Melanotan-II/MT2 Review

Melanotan II, alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone, Melanotan peptid, or MSH is a synthetic variant of a natural peptide hormone that’s responsible for melanogenesis (a process that cause pigmentation of the skin) in the body.

The synthetically produced and injectable peptide hormone is commonly used for improved sexual stamina and to darken skin pigment. The drug is among the legal peptides for sale, sold in powdered form which is later reconstituted for subcutaneous injections.


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Melanotan II was initially developed in the 1990s at the University of Arizona. Led by a popular dermatologist Norman Levine, the research team which was behind the invention of the drug used frogs for experimenting the effectiveness and safety of a hormone known as Alpha MSH before using it on people. The hormone caused the darkening of the pigments of the frogs used in the experiment.

Upon confirming the effectiveness of Alpha MSH in darkening frog skin pigments, they modified Melanotan II peptide in a way that would be friendly to the human body and put it through clinical trials. During the tests, one of the people who had taken the drug reported to Levine that he was experiencing spontaneous erections as a result of it.

Following such reports, the research team also achieved another success as far as discovering Melanotan-II benefits is concerned by discovering Bremelanotide (PT-141)  , an dysfunction-focused derivative of the drug. Both Melanotan II peptide and Bremelanotide were patented and licensed for sale to and use by biotechnology companies for possible development into valuable prescription drugs.

Melanotan II works by activating some melanocortin receptors, leading to improved skin tanning, increased sexual libido, better lipid metabolism and suppressed appetite.  In a study that was done to investigate the influence of Melanotan 2 on food intake, it was noted that the peptide hormone activated the central melanocortin (MC) when fed induced and fed to mice.

The mice which were used in the experiment had reduced body weight and viscera adipose tissue following the six-day treatment with Melanotan peptide. Also, the substance led to the suppression of the mice’s caloric intake.

The findings are a clear indication that Melanotan peptide can help people who want to shed off some weight, especially the obese and the overweight, to minimize their carbohydrate and calorie intake.

The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

Melanotan-II Results feedback: Melanotan-II before and after

Let’s now look at the Melanotan-II reviews given by people who’ve used MT2 (121062-08-6).

Tammy: My work involves spending much time outdoors and at some point, I experienced serious sunburns. I was so uncomfortable with my damaged skin that I tried nearly every product that claimed to offer sun protection but none of them gave me the results I wanted. I was finally introduced to MT2 and the results have been amazing. I now have a complexion that’s not only beautiful but also resistant to potential sun damages.

Chris: Naturally, I’m dishwater blonde with extremely light skin and annoying freckles. However, although I was uncomfortable with my look and my high vulnerability to sun damages, I was very hesitant about using tanning products. One day, I decided to face the issue head on! After all, life is too short to live   feeling inadequate. I decided it was time for Melanotan buy and went for it the same day after work. This is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my entire life. Guess what..! I got a dark brown tan after roughly six bed visits. I couldn’t believe it. I have been using it religiously ever since and no regrets whatsoever.

Laura: I simply love this stuff. Of all the legal peptides for sale that I have ever used, it’s only Melanotan-II that gave me exactly what I was looking for- a dark and long-lasting tan. I tan once a week and as a result, I’m proud of my amazingly tanned skin. The most popular nootropic Fasoracetam: what does it give us?

Unlike previously when even I got sunburns even after slight sun exposure, nowadays my skin is very resistant to such issues. The only Melanotan-II problem I have experienced is nausea during the initial days of use, but the issue went away with time. If you a very white person and would like to have a good base tan, I’d advise you to try this product.

Mercy L: I’ve always seen girls with dark tan more beautiful than me. I was afraid of using some tanning products on the market as there were many reported cases of serious adverse effects. I got the courage to use MT2 after seeing how it had transformed one of my friends.


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When I started to use it, I was amazed to find out that Melanotan-II injections were not as painful as I had thought as the needle used is very tiny. I inject myself 1 mg of the hormonal drug in the tummy each two days and I barely feel the needle pain.  To cut the long story short, I love everything about this product because it has given my skin my dream tan. As such, I’m happy knowing that I’ve moved some step away from skin cancer.

Salome Clinton: Being of Irish descent, my skin is naturally very white. Prior to discovering and using Melanotan peptide, I used to experience serious sunburns each summer.  But things changed much for the better the moment I started to get Melanotan-II injections. The tan of Melanotan-II before and after summer is the same. I don’t fear summers anymore because this product offers my skin the protection it needs to remain spotless throughout the year.  It’s a product that I can unreservedly recommend to other people who’d want to add a nice tan to their skin.

Tony: My story is interesting. When I turned 40, my libido decreased significantly, perhaps because of the kind of job I had started doing. I spent a better part of my time , and this resulted in severe damages for my skin as a result of overexposure to UV rays.

