1. Oyster overview
  2. What Is Oyster Peptide?
  3. Oyster Peptide Functions And Benefits
  4. What Are the Oyster Peptide Advantages When Compared with Other Sexual Enhancement Products?
  5. How to take Oyster peptide powder? Oyster peptide dosage?
  6. Oyster Peptide Side Effect?
  7. Oyster Peptide Powder Application?
  8. Final words

Oyster overview Phcoker

Oyster, a sea animal that’s a popular source of oyster extract powder, has been a delicacy for many people for tens of centuries. You can eat it raw or cooked. Whichever the option you choose, oyster meat will supply your body with an array of nutrients. The nutrients include protein, healthy fats, minerals as well as vitamins.

Another plus for this meat is that it is low in calories.

There are many products that can be extracted from oyster meat, oyster peptide being one of them. In this review, we’ll focus on oyster bioactive peptides and their impact on male function, among other potential benefits.


What Is Oyster Peptide? Phcoker

Oyster peptide is a natural supplement derived from oyster meat protein through multi-step biotechnology. The peptide is rich in zinc, calcium, taurine, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, C, D and E. As such, it can be used as a health food or functional food. It has an array of health benefits among people, especially men with sexual health issues.

Oyster bioactive peptides have higher biological potency as compared to other common oyster products. Besides, the oyster peptide has a more important physiological function. Better still, unlike common oyster products, oyster peptide powder has a nice taste and doesn’t have a fishy smell.

Can oyster peptides really improve male function


Oyster Peptide Functions And Benefits Phcoker

Oyster peptide has the following functions and benefits:

Liver detoxification

The taurine supplied by oyster peptide can improve the secretion of bile in a person. Additionally, the oyster derivative can prevent neutral fact accumulation or eradicate the accumulated fat in the liver. Both functionalities support the liver in its detoxification work.

Improving sexual function

The oyster peptide is rich in arginine, and Zinc elements, both of which are crucial for an individual’s sexual health. It assists in the production of sexual hormones, including progesterone, testosterone and estrogen.

Supports beauty

When you take oyster peptide powder regularly, you’ll notice that you’ll be becoming more beautiful or handsome day by day. This is because it supplies your body with nutrients that promote your skin’s metabolism, making it look healthier and well hydrated.

Besides, this natural powder has components that promote skin melanin decomposition. As a result, your skin tone improves and become more even. Additionally, the iodine and tryptophan contained in the peptide can make your hair become blacker, thus more beautiful.

Better immune system

The health of your immune system is crucial for your wellbeing as it is the one that safeguards your body from different infections and illnesses. Zinc is among the key elements that your immune system needs to be strong and effective in its work.

Fortunately, oyster peptide supplies your body with the right amount of zinc that the immune system requires to keep going and put dangerous viruses and bacteria at bay. Additionally, the peptide stimulates the production of thymulin by the thymus gland. The improved thymulin production leads to better T-cell and T4 Helper cell regulation, resulting in a stronger immune system.

Some of the diseases and health conditions you can avoid by taking oyster peptide include:

  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Oronary disease
  • Hyperlipemia
  • Poor eyesight
  • Arrhythmia
  • Angina
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Cancer

Prevents free-radical damage

Oyster extracts, including the peptides, contain antioxidants that protect body cells and tissues from age-accelerating oxidative stress

Fatigue reduction

Oyster peptide also contains amino acids, which, besides improving liver function, can inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid. Additionally, the acid helps in physical and mental fatigue relief. This helps a person to gain more strength and have a clearer and fresher mind after a stressful situation or illness.

Oyster peptide benefits for man

Men with sexual function issues can benefit greatly from the oyster peptide. This includes men with erectile dysfunction, impotence, distended prostate or genital hypoplasia, among other male diseases and conditions. Oyster peptide can improve their sexual health.

The power behind the sexual health improvement capability of the oyster peptide is its high zinc content, considering that oyster is the richest source of zinc. The zinc content in oyster is ten times higher than in red meat.

Scientifically, zinc has been proved to boost the level of free testosterone in a person. On the other hand, zinc deficiency is the leading cause of male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. This is because they lack enough zinc to produce testosterone to induce and maintain secondary characters in a male. Mostly, men with low testosterone experience low libido and sexual performance.

In addition to zinc, the oyster extract also contains a high amount of vitamin D, another nutrient that also helps a man’s body generate more testosterone. It also improves muscle strength and structure.

Besides, oyster peptide is rich in arginine, trace elements as well as selenium, all of which play an important role in sperm production. As a result, a man who uses this oyster product experiences improved fertility.

So, when a man takes oyster peptide, his testosterone and sperm production levels increase, thereby improving his sexual health. Because of general body strength and increased testosterones, the man is capable of having faster and more libido. Also, he can maintain an erection for a longer time.

Apart from sexual dysfunction and impotence, is also an effective remedy for male conditions such as enlarged prostate and genital hypoplasia. That’s why oyster extracts, especially oyster peptide, have been commonly used among men for hundreds of years-for men’s sexual health promotion.

The effect of one dosage of oyster peptide dose can last for seven to ten days. This means that a man doesn’t have to take the supplement daily for him to benefit from its sexual improvement benefit. About 12 hours after taking the supplement, a man starts to feel more energetic and an urge to have sex sets in.

