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Sarm RAD140 (Testolone) User told: Reviews, Use steps, Risks

Sarm RAD140 (Testolone) User told: Reviews, Use steps, Risks


1. RAD140 (Testolone) Review
2. What is RAD140 (Testolone)?
3. Mechanism of Action
4. RAD140 Stack and Usage
5. What to expect after using RAD140
6. Risks and side-effects
7. User experience
8. Who can use RAD140?
9. Where to buy RAD140?

RAD140 is a new compound, gradually rising in popularity as a selective Androgen receptor modulator, also SARM. This pharmaceutical product is primarily meant for the treatment of muscle wasting and breast cancer in postmenopausal women……

1. RAD140 (Testolone) Review

When it comes to selecting pharmaceutical products, you need to be extra careful. Getting the wrong ones will not only give undesired results but even worse; it could worsen your health. Phcoker has proven its worth in the manufacture of drugs, and among them is the RAD140 (Testolone).

2. What is RAD140 (Testolone)?

RAD140 is a new compound, gradually rising in popularity as a selective Androgen receptor modulator, also SARM. This pharmaceutical product is primarily meant for the treatment of muscle wasting and breast cancer in postmenopausal women.It was discovered in 2010 and has shown promising signs with most reports and reviews indicating that it has been a success in its muscle building properties test. What’s more? The FDA approved it.

If you are not sure if you should try it out, this RAD140 review is aimed at helping you understand its benefits, side-effects, expectations, and dosage so you can make a sound decision.

3. Mechanism of Action

RAD140 1182367-47-0 has beaten all odds as one of the best SARM in the market. It works by stimulating androgen receptors in the muscles and bones of the user with higher affinity than in the reproduction system. The reason as to why it is termed as selective is due to the way various proteins react after RAD140 binds. Some proteins will interact differently with the androgen receptor such that some cells respond to it by releasing different proteins.

The released proteins will either promote or inhibit RAD140 from affecting the androgen receptor. In the end, the results will be the androgen receptors throughout the user’s body being activated but not all.

One thing about the RAD140 is that it’s different. Its structure is different from other hormones such as testosterone. This is advantageous in a way that its structure inhibits the conversion of this hormone into other hormones that could react in undesirable ways.

RAD140 works by stimulating bones and muscles while protecting the prostate and the seminal vesicles, the organs responsible for sperm production. What’s more? It has low toxicity in rats and does not multiply the liver enzymes. It can also activate androgen receptors in brain areas that could have been damaged and activates particular biochemical pathways which are responsible for improving cellular health and viability.


RAD140 (Testolone) Review & Use & Risks


4. RAD140 Stack and Usage

There are different methods of using RAD140. Among the properties that come with it is minimal suppression of testosterone. This way, you can opt to use in a 6-8 week cycle. This is probably best for the Nattys and SARM-only users. The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

The other route for using this product is adding it to a Test cycle either when blasting or cruising. This method comes with some benefits such that it amplifies the effects of the test and reduces the side effects that it could have on the prostate and seminal vesicles and the liver. Even better; it aids in the drier lean mass look.

Another fantastic property of this product is that it makes you look more vascular without affecting the testes or clitoris. In fact, some athletes have chosen to add it to their PCT cycle as they come off test. However, this is not recommendable as the product is new in the market and only a little information is known about it. There have been some contradicting reports suggesting that the drug may or may not lead to suppression. Regardless of how small the risk is, it is best if avoided rather than second-guessing the outcome.

The recommended 1182367-47-0 dosage is 20-30 mg in a day. If you are new to it, you better start at a low dosage and increase the amount depending on how you feel as time goes by. You should also note that unlike other SARMS that may take a while before they hit you, with this one, you will start feeling and seeing the effects in a week.

Generally, the three modes of using it are;

  • Solo

Testolone RAD140 can be used alone or as part of a RAD140stack. For males, the recommended dosage, in this case, is 5 to 20 mg daily. It should not exceed 30mg. If you decide to take it this way; the recommended cycle is 12 to 16 weeks. Then take a 6 to 8 break including post cycle.