While I was surfing on the Internet, I bumped on a post about Melanotan-II Benefits. I was surprised to find out that there was a drug that could improve my libido and offer my skin UV protection.

Having used the product for 10 months, I can confidently attest to its effectiveness in both capacities. My wife and I enjoy our love just like we did in our early twenties when we married and my skin is beautifully darker. I no longer experience sunburns irrespective of how long I’m exposed to the sun.

Sandra: Yeee! I can now enjoy my vacations at the beach without fearing about sunburns, thanks to Melanotan-II Results.  This is something I never enjoyed some years back because the sun was very ruthless to my beloved skin.

I can’t thank enough whoever came up with this product. Besides my skin looking darker and my body is in prettier shape. I have shed off some weight over the period that I have been using the drug. I’m so happy.

Raphael: If you have very white skin you perhaps understand well when I say the extent of damage that sun can cause you. since my childhood to a year ago when I came to know about MT2, I used to try as much as I could to avoid the sun and used factor 50+ for UV protection but that didn’t help much.

Despite all that, at some point, especially during summer, I would get burnt badly by the sun rays. Last year I found out about Melanotan peptide and I’m glad to report that this stuff has given me my life back. It turned me bronze in just a few days of using it.

I have heard some people complain about side effects of Melanotan-II but have never experienced any apart from increased libido which is a plus for me. I can now enjoy all outdoor activities even during when the sun is freaking hot because my skin is well protected from potential damages.

Khalid: I always use Melanotan-II before and after long sun exposure and it works magic. People who know me can understand how terrible my skin used to be during summer due to sun damages but now that’s a thing of the past.

I rock with a dark brown skin (which was previously extremely pale). Besides, I have realized that my libido has increased massively and my spouse no longer complains about sexual dissatisfaction. I strongly recommend the product.

Why was Melanotan-II popular? / Melanotan-II Benefits

In as much as some people try to discredit peptides sales, especially Melanotan-II, and dissuade people from using them, most people who lack pigment and have Melanotan supplement can’t keep calm. They are satisfied with the Melanotan-II results and keep on recommending the drug to others. As a result, the popularity of Melanotan supplement increases day by day.

A report that was released by the BBC in 2009 indicated that that hundreds of people had visited six needle exchanges in a span of several months to get syringes for the administration of the correct Melanotan dosages. In 2010, Norwegian Pharmacy Association reported that thousands of syringes had been given out to people who wanted Melanotan-II injections. The major Melanotan-II benefits include dark skin, enhance libido and fat loss.

★ Dark skin

Having very white skin isn’t something that many people like as the complexion is highly susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer. Luckily, even if you were born with pale skin, you can add some tan to it by taking a reliable drug to increase the skin-darkening pigment production. In such a case, Melanotan-II results are unregrettable.

Responding to Verdens, a Norwegian newspaper, about whether she was using Melanotan-II injections,   Linn Connie Danielsen didn’t mince her words about her Melanotan black skin. She said that the hormonal drug gives her a deep and long-lasting tan throughout the year and that she was very proud of her look. She added that the hormonal drug eases the stressful impact of an extensive sun deprivation during the winter season.

There are three positive effects of Melanotan-II, but the major one is the ability to tan any type of skin irrespective of how old a person is.

The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
In case you aren’t comfortable with the paleness of your white skin and would like to give it an extra tan, you need to know your skin type according to Fitzpatrick scale before you start the journey to having a Melanotan black skin. Knowing your skin type helps in establishing the most appropriate Melanotan dosages for your specific skin type.


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It is worth noting that people who in the upper Fitzpatrick scale spectrum (particularly types 1, 2 and 3) are the ones who are likely to get the best and easy-to-maintain Melanotan black skin within the shortest time as compared to the rest.

In case your skin has small patches of light brown colour (freckles), the effects of Melanotan-II will help you get a uniformly darker complexion if you take the drug appropriately. With time, you’ll see the freckles and the rest of the skin get darker. Ultimately, you’ll have your dream skin tone.

It is important that you bear in mind that the Melanotan black skin effect last for a longer time as compared to an ordinary tan. Naturally, when you are exposed to sunlight, your skin pigment gets darker as a result of melanin production to protect the layer under your skin (hypodermis) from possibly damaging sunlight rays. Therefore, a tan acts like a shield.

Nevertheless, if you have a very white skin, you’ll realize that your skin loses the tan it gets due to exposure to sunlight only lasts for a few weeks, mostly one or two, once you stop being exposed to sun rays. After all, the skin doesn’t need to produce more protection (melanin) as there are no sunrays to damage it. That’s explains why you become very white/light during winter season or if you mostly stay indoors.

On the other hand, Melanotan black skin resulting from tan peptides normally last for a longer period than the natural tan. It mostly lasts for months once you cease from being exposed to sun rays. A Melanotan buy and use is all that you need to stay beautiful with a well-tanned skin regardless of the prevailing season.

