1. What is Bromantane?
2. Bromantane Mechanism of Action
3. Bromantane’s reasonable dosage
4. Bromantane Stacking
5. Bromantane effects
6. Bromantane User Reviews
7. Bromantane source online

Bromantane (87913-26-6) was initially known as Ladasten and is a derivative of adamantine. It was first developed in laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in Russia back in the 1980s.  The exciting thing is that research done on petroleum solutions is the source of the adamantane discovery. It is then that researchers started striving harder to research on polyhedral organic compounds and the way they are synthesized.

1. What is Bromantane?

Bromantane (87913-26-6) was initially known as Ladasten and is a derivative of adamantine. It was first developed in laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in Russia back in the 1980s.  The exciting thing is that research done on petroleum solutions is the source of the adamantane discovery. It is then that researchers started striving harder to research on polyhedral organic compounds and the way they are synthesized.

At that time scientists were looking for an antiviral drug that could help in curing influenza and through many trials and studies, they noticed that adamantine and its derivatives acted as dopamine receptors and could, therefore, be classed as stimulants. The discovery was seen as a medical breakthrough because the substance could be used in some clinical applications.

Bromantane has become popular among many nootropic users over the years with many soldiers and athletes using it since the late 80s. Bromantane exerts a stimulating and anxiolytic effect at the same time. Although the two effects seem to negate each other’s effects, you need to note the fact that Bromantane is an excellent nootropic because it is a mental relaxant and a stimulant all in one.

It has been used to enhance recovery after tedious physical activity. It is still in the research process to determine whether it can be used in sports medicine because many people who have used it in the past have reported that it has significantly increased their athletic performance. It is also said to increase one’s alertness as well as their motivation and the overall mental energy.

In 1996, Bromantane got banned after it was noticed that some athletes were using it so that they could stand out and beat others in the Olympic Games.

2. Bromantane Mechanism of Action

The Bromantane mechanism of action depends on the serotonergic and dopaminergic neurotransmitter systems. By now you can already guess how it works. Its effects are brought about by the sense that Bromantane inhibits the reuptake of both dopamine and serotonin. Though it is still not known how it increases the norepinephrine in the body, it is suspected to do so. Additionally, the anxiolytic properties that Bromantane exerts are as a result of the way it strengthens the GABA-ergic mediation.

As a result, Bromantane has unique properties compared to other nootropics in the market. Through the Bromantane mechanism of action, it can increase the effect of the lower centers of the central nervous system especially the hippocampus and the hypothalamus nuclei.

Once there is an increase in amino acid decarboxylase and tyrosine hydroxylase, there is more formation of dopamine from tyrosine. More dopamine in the brain means that there is an increase in wakefulness and alertness.

Also through the increase of serotonin in the body, you will notice that there is a rise in the feeling of happiness.

Usually, it is broken down in the liver, and the adrenal gland eliminates it. Since it prevents the body from overheating, it helps in replenishing the body after exertion. Subsequently, it significantly enhances your exercise regimen as well as relieves you from stress.


Nootropic Source Bromantane Reviews, Effects, Dosage


3.Bromantane’s reasonable dosage

It is always good to the correct Bromantane dosage because just like other substances taking too much comes with its repercussions. For instance, if you decide to take a very high dose so that you can remain alert, you may end up feeling sleepier. And even in some cases having an overdose could lead to one suffering from the severe side effect that could end up affecting your day to day activities. Very low doses, on the other hand, will not give you the results that you desire, and you may end up thinking that Bromantane (87913-26-6) doesn’t work for you. To prevent you from going through this here is some advice for you; Everything You Must Know Before Buying SARMs

First, take it slow until you have known how your body reacts to its use and how much it can endure. The Bromantane effects start kicking in from as low as 10mg, and your dosage will, therefore, depend on what you want to achieve. As a starter, you could start by taking it once a day before graduating to using it twice daily.

