not suppress your hormone production, your body can function normally even without their use. In case you are doing a PCT, you’ll only need to take a few pills since they rarely convert to Estrogen or DHT easily. Some SARMs do not even need any PCT once you are done using them. SARMs may lead to an increase in the risk of suffering from cancer. A study done on mice showed that Cardarine could cause cancerous growth in the intestines.

Lastly, some SARMs may not be what they claim to be. This is because they may be mixed with toxic chemicals due to a lousy production process or quality control. Unscrupulous manufacturers may also add weaker products to the drugs to increase the quantity and profits. Mislabelling is another vice often done, and many bodybuilders fall for it.

Are SARMs legal?

The legality of the use and sale of SARMs depends on the country that you are in. They are forbidden by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the International Olympic Committee is planning to test them soon.

Where to buy SARMs online?

In the market today, many sellers are offering SARMs. The quality is what determines whether the product is good or bad. A good SARM will give you the perfect results that are selective in action without making you suffer from androgenic effects such as the prostate gland issues. Bad SARMs will not give you your desired results. They are just a waste of money. The reason is that they are underdosed and may not even contain any SARM. Worse still, they may be having toxic methylated Prohormones that may cause side effects such as enlargement of the clitoris and virilization in women. In men, it could cause gynecomastia and other estrogen issues including liver problems.

Considering that SARMs work by suppressing the endocrine function, you ought to get the best one that will not leave you with health implications. By choosing the best supplier, you can predict with greater accuracy the type of results to expect, the likely side effects and how you can deal with them. A good supplier will sell SARMs whose dose is measured accurately and which are not contaminated with other unidentified compounds.


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Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs


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