As earlier mentioned, a very pale white skin is highly susceptible to cancer than a well-tanned one. Considering the risk, the initial purpose of inventing Melanotan II was to prevent or minimize skin cancer risks by triggering an increase in melanin production. Semaglutide Effects Only as Peptide? NO, Much More Than That!

Just like other legal peptides for sale, when you take Melanotan supplement, it stimulates your body to produce melanin at an exponentially higher level than normal. Since melanin is the major determinant of the colour of your skin, its increased production leads to a darker skin.

Most ghostly pale red-haired person can’t naturally get a skin that’s darker than bright red. That’s a fact! Should they just forget about getting darker than that?

Of course, No!


Because with Melanotan II, they can make their skin as dark as possible!

As a result of this process, Melanotan II can effectively protect your skin from exposure damage and minimize cancer risks.

★Enhanced libido

When it comes to sexual issues, such as dysfunction, some people prefer handling them on their own instead of having to visit a physician to avoid feeling embarrassed. Others are not insured or aren’t adequately insured to access such reproductive health services.

In such cases, a sexual performance enhancement drug that doesn’t necessarily need doctor’s prescription comes in handy. Melanotan dysfunction improvement capability is simply magical.

Besides providing natural tanning results, Melanotan 2 also enhances sexual arousal (libido). Men and women who want to get a better sex life with their partners can use this drug. It gives men suffering from dysfunction a harder and stronger erection and improved sex compilation in women.

It’s a drug that a man with dysfunction can count on for sexual pleasure that he can possibly have. That explains perfectly why Melanotan dysfunction treatment benefit is very common among subcultures like the “gay muscle” scene.

The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

In addition to increasing the quality of erection in a man, Melanotan supplement can also give him enjoy more erections by reducing the refractory time. Therefore, if you want better love-making and a great skin that’s less vulnerable to skin cancer and sun burns, using Melanotan II is like killing two birds using one stone.

Nevertheless, the primary aim of Melanotan 2 is skin tanning and so, not everyone who uses it will experience a change in their sexual arousal. In a case where the drug has an influence on sexual arousal, the person is most likely to feel the effect 1 to 3 hours after dosage. The effect mostly lasts for 2 to 4 hours.


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In case you don’t want to experience this Melanotan 2 neutral effect, take the drug just before going to bed. By so doing, in as much as the drug will be triggering your body to develop an urge to have sex, your brain will be too dormant to process the required action and so, you won’t feel aroused. Otherwise, you can just wait for the effect and have some good time with your love.

★Melanotan-II fat loss

Apart from increased libido, another neutral effect of M2 is fat loss.

In a series of Melanotan II tests conducted on mice, the researchers found out that the mice that were given the drug during the study had less quantity of visceral and subcutaneous fat tissue by the end of the test period as compared to how they were before the administration of the drug. This is a clear proof of Melanotan-II fat loss capability.

Therefore, if you are this product and aren’t comfortable with your weight, Melanotan-II fat loss effect will leave you rocking with a healthy and beautiful shape. Melanotan-II cost is indeed worth the benefits you get from the drug as long as it’s from a reputable Melanotan-II source.

The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

Melanotan II suppresses your appetite and that’s one way of helping you lose fat. Therefore, if you take the drug, you’re likely to eat less than you are used to and this aids fat loss significantly. It helps you to avoid unwanted cravings and stick to your diet without hassle

Secondly, the capability of Melanotan II to decrease the fat free mass accumulation in a weight gain phase has been proved. It’s another way that M2 can possibly assist you to reduce your body weight.

Does Melanotan-II carry any risks?

Well, there are no long-term Melanotan-II side effects that have ever been reported so far. Nevertheless, it’s been found out that some people are likely to experience some post injection effects during the initial few Melanotan dosages. The most common Melanotan-II side effects include mild nausea and hot flush in face.

Fortunately, these undesired effects are highly likely to become milder with time as your body adjusts to the peptide.


In case you have experienced very uncomfortable nausea after Melanotan dosages, change your dosing time to just a few minutes before bed. If that doesn’t help, you can take a genuine anti-histamine product an hour before taking Melanotan II until your body gets used to the peptide. If you want natural anti-histamine, you can go wrong with ginger root.

Another option of dealing with the undesired Melanotan-II results is splitting your current dose to smaller dosages. For instance, if you are taking a 1mg dose, you can split it into two 0.5mg doses and take them with some time in between.  It’s worth noting that the side effects increase with dosage; the higher the dose, the more severe the effects.

It is advisable that you ensure that a Melanotan-II source is genuine before you buy the peptide as there are many quack Melanotan-II suppliers. By so doing, you’ll be sure that you are using the real drug, not something that might end up doing more harm than good to your body.