Another thing you ought to know is that the Bromantane dosage is sex-dependent since it is absorbed fast in female users. The Bromantane half-life is much shorter in women as compared to men. Females take about 2.75 hours to start feeling the Bromantane effect while it takes men four hours to feel the same effect. Since it is highly lipophilic, this nootropic is absorbed fast by the gastrointestinal tract once taken orally.

The average Bromantane dosage starts at 50-200mg and any dosage that exceeds 300mg is not recommended. Typically many people prefer to take 100-200mg daily divided twice in a day to mean that one takes a dosage of 50-100mg during morning and evening. Using this for the next two to four weeks will help you realize your ideal results.

4.Bromantane Stacking

When we talk about stacking, we are referring to taking a combination of different supplements to achieve better results. Most stacks feature supplements that have different purposes to achieve all of them during the stacking period. The advantage that comes with Bromantane is that it is quite versatile and it can either be taken solely or in combination with other supplements. Here are some of the common Bromantane stacks and the synergistic benefits that they offer.

  • Bromantane, Agmatine, Kava Kava, AcetylCarnitine and Fish Oilstack

Here is one of the most potent Bromantane stacks that improve health, stimulation, motivation while at the same time decreases anxiety.

  • Bromantane, Citalopram, Clomipramine, Liothyronine, and Agomelatine stack

This stack is also powerful in ensuring that it gives you the attentiveness and wakefulness that you need.

5.Bromantane effects

(1) Bromantane Benefits

  • Relieves anxiety and stress

Sometimes you may be going through mental fatigue and may feel like you’ve reached your breaking point. During this moment, you feel like happiness is very far from your reach. It is normal, and the good news is that taking Bromantane helps you cope with this feeling and get your life back. Some of the Bromantane benefits are that it promotes the sense of relaxation, increases the body’s resistance to stress and could also help replace brain chemicals that may be depleted by stress. As a result, once you take Bromantane, you will no longer experience any uncomfortable moments of stress and anxiety.

  • Increases endurance

Those who use Bromantane can admit that it helps them gain more stamina when performing their activities. For instance, a distance that seemed challenging now feels a bit easier. It does not only benefit marathoners but anyone who indulges in physical activity. You will realize that with the use of the Bromantane supplement, you can now do more with a lot of energy and strength for an extended period. Consequently, you will be amazed at how much you will be able to achieve without feeling extremely tired. So if you are interested in taking your endurance levels a notch higher, ordering Bromantane from Phcoker.com should be the next thing that you should do.

  • It restores and increases mental and physical working activity

Throughout the years, our psychological and physical working activity may reduce because of aging and other factors. Luckily, Bromantane can help you restore that in a jiffy. By increasing the rate at which the muscle tissues can recover from vigorous physical activities, the body’s physical working activity is enhanced. As for the mental working activity, you will be able to think critically and make better decisions fast without the brain getting sluggish. Subsequently, you will always remain mentally sharp and not experience brain fog anymore.


Nootropic Source Bromantane: Reviews, Effects, Dosage


  • Resistance to overheating

Once the body produces more heat than it releases, it may lead to hyperthermia or overheating. As a result, you may be at the risk of suffering from severe illnesses. One of the Bromantane effects is that it prevents the body from overheating and thwarts hyperthermia.

  • Anxiolytic effects

At one point in life, everyone has undergone anxiety. Feeling the fear or worry may be rare or constant affecting one’s life negatively. To avoid going through such distress, you could opt to take Bromantane.

  • It promotes energy and eliminates fatigue

You know the feeling that you get when you are just from work and need to attend your gym session. Most probably your energy levels are at their minimum and just lifting your legs could be quite a task. Fatigue not only affects the way we handle our physical activities but it also negatively impacts your social relationships, family life and how you behave at work. While many people may not know how to deal with it, taking Bromantane is one of the effective solutions to curb fatigue.  If you feel like you might need an energy boost enough to last you the whole day then taking Bromantane supplement is the best thing to do. Bromantane gives you more energy without over stimulating you even when you feel like you are worn out and sluggishness is catching up with you.