  • With SARMs

The compound works well with any SARM. You can choose to stack it with LGS if you are up for bulking or Cardarine if you are up for cutting. If the goal is to recover or get over an injury, you can stack it with Ostarine.

  • Stacking with anabolic steroids

One advantage of Testolone RAD140 is that you can combine it with testosterone and use it as a base of your steroid cycle. This is advantageous in a way that it helps in reducing the side effects.

(1) RAD140 dosage

For cutting – If you intend to use this product for cutting, the ideal dosage is 5 to 10 mg per day. You can take it orally in the morning together with your drink or food. This is advantageous as it helps your body to consume it easier into the bloodstream. The recommendable cycle for this during the cutting phase is 8 to 12 weeks.

For bulking and re-composition – If you are looking for muscle building or you wish to use this product for muscle growth purpose, the recommended dosage is 15 to 20mg per day. It is easy to take, and you could use it with your food or drink. For this phase, the recommendable cycle length is 8 to 12 weeks.

RAD140 half-life – RAD140 half-life lies between 15 to 18 hours, which is somehow shorter than other SARMs. You should take it only once in a day, and the post cycle therapy should start one day after discontinuation. You do not need to split the dose throughout the day, but instead, you should take it all at once. There are no side effects on the effectiveness of the compound that come with this mode of usage.

(2) Post cycle therapy

RAD140 users such as muscle and bodybuilders should use this substance in the cycle. Typically, they will use the substance consistently for about 8 to 12 weeks. After this cycle is over, they need to stop using it and allow hormones to go back to their natural levels. This is known as the post cycle therapy (PTC), and it is recommended for ensuring safety and minimizing the risks of any unpredictable side effects. FDA Approved Lorcaserin HCL For The Treatment Of Obesity

The length of the post cycle therapy may differ from one user to the other, but it is mostly connected to the dosing period. Take the example of an individual who has been using the compound for eight weeks non-stop. Then they should take an eight-weeks break from the using it. The same case applies to those who have been using it for 12 weeks; the PCT should last 12 weeks.

5. What to expect after using RAD140

You can rest assured that you will love every bit of the process. You will enjoy the feeling and the changes.  Being on a RAD104 stack is almost like being n other testosterone but now in an insanely high dosage. It is totally worth it. Some of the changes you are likely to experience are;

 Increased lean muscle

Some diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS come in handy with a high level of weight loss which leads to significant muscle tissue weight loss. This results in muscle wasting, weakness, fatigue all which makes the recovery process even harder and unbearable.

RAD140 comes in as a savior with its muscle building property, which aids in bones and muscle strength gain. It works by reversing the weight loss problem and increasing weight gain through an increment in bone and muscle cell growth.

Due to its selective property, the drug can be sued in improving weight in individuals who have prostate cancer and the best part is that it does so without stimulation of an increase in prostate growth, unlike testosterone. This product mimics most of the positive effects of testosterone while minimizing the side effects. However, the exact benefits of RAD140 are yet to be proven, but undoubtedly, it can aid in increasing strength. This is achieved through increased muscles mass and reduced fat tissues. Also, the drug is reported to increase stamina and endurance in bodybuilders during extreme training.

 Fat loss

Individuals that have used this product report a significant fat loss over time, but it is yet to be proven. What is known for sure is that RAD140 can indirectly promote fat and weight loss through increased muscles. This makes it suitable for people looking to lose weight without losing their lean muscles. It helps users achieve this by reducing the circulation of fat molecules referred to as low-density lipoproteins. Increased muscles mass can increase the rate of metabolic processes thus promoting fat tissue loss.

 Better brain function

Expect this drug to protect your brain against brain injuries caused by amyloid beta proteins. This is the protein that plays a huge part in the development of Alzheimer’s. 1182367-47-0 RAD140 works by reducing the protein’s accumulation, increasing brain cell growth and enhancing synaptic plasticity. These effects then promote the conversion of these androgens to estrogen and other steroidal hormones.

 Fight against breast cancer

RAD140 has shown promising results in the treatment of breast cancer which tests positive for androgen and estrogen. The drug showed significant suppression of cancer cell growth, which it achieves by inhibiting the effects of estrogen on the tissues. RAD140 inhibits the production of ESRI, a protein responsible for cancer growth.