The flushing of the face

The flushing of the face occurs within 10 minutes of taking Melanotan II but lasts just for a short time, normally less than hour. However, you should not worry much if you experience such as the negative effect is highly likely to go away in the next few Melanotan-II injections once your body gets used to the drug.

Skin bruising, cross-contamination and infection

Considering that there are various online Melanotan-II suppliers, it’s very easy to get a Melanotan buy. The challenge comes when you don’t get proper and safe directions on how to administer the drug or if you fail to follow them to the letter.

Melanotan 121062-08-6 comes in powder form and is supposed to be reconstituted with sterile water before subcutaneous injection. Therefore, if sterile water is not used, the injected drug might be contaminated and this may lead to some health issues such as infection.

Besides, the syringe used must be clean and sterilized, else cross-contamination or infection might occur to the person receiving the drug. Also, if the drug administration is not done by an experienced person, it may cause skin bruising.

Other common side effects of effects of Melanotan-II include:

  •    vomiting
  •    bloating
  •    tiredness

Mostly, these side effects are as a result of dosing way too high. Therefore, one of the options to minimize or avoid them is to opt for a lower dose.

Also, there are infrequent Melanotan-II side effects during longer trials and they include more freckles, darkening of lips and darkening of freckles.

The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know
The 6 Key Points on Melanotan-II/MT2 which you need to know

How can I inject reasonable Melanotan-II dosage?

It is worth noting that for you to get the best Melanotan results; you should use Melanotan-II as a continuous therapy. The starting dose should be followed by further Melanotan dosages for maintenance purpose until you get your dream skin tone.

Besides, you have to ensure that you don’t take too much or too little of the drug. Just inject a reasonable amount.

Considering that MT2 comes as freeze dried powder in airtight, multi-use vials, you must be able to reconstitute it correctly using the right ratio with sterile water before administering it. Melanotan peptide for personal use is sold in 10mg enclosed in a 3ml vial and should be diluted with 1ml or 2ml of sterile water.

In case you aren’t sure about your ability to reconstitute the peptide accurately, you can use Lovemelanotan peptide calculator. You can also use the tool to dose the product correctly.

Although there are various ways of administering Melanotan-II 121062-08-6 including spraying (nasal sprays) and swallowing (Melanotan supplement pills), and injection, the latter (injection) is the best. The peptide molecules in the Melanotan peptide spray are too large and so, it’s difficult for them to penetrate the nasal membrane.

That’s different from injection method which absorption rate of the drug is 100%. When it comes to pills, they too can’t be as effective as injections due to the enzymes in the stomach which make the peptide less active. SARM Supplements in Top 10: SR9009 (1379686-30-2)

If it’s your first time to use Melanotan 2, it is advisable that you start with a very low, preferably anywhere within a range of 50 mcg to 75 mcg and then increase gradually from there with time as you assess how your body responds to it. As mentioned earlier, starting at a high dose increases your chances of experiencing a Melanotan-II problem such as nausea.

Also, try to make the tanning sessions as tanning sessions short as a minute or two if necessary during the initial days, after Melanotan buy for a better skin tone. This is because tanning for long periods when your skin has minimal melanin will increase your freckling and burning risks. As melanin density increases as a result of Melanotan black skin, the skin will be so protected that it’ll be less vulnerable to freckling and sun-burning.


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Once you reconstitute MT2 to the right concentration, it’s now time to administer it, an activity that you’ll do using an insulin syringe. One thing that you’ll notice about the syringe is that it’s not only tiny but calibrated in IU (Internation Units). If you are used to ml, 100 IU is equivalent to 1 ML. so, if you want to administer 0.3mls, you’ll measure the drug up to the 30 IU mark in the syringe.

Let’s now see how the injection ought to be done.

You can inject Melanotan peptide underneath the skin (subcutaneous) or into the muscle (intramuscular); anywhere you can comfortably reach on your body.  Pinch the skin loose from the muscle and raise it to allow the needle to penetrate the fat layer of the skin.   MT2  is then absorbed into the bloodstream and spreads evenly throughout your body.

Share the reliable Melanotan-II source online

Just as it is the case with other legal peptides for sale, there are many Melanotan-II suppliers online and offline. But do all of them sell genuine products and use the right Melanotan-II cost in their pricing? The answer is no.

Some online Melanotan-II suppliers sell fake Melanotan-II at insanely cheap prices to make huge peptides sales at the expense of the value that customers ought to get from their money.

In as such, it is important that you do due diligence before you choose a Melanotan-II source. However, since you may not have all the time to dig deep to distinguish between the quack and the genuine sellers, we would like to save you the hassle by introducing you to is among the most reliable Melanotan-II suppliers. If you want to buy Melanotan-II (121062-08-6) hassle-free, this Melanotan-II source has you covered. Besides, this is the best Melanotan-II source for the most competitive Melanotan-II cost.


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