  • It improves learning processes and the coordination of movement

When we talk about improving the learning process, it means that the ability to comprehend new things is enhanced. Bromantane makes you a more effective and efficient learner. Also, it improves muscle movement coordination, and this could play a significant role in improving sports performance.

  • Promotes the body’s immune system

Who wouldn’t want to have a good immune system? Having an enhanced immune system helps your body respond to an infection in the best way possible. What’s more interesting is that from the first dose of Bromantane that you take, your body can fight illnesses in a better way than it could earlier on. The improved immunity is due to the increase in the level of the B-cells in the body. They are the white blood cells that help the body in fighting off diseases. That means that with the use of Bromantane, you get enhanced protection against diseases and infection. Order Bromantane from us today and wave the frequent hospital visits goodbye!

  • Increases memory

Have you been in a situation that you cannot recall something that happened minutes ago? It could be stressing, and you might find yourself wondering which medical procedure could improve this. The good news is that Bromantane helps with memory storage and memory retrieval. The advantage of this is that you can always recall things that you need to. It dramatically improves both short term and long term memory thus enhancing your ability to remember.


Nootropic Source Bromantane Reviews, Effects, Dosage


  • Liver detox

Since the liver is a vital organ in the body, it needs to be taken care of. It plays a significant role in getting rid of impurities and toxins and also supports healthy digestion through the production of bile. Sometimes it could get overworked and detoxing it is the best thing that could ensure it is still functioning well. Bromantane has proved to detox the liver hence keeping it working in its best condition.  Liver cleansing also comes with some benefits including weight loss, enhancing the immune system support and improving on a person’s overall health. So if you may want to make a change for the better taking Bromantane could be an excellent start for you.

  • Increase in muscle strength

Those who are into fitness and everybody else should look forward to achieving muscle strength because it is essential for good health. Even better once you have muscular strength, you can lift weights, open heavy doors without getting tired. It also decreases the risk of getting injured when undertaking your daily activities. But how do you add on your muscular strength? Taking Bromantane is one of the effective ways that will assist in increasing your muscle strength.

  • Nonaddictive with no withdrawal symptoms

 What this means is that Bromantane doesn’t make your body dependent on the chemical. According to studies done, once you stop taking it, it will cost you practically nothing because you will not be addicted to it. Unlike some supplements that are habit-forming, this one is not addictive and will not trigger any withdrawal symptoms once you decide to stop using it.

  • Few side effects

When taking any supplement or medication, it is normal that you run the risk of suffering from side effects. The difference comes in the severity of the effects. Some supplements may make you suffer from very severe side effects which may end up affecting the quality of your life, i.e., cancer, stroke, heart attack or organ transplant rejection while others may be mild. As for Bromatane, it will offer you all the benefits without putting your health in jeopardy.  Therefore, you will be able to manage the side effects efficiently and never at any one time will they affect your daily activities.

  • It may help with reproduction

There have been studies done on male mice, and they showed that Bromantane increased their sperm count and enhanced the sperm movement too. In female mice, it assisted in preventing embryo loss. Additionally, it raised the sex drive in the rats which could be caused by the dopamine activity of this supplement.

We could rely on this study since human beings have a similar genetic make-up as the rodents. And with many people suffering from reproduction issues nowadays, Bromantane could be the breakthrough for them.

  • Bromantane could help in the treatment of Neurasthenia

Neurasthenia is a condition that makes one suffer from insomnia, mental weariness, and fatigue. In a study done on asthenia patients, taking a low Bromantane dosage reduced the symptoms and helped them get some sleep. Also, it improved their quality of life, and only 3% of the patients experienced mild side effects.

Bromantane ensures that if you are feeling drowsy, it keeps you awake while it increases your consciousness when you are awake.

