MT2 (Melanotan-II)

February 26, 2019

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Other Name:Melanotan-II, MT II, MT2, Melanotan 2


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Raw MT2 (Melanotan-II) powder (121062-08-6) video



Molecular Formula:C50H69N15O9
Molecular Weight:1024.198 g/mol
PubChem CID:92432
CAS Number:121062-08-6
Synonyms:Melanotan-II, MT II, MT2, Melanotan 2


MT 2 peptide is a synthetic analog of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, a class of peptide hormones produced in the body that stimulate the production and release of melanin from pigment cells in the skin and hair, resulting in darkening of the skin and hair. Also MT 2 powder has been shown to increase sexual arousal and suppress hunger.

Melanotan 2 Peptide Structure

Melanotan 2 Peptide Structure

Melanotan 2 research

Melanotan-2 (MT-2) is a synthetic analog of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. It has been shown to have various effects, including increasing sexual arousal, reducing compulsive/addictive behaviors, suppressing hunger, and increasing melanin production by stimulating melanocytes.

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Melanotan 2 melanocortin receptors

MT 2 binds to the melanocortin receptor, which has five known types, each with a different function.

MC-1R: Activation of MC-1R by alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone promotes melanin production and distribution, leading to skin pigmentation. MC-1R is mainly found on melanocytes.

MC-2R: Melanotan 2 and MC-2R binding primarily promote adrenal hormone secretion and are found in the adrenal glands.

MC-3R: The MC-3R receptor is involved in regulating appetite and energy in the central nervous system. However, there is limited knowledge about this receptor.

MC-4R: MC-4R stimulation primarily affects food intake, sexual behavior, and erectile function in men. It is mainly found in the brain.

MC-5R: Present in many tissues, this protein is primarily expressed on sweat glands and pancreatic islet cells.

What Is Melanotan II Peptide?

Melanotan 2, also known as Melanotan II, MT 2, MT-II, is a synthetic analog of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. The use of MT-II peptide powder provides more alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, which results in more melanin production and increased skin pigmentation. Additionally, studies have shown that MT 2 peptide can be used to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction get an erection and lose weight.

Due to this special use purpose, Melanotan II is often compare with the traditional sex enhancement drug tadalafil. Individual who are interested in research the difference between Melanotan II and tadalafil, they like to buy Melanotan II or tadalafil powder/pill/tabletto do the comparing testing. But few suppliers can supply Melanotan II and tadalafil together.

How Does Melanotan 2 Peptide Act On Our Bodies?

In our skin, we have pigment cells and hormones that regulate the activity of these pigment cells. So Melanotan-II works by mimicking the action of these hormones and up-regulating the activity of our pigment cells, thereby stimulating melanin production. The main role of melanin is to protect the subcutaneous tissue from UV-B light.

MT 2 also plays a role in the brain by binding to receptors present in the hypothalamus of the brain that control appetite and stimulate penile erection.

What Are The Benefits When I Inject MT-2 Peptide?

MT-2 is an injectable peptide that can help men with ED (erectile dysfunction) get an erection, get a tan, and prevent skin cancer caused by sun exposure.

Here are the best 5 benefits of Melanotan II:

①Promotes tanning or skin pigmentation

②Increases sexual arousal

③Controls hunger and reduces body fat

④May reduce the risk of melanoma (skin cancer)

⑤May reduce skin sunburn

Melanotan 2 Side Effects And Safety

When we use MT 2, we may experience the following adverse reactions, facial flushing, appetite suppression, vomiting and nausea, and increased libido. There is also a lot of concern that MT 2 injections increase the risk of skin cancer. Any medication can produce side effects, and the frequency and severity of symptoms is directly proportional to the frequency and dosage of use. If you notice any discomfort after using MT 2, you need to stop using it and can consult your doctor.



Peptide Melanotan II, also known as Melanotan 2, MT2, MT-2, and MT-II, is the synthetic form of the naturally occurring peptide alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which stimulates melanogenesis, the process that leads to changes in skin color. MSH, also known as alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, works by activating specific melanocortin receptors. In fact, MSH affects lipid metabolism, hunger and libido through these melanocortin receptors. As a result, research has proven that Melanotan 2 has other benefits in addition to promoting skin tanning, such as reducing hunger, promoting lipolysis, and increasing libido. Melanotan II has been widely explored for avoiding the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation due to its ability to stimulate melanin production.

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What does Melanotan 2 do to your body?

If injected or used as a nasal spray, Melanotan-II peptide can cause dramatic skin darkening in just days. The drug can also suppress appetite and lead to weight loss, another effect that some users find desirable.

Does Melanotan 2 have side effects?

Side-effects include darkened skin, increased moles and freckles, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, flushing of the face, involuntary stretching and yawning, and spontaneous erections. The TGA counterpart in the United Kingdom also listed acne, kidney, brain and heart problems as reported side-effects .

What is Melanotan 2 10mg?

Melanotan II 10mg is a semi-finished product of Metanotan 2. You just need to mix it with sterile or bacteriostatic water before use and it can be injected.

How does Melanotan 2 affect the heart?

The beneficial effects melanotan II peptide is associated with an increase in cardiac mitochondrial oxidative metabolism and respiration, as well as with improved cardiomyocyte calcium coupling, leading to improved cardiac contractile function.


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