 Oyster peptide benefits for women

One of the key benefits of oyster peptide is overall body strength improvement. As such, when a woman experiencing antepartum or postpartum weakness takes this supplement, she feels stronger.

Additionally, just like men, women also experience better sexual health after taking oyster peptide. A woman’s body also produces testosterones but in the ovaries.

However, menopausal women normally have reduced levels of the hormone, and as a result, they experience low libido and vagina dryness.

Fortunately, the additional supply of zinc by oyster peptide boosts a menopausal woman’s testosterone level. The result of this is an increased sex drive and better ‘lubricated’ vagina. As such, she’ll be able to enjoy sexual intercourse better.

Can oyster peptides really improve male function


What Are the Oyster Peptide Advantages When Compared with Other Sexual Enhancement Products? Phcoker

Unlike most sexual enhancement products, oyster peptide doesn’t have side effects because it is all-natural. Besides, one doesn’t have to take it on a daily basis, as it is with some other sexual enhancement products. The effect of a single oyster peptide dosage can last for about seven to ten days.

Oyster Peptide Extract Process

Here are the steps followed to extract oyster peptide from oyster meat.

Step one: Treating the meat by calcium salt

The oyster meat is ground together with calcium salt and water. This results in an oyster meat slurry. The step is aimed at activating and releasing the endogenous enzymes contained in oysters. Consequently, the enzymatic preparations involved in the forthcoming enzymatic hydrolysis are minimized.

Step 2: Enzymatic hydrolysis

The oyster meat slurry produced in step one is subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis. This is achieved by stirring the slurry to 35° C to 45 ° C for about one or two hours. Then, a neutral protein enzyme or even an alkaline protease is added to the slurry. The temperature adjusted to about 50 to 60 ° C for the hydrolysis to continue for the next five to eight hours.

After that, the pH is adjusted to 5.0 to 5.5, flavor protease added and then enzymatic hydrolysis is allowed to continue for another two to three hours. Then, the resulting supernatant is centrifuged to get a crude oyster liquid.

Step 3: Decolorizing and refining

The activated carbon is added to the crude oyster liquid obtained in step two. The mixture is stirred at a temperature ranging from 45 ° C to 55 ° C for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, it is decolorized and filtered with a ceramic membrane. The resulting filtrate is what we refer to as a purified solution of oyster peptide.

Step 4: Concentration and spray-drying

The purified oyster peptide solution is concentrated to at least 35% solid content through vacuum concertation. It is then spray-dried to produce solid oyster peptide which tastes nice and doesn’t have that awful fishy smell.


How to take Oyster peptide powder? Oyster peptide dosage? Phcoker

You have two options for taking oyster peptide powder. The first one is shaking it up in a bottle containing a reasonable amount of water and drinking the blend. Alternatively, you can take it dry and then drink some water to drown it into your stomach.

There’s no definite dosage for oyster bioactive peptides. However, the average amount that some physicians recommend is 500 mg, taken up to three times a day. Nevertheless, because this is a natural and generally safe dietary supplement, you can adjust the dosage up or down, depending on your needs.


Oyster Peptide Side Effect Phcoker

There are no scientifically-proven side effects of oyster peptide or oyster peptide extract. This is mainly because the product is fully natural, with no potentially harmful artificial additives or ingredients.

However, people with seafood allergies might experience some health issues after using the oyster extract. Therefore, a person who suffers from a seafood allergy should avoid oyster products, including the peptide.

Also, people with pre-existing health problems are advised to talk to their health specialists before starting to take the oyster products. This will help them avoid potential effects that might arise from an interaction between the oyster extract and other drugs they might be taking.

Besides, some exiting health conditions might get worse with additional zinc supply in the body.


Oyster Peptide Powder Application Phcoker

Due to its pharmacological effect, oyster peptide powder applied in healthcare medicine. For instance, due to the clinically significant data confirming the ability of oysters to prove a man’s serum, many men with sexual health problems use the product.

Additionally, the natural powder is used for the regulation of blood lipids and inhibition of platelet aggregation. It is also recommended for people with hyperglycemia symptoms, low immunity or poor metabolism as it improves the health conditions.

People with cancer can also take the powder for better management of the disease. The oyster product can prevent cancer cells from spreading. The powder can also be used for wound healing and cardiac systolic force effect improvement.

Other applications of oyster peptide powder include:

  • Eyesight improvement
  • Anti-stress benefit
  • Antibacterial function
  • As a remedy for enlarged foreskin gland
  • Excessive aging prevention

Furthermore, you can use oyster peptide powder as a food additive. It tastes good and doesn’t smell ‘fishy’ as some seafood products. Besides, it is rich in nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. As such, it can be a good complement to your ordinary meals.

Can oyster peptides really improve male function


Final words Phcoker

Oyster peptides, extracts of oyster, are very safe supplements that can be used for various health benefits. One of the benefits is male function improvement. These peptides can increase libido in a man with low sex drive and sperm count for the men with infertility issues. Menopausal women experiencing low sex drive and vaginal dryness can also benefit significantly from oyster peptide extract.



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