  • It may reduce inflammation

In a study done on mice, Bromantane effectively reduced depression-caused inflammation. It achieved this through by decreasing the levels of these inflammatory cytokines;

  • TNF-alpha
  • IL-4
  • IL-17
  • IL-6


(2) Bromantane risks

In every supplement that you decide to use, you run the risk of suffering from a reaction as well as enjoying the benefits. What’s important is that you must weigh the possible risks against the positive effects before deciding whether to take the supplement. In our case, Bromantane benefits seem to outweigh the risks. Most of the Bromantane effects are positive with very few people suffering from Bromantane related issues. What may increase the severity of the side effects is taking a very high Bromantane dosage. If you take a lower dosage, you also get to decrease the risk of suffering from severe side effects. Here are some of the Bromantane effects that could be caused by its use.

  • Taking a high dosage of Bromantane has been suspected to lead to an increase in the DNA-binding action of the beta-amyloid precursor protein which is associated with the pathogenesis of the Alzheimer’s disease. It is good to note that this study was done with around sixty-eight times higher dosage than the standard dosage prescribed.
  • Once you use Bromantane for an extended period, you may suffer from brain fog or headaches especially if you are used to taking more than 200mg of it. Some people have also reported that they felt light-headed after taking daily.
  • It could cause digestive upset to some people. That could be symptomized by having an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, i.e., pains, nausea, etc. To counter that, you could consider taking an over the counter drug.

6. Bromantane User Reviews

Bromantane has been in use for a couple of years, and if the user reviews are to go by, then this supplement does a fantastic job. People tend to react differently with different supplements, but this one tends to score well in all the boxes. Almost all Bromantane reviews are about how much people have had a good time after taking it and the transformation it has made in their lives. Here are some of the Bromantane reviews we have gotten from the clients that have trusted us as their Bromantane source.

Gongfu says, “I just started taking Bromantane a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is that I like it! First of all, it has ridiculously boosted my confidence and motivation. My self-esteem is high, and I am always looking forward to starting a new day. I feel like a new being and not only has it made my life happier but it has also made me achieve so much in the recent past. I am now able to talk to my clients with more confidence than I could, and I have noticed that I am making more sales than I made last year. Being a painter, I am now able to do my job with more energy and stamina, and I feel like this supplement will continue to boost my career. The Bromantane experience is genuinely good, and I would recommend this supplement to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives.” The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

Huang says, “My job entails doing a lot of reports, and I recently started experiencing brain fog. I could often lose concentration and focus, and meeting deadlines became a real problem. I was always in problems with my seniors and to make it worse I received a warning letter. I felt so helpless and decided to google and see if I could get any help. Luckily, I bumped into Bromantane supplement from phcoker.com, and I entrusted them due to the reviews that showed that they were one of the best Bromantane suppliers globally. True to it, I do not experience any difficulty concentrating or focusing. Even after working till late, my boss always commends me. I almost lost my job, but I now got a promotion thanks to Bromantane.”

Ling says,” I have struggled with memory loss for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I even couldn’t recall which day of the week it was. It was quite disturbing because I kept losing my stuff once I forgot where I placed them. Worse still, this condition made me drop out of college because I kept on failing my exams even after studying too hard. Not until a friend suggested that I should use Bromantane and I decided to give it a try. It has been a month, and my memory has improved. I remember most of the important things that I should, and I now feel young again. My friends no longer have to keep reminding me of the obvious things. What makes me glad is that I am back to school and so far I have performed well in my cats. If you feel like memory loss is taking a toll on you, this is the solution.  So what could you be waiting for? Order Bromantane from Phcoker and get the help you need.”


