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Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0)

Raw Endurobol powder is also known as GW-501516, some people might also refer to it as Cardarine. Due to Endurobol having an …….

Status: In Mass Production
Unit: 25kg/Drum
Capacity: 1290kg/month


Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0) video


Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0) Description

Raw Endurobol powder is a PPARδ receptor. It activates the same pathways activated through exercise, including PPARδ and AMP-activated protein kinase. It had been investigated as a potential treatment for obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease. Raw Endurobol powder has a synergistic effect when combined with AICAR: the combination has been shown to significantly increase exercise endurance in animal studies more than either compound alone.

Raw Endurobol powder could be used by athletes as an ergogenic performance enhancing drug that was not currently controlled by regulations or detected by standard tests. One of the main researchers from the study on enhanced endurance consequently developed a urine test to detect the drug, and made it available to the International Olympic Committee.

Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0) Specifications

Product Name Raw Endurobol powder
Chemical Name 2-[2-methyl-4-[[4-methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5-yl]methylsulfanyl]phenoxy]acetic acid;GW-501615;CB6465728;2-(4-((2-(4-(Trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-4-methylthiazol-5-yl)methylthio)-2-methylphenoxy)acetic a;GW1516; GSK-516.
Brand Name Raw Endurobol powder
Drug Class Inhibitors;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals;Sulfur & Selenium Compounds;kl; Inhibitor;Antineoplastic;SARMs(Selective androgen receptor modulator);Sarms
CAS Number 317318-70-0
Molecular Formula C21H18F3NO3S2
Molecular Weight 453.494 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 453.068 g/mol
Melting Point 134-136°C
Boiling Point  584.543ºc at 760mmhg
Biological Half-Life 16-24 hours
Color white to beige
Solubility  DMSO: soluble20mg/mL, clear
Storage Temperature  Refrigerator
Raw Endurobol powder Application A selective and potent PPARβ agonist;An experimental drug meant to control lipids and increase the level of HDL, or good cholesterol, in the bloodstream. A cell-permeable, thiazolyl compound that acts as a potent, high affinity, PPARδ agonist.


Raw Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0)

To understand what endurobol is, you need to understand what it is not. While most people lump endurobol into the class of SARMs, this chemical compound is not a SARM but rather a PPARδ (delta) receptor agonist.

It’s important to distinguish this fact because endurobol’s primary influence on the body is in opposition to many SARMs. Endurobol’s influence is often catabolic in that it stimulates fat oxidation while many SARMs are used exclusively for anabolic purposes, such as building muscle and strength.

As we’ll discuss a bit later, this makes endurobol a good option for those looking to reduce body fat alongside improving other metabolic-related benefits.

Under its chemical label GW-501516, endurobol was first developed primarily to treat dyslipidemia; or abnormal amounts of fat and cholesterol in the blood. But once trials began, it became apparent that endurobol might have other therapeutic benefits.

In addition to successfully improving lipid profiles, it was realized that endurobol as a PPAR receptor agonist would be a powerful agent for treating obesity, enhancing metabolism and potentially even preventing or treating metabolic disease states like Type II Diabetes.

But as you’ll learn shortly, this apparent miracle chemical is not without its flaws, some of which are significant.

Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0) Mechanism of Action

Endurobol mechanisms are very similar to those of SARMs. It’s actually one of the most interesting compounds I have personally come across. This chemical allows the body to help regulate fatty acid metabolism which is absolutely amazing.

As previously mentioned, Endurobol is a PPARδ receptor agonist and not to be confused with a SARM. Basically, what it does is that it activates the protein PPAR-delta in the cells of the body. PPAR-delta is a sensor for fatty acids, which are found in muscles. Once the PPAR-delta has been switched on, your ability to burn fat increases.

This was also backed up by a study done on mice. The mice were given Endurobol and their endurance greatly increased.

Endurobol is a very promising compound that has insane fat burning abilities. It has the ability to enhance your workouts as no other drug does. The fact that these positive effects have been backed up by studies makes it even better.

Benefits of Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0)

◆The first thing you can expect from Endurobol is improved cardiovascular performance. Studies show that Endurobol significantly increased the running distance of mice on endurance tolerance tests. Your stamina is going to increase like never before, you will want to keep pushing yourself. Because it drastically improves stamina and endurance it has been banned by WADA in all professional sports. This should give you an idea of just how strong GW501516 actually is.

◆The next great thing about Endurobol is that it rapidly burns fat. Yep, that’s right – besides the improved stamina, you will also burn fat very quickly. It will also help you hold onto your muscles whilst being in a caloric deficit. Some people even stack GW-501516 with SR-9009 to create a fat burning machine. Trust me, GW501516 is WAY stronger than all the other stuff you’ve tried.

◆Endurobol may also have a positive impact on the heart and blood vessels. A study done on mice showed that a small dose of Endurobol reduced damage done to tissue in arteries. Keep in mind that this study was performed on mice, so it’s not completely sure if this also applies to humans.

◆It is also worth mentioning that this compound has the ability to stimulate muscle growth. By activating the PPAR-Delta not only fat gets melted off, but muscle fibres also get stimulated.

◆No suppression of the natural hormone system. Unlike with Testolone, Endurobol will not have any impact on your testosterone levels, which mean it does not require a PCT.◆Endurobol may play an important role in wound healing.

Recommended Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0) Dosage

The dosages were between 2.5 to 10mg per day during the clinical studies.

You will see users that take up to 30mg of Endurobol powder a day. Typically, people who do so are very experienced and have run it multiple times in the past. I would really try to stay away from higher raw powder dosages because there is minimal information available.

Endurobol has a half-life of roughly 12-24 hours. This means you will have to dose it twice a day. Most people dose it once in the morning and once in the evening, this will keep levels in the body stable.

The length of the cycle should be no more than 6-8 weeks. Once again, you will probably see some users take it for more than 8 weeks but that is quite a risk. I would always suggest to play it safe and keep the dosage low and the cycle length relatively short.

Endurobol does not require a PCT, you can simply discontinue it after the cycle has been finished.

Some people will also stack this compound with Ostarine powder and Andarine powder to create a SARMs Stack. Mainly because they are very effective for preserving muscle.

Side effects of Raw Endurobol powder (317318-70-0)

Despite that fact that the apparent benefits of Endurobol are quite impressive, it’s not without its flaws and unfortunately, they may be reason for avoiding use of the substance altogether.

One of the more attractive features of SARMs and PPAR receptor agonists are that they are typically non-androgenic and also target specific tissues. This means that side effects are often limited and not severe, and in the case of Endurobol, this is typically true. Mostly, users of Endurobol don’t report any acute, adverse side effects.

However, Endurobol does come with two glaring issues, that many are quick to dismiss: the potential for cancer and liver damage.