 Great feeling

The overall effects of this drug are a feeling of wellness.  You feel relaxed, happy and even eliminate anxiety. It has proven to inhibit the secretion of Kainate, an amino acid that is responsible for Alzheimer’s. The results are improved moods and better clarity which in return comes with overall wellbeing.

 Increased strength

Many individuals that have used it have reported a considerable improvement in their lifting thresholds especially on areas like the chest, thighs, and back.

6. Risks and side-effects

RAD140 is still new and has been used for investigational purposes without any side effects reported. However, this does not mean it that it is risk-free. Probably the risks are yet to be determined. Just like other substances known for influencing the level of testosterone, RAD140 may carry the possibilities of causing unwanted side-effects like;

  • Breast growth in mean
  • Effect on sex drive
  • Too much hair growth in females
  • May lead to nausea and vomiting

However, the compound can be termed as completely safe for use. Even at extremely high dosage, RAD140 did not affect the liver enzymes during the investigational state. There were no cases of prostate enlargement or estrogen spike. As per now, 1182367-47-0 RAD140 is clinically recommended as safe for use by humans without too much fear of getting unwanted results.


RAD140 (Testolone) Review & Use & Risks


7. User experience

There are numerous RAD140 reviews from individuals who have used it before. Most of these RAD140 reviews are positive but with a few complaints here and there. Being a bodybuilding supplement, individuals reported that the product successfully helps in lean mass development and aided in the loss of fat tissue. The SARM supplement review also suggested that it helped in improving stamina, endurance, and speed during extreme workouts which is essential in increasing the rate of fat loss and muscle growth.

RAD140 was reported to exhibit results in a shorter amount of time compared to other SARMs. Users experienced weight loss and muscle gain barely within a week after embarking on its use. Even better; for those who experienced side effects such as change of sex drive after using the product, the effects disappeared soon as they stopped using it. Most of its dosing cycles lie between 8 to 12 weeks, but to some people, the results are great after using it for only four weeks. The time taken before exhibiting effects is dependent on the individual user, the fitness level and type of metabolism. SARM Supplements in Top 10: SR9009 (1379686-30-2)

RAD140 is known as a selective compound and due to this property; it has minimal effects on the testosterone release. This makes it good for women who want to gain mass and build muscles without turning more masculine.

Although it is associated with a low testosterone release, users should still follow the right dosage and PTC period to avoid any risks and for natural hormone production. Some individuals prefer using RAD140 during their PTC and discontinue its use during bulking which is okay as it helps in maintenance of the muscle mass gained during the phase.

A lot of users say that this SARM is the closest supplement to steroids. This means that you should expect to see massive changes, especially in muscle and strength. You should expect to see a significant amount of weight loss.

Users were also happy with the numerous benefits that come with the compound, among them, being;

  • It is easy to use as one does not need an injection, but instead, it is taken orally
  • It gives reasonable gains
  • Excellent for muscle building
  • Good for burning fat
  • It imitates the benefits of testosterone, emitting the side effects
  • It does not convert into estrogen
  • It promotes endurance, speed, and stamina
  • Safe for females
  • It is suitable for all kinds of fitness goals

8. Who can use RAD140?

This supplement is ideal for;

  • Men with low testosterone levels resulting from the abuse of anabolic steroids or due to health conditions such as hypogonadism
  • Individuals who are using steroid cycles and wish to bridge the gap between their cycles to maintain gains such as muscle gains without affecting other organs
  • Bodybuilders athletes who want to improve their performance rate but want to avoid getting the side effects of other traditional performance enhancing substances
  • Men who are sensitive to gynecomastia
  • Women who wish to gain muscles without looking more masculine
  • Women with breast cancer

9. Where to buy RAD140?

If you are looking for RAD140 for sale and the best SARMs source, you must ensure that you are getting it from a trustworthy supplier. The product is becoming hard to find as it gains popularity and due to legal regulations. This has led to a rise in the number of suppliers coming up claiming to have it in store, and if you are not cautious enough, you may end up with the fake product. Luckily Phcoker has the legit product instore, and you can trust us to deliver to you at the most reasonable price. Contact us today, make an order rest assured your privacy will be protected.



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