Nootropic Source Bromantane Reviews, Effects, Dosage


Wang says, “Bromantane has helped me fight depression, and I no longer use any other medication. My family and friends were almost giving up on me because sometimes I could experience unexplained sadness and I could later become suicidal. I had tried almost all drugs you can think of, and I felt like I had hit a dead end. I remember that day when my counselor mentioned something to do with Bromantane, and I didn’t take it lightly. To cut a long story short, my relationship at work and socializing with friends has greatly improved. My Bromantane experience is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone who is fighting depression.”

Juan says, “I wish i knew about this drug years ago because i wouldn’t have suffered as I did. I always got stressed up when the night started setting in because I knew that I I would struggle falling and staying asleep throughout the night. At times anxiety would catch up with me, and I could cry all night. Even after so many hospital visits, nothing seemed to change. My sister brought me Bromantane, and I have been taking 100mg daily for the last month. I wouldn’t thank Bromantane enough because since then sleeplessness and anxiety have reduced greatly, and I now take a nap without experiencing any disruptions. I now feel calm, and I have never enjoyed my nights

Hui says, “I am a bodybuilder and since I started using this product I have realized a lot of gains especially on the muscle strength. I can now lift heavier weights with more vigor without hurting myself. My muscles are growing bigger every day, and everyone keeps looking at my ripped body. I will be placing my order soon and would ask any bodybuilder who looks forward to looking good to buy Bromantane.”

Cheng says, “So the other day I decided to shop look for genuine Bromantane suppliers online. I got a couple of them, and I just wanted to settle on the best. I narrowed down to three of them and decided to give them a test. I contacted them and asked them about their delivery options. Guess what happened? Only one site didn’t send an automated reply. Phcoker.com sent me a detailed reply that left me awed. Their customer care is top notch, and I felt at peace placing an order with them. Within a few days, my order was delivered, and I will tell you about the results within a month. If you want to buy from sellers that value their customers, this is the place to be.”

7.Bromantane source online

With the Bromantane reviews that you have read, you probably could be interested in buying it. But how do you purchase it? While you might not be sure whether you are going to find Bromantane in your local store, purchasing it online could help you a great deal. Luckily with the use of the internet, you can compare prices, reviews and order for supplements without leaving the comfort of your home.

What you ought to know before buying the internet is that all sites are not safe. You need to be very careful, or you might put your health at risk. Worse still you will have wasted your money and time from the purchase. The reason is that you may buy Bromantane that is counterfeit and with its use, you can be sure that you are not going to achieve anything. Other products may be expired, and this reduces their effectiveness. Sometimes fake Bromantane suppliers may want to defraud people by selling supplements that have overstayed by taking advantage of the fact that the transactions are done online.

You may also find out that you bought a particular supplement that had been stolen and resold. As much as it may be useful, you don’t want to be promoting a site that thrives from stealing from others. While the supplements may appear to be too cheap, you need to be extremely diligent not to avoid getting exploited.

We don’t want you suffering from all these, and that’s why we advise you to use the only trusted site Phcoker.com. We have very many reasons why you should buy from us, and we will give you some of them.

We are reliable sellers where you can buy Bromantane, and we will ship it to your location. We sell high-quality Bromantane that is free from any additives or fillers. So Bromantane safety is not something that you will need to worry about. Our Bromantane is manufactured through the state of the art processes, and it will undoubtedly give you the results that you deserve in the shortest time possible. 2019 Most Comprehensive Introduction To Gonadorelin Acetate

As for our prices, we are affordable, and you will not have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy Bromantane. We also ensure that you get value for your money by making sure that you but effective Bromantane in the best price globally.

We offer a customer-centered shopping experience to ensure that every buyer enjoys a hassle-free buying experience. Our clients’ satisfaction comes first, and it is our goal to see all of them get the best. Our customer care is always ready to listen to your complaints, suggestions, and recommendations and this is what in a realm above all our other competitors.

Our deliveries are safe, reliable and fast. Once you order Bromantane from us, we dispatch your parcel in the shortest time, and the time you get, it depends on your location. Buy Bromantane from us today and start your journey to good health.



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