For a sexual enhancer that generates arousal in women within minutes of administration, PT-141 is the real deal. Bremelanotide originated from Melanotan II; hence, it gives the same aphrodisiac effects. Melanotan II also assists in giving the skin pigmentation as well as treating sexual disorders, including hypoactive desire in women.

The PT-141 peptide isn’t produced in the body naturally like other growth hormones. PT-141 (189691-06-3) being a non-selective agonist of the melanocortin receptors have been in use for the treatment of sexual disorders for quite some time.

The discovery of PT-141 as one of the sexual enhancers is fascinating as it happened accidentally. A scientist known as Mac Hadley volunteered himself as a specimen and as he was experimenting with his own body got a hard-on for eight hours straight. It was as a result of having a double dose of Melatonin II, a compound that had been discovered earlier.

Melanotan testing was first done on rats in the 1960s and went on to the 1980s. Melanocortins are known to play a significant role in the regulation of many physiological functions. Melanotan 1, which is a Melanocortin analog, has been tested as a tanning agent while Melanotan II was tested as a sexual dysfunction agent.

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Its use was, however, halted after it was found that it led to an increase in the blood pressure of its test subjects. In 2016, the PT-141 peptide was approved by the FDA as a treatment for sexual dysfunction in women.

How does it work?

PT-141 works through the hypothalamus, directly leading to an increase in sexual desire. It binds to the melanocortin receptors found in the brain, thus sending messages to the nerves in the sexual organs. Unlike other sex supplements like Viagra, which work in the vascular system, PT141-141 directly affects one’s libido. That is the reason why other sex medication should not be considered as aphrodisiacs as they do not affect one’s desire directly.

PT-141 worksby stimulating and activating the dopamine hormone, which is known to play a significant role in increasing one’s sex motivation. Dopamine is a well-known compound which is a neurotransmitter and whose role is to stimulate performance. When one has low dopamine levels, it means that their libido will also be low. The PT-141 half time is around 120 minutes.

PT-141 Application

♣ PT-141 nasal sprays

♣ PT-141 creams

♣ PT-141 pills

♣ Others.

PT-141 (Bremelanotide)
PT-141 (Bremelanotide):A new drug used for Female sexual dysfunction

All The Benefits of PT-141

Enhances sexual satisfaction

Have you at one point, wondered what you could do to get sexually satisfied? The truth is sometimes it takes more than just having sex to achieve the big ‘O.’ Sex may give you orgasms but not as mind-blowing as they should. For women, it even gets more complicated compared to men because of their anatomy.

The importance of using sexual enhancers in triggering orgasms cannot be underestimated. PT-141 for women gives intense feelings of satisfaction once one engages in sex. If you are in the lookout for something useful to enhance your sexual pleasure, this miraculous drug is a sure bet.

Gives more energy

You could have a high sexual drive but no vigor to do it. Lack of energy not only affects your sex life but your day to day life activities too. That means that you will no longer find pleasure in engaging in some of your favorite activities thus become inactive.

Lack of energy doesn’t mean that your sex life is over. No need for constant worry because there is a way you could get an energy boost as well as that of your sexual feelings.

Once you use PT-141, you will realize that you attain more energy and feel younger too.

♦ Boost sexual confidence

One of the significant factors that determine whether you will get sexually satisfied is the confidence you have in yourself. Sexual confidence is the surety you get that you can deliver in bed. For instance, if in your previous sexual experiences you and your mate have attained wild orgasms, you are most likely going to gain the confidence that you have mastered the art.

It is one of the sexiest traits one could have. When you have high confidence in bed, the whole experience is likely to be enjoyable than it already is. Even more, it makes you more comfortable when having sex.

For most people, sexual confidence isn’t something easy to attain because they probably think that their weaknesses have taken a toll them. When your confidence is low, achieving an orgasm becomes a big deal. The advantage that comes with the use of sexual enhancers is that it makes you have the most satisfying sexual encounters.

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PT-141 fordeals with all your sex problems hence giving you all the confidence you’ve always needed. Sexually confident women are known to be more sexually active and even more fun in bed. No wonder the use of PT-141 for women increases daily. Once you use PT-141, I promise you that your sexual confidence will significantly increase in the shortest time possible.

Increases one’s libido and sexual desire

You know that look that your partner gives you when you fake sleep or headache to avoid sex. It gets even more frustrating when your significant other is ready for it, but that’s the last thing you could be thinking of. That could strain your relationship, especially if things have been great in the previous years.

Today, more than 30% of women are suffering from lack of sex desire globally. The reason why this has become very common among women is that many factors contribute to it. Though low estrogen levels or a shift in the hormonal production are some of the reasons why one’s sex desire could take a backseat, birth control pills, relationship issues, fatigue, depression, stress, and some medication could also lead to it.

If you notice that your interest in sex is becoming low by the day, that could be a symptom for hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The good thing is that PT-141 for sexual dysfunction could help eliminate this. It ensures that you get full body arousal and get turned on often.

Tans skin

Today skin tanning has become popular. In the earlier days, skin tan was a sign that one was working under the sun for long hours. Nowadays, skin tan is considered to be for those who love prosperity and having a healthy glow. With people engaging themselves with all types of tanning like tanning lotions, sunless tanning, outdoor tanning, and indoor tanning, what do you think could be the benefits of tanning?

Tanning will give you that golden tan that will leave everyone drooling. If you are the type of people who love standing out, then skin tanning should be in your bucket list. Celebrities have been paying thousands of dollars to have their skin tanned since this is what gives them more influence in their careers. We both can agree that pale skin looks sickly and dull. As much as you may have the best wardrobe, great looking hair and white teeth, a golden tan could compliment your look without having to struggle too much.

If you are a bodybuilder and feel like your toned body is not getting noticed, you should try out skin tanning. A tan enhances the contours in your body, making your gains more noticeable. You have been struggling and giving the gym your all, why not get a tan to compliment you muscular look?

There are several ways to get a tan, butthe PT-141 applicationcarries the day. Too much exposure to the sun may lead to skin damage and even worse make you have skin cancer. One of the PT-141 benefits is that it is safe and unlikely to cause you side effects. Bremelanotide gives you a beautiful tan since it affects the production of melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. So if you have always wanted a safe tanning process and one that will offer you with fantastic results, PT-141(189691-06-3) is the way to go.

Stronger Erections

Do you find it a challenge getting a stiffer erection? You are not the only one. Millions of men are suffering from it with most of them feeling embarrassed to even tell anyone about it.

Every man wants a harder and stronger erection. Even those that are happy with their penis size need to rock the solid erections to have enjoyable sex. Well if you want a stronger erection use PT-141. It is a great sexual enhancer that will ensure that your erection is as hard as a rock.

PT-141 for Sexual Dysfunction

(1). Compared with other sexual enhancers

PT-141 shares lots of similarities with other sexual enhancers such as viagra, but there are a few differences too. As stated earlier, PT-141 works through the hypothalamus hence directly affecting your sexual desire. On the other hand, other  work in the vascular system by increasing the amount of blood flowing throughout the body, especially the genitals. Such sexual enhancers cannot be termed as aphrodisiacs.

According to the PT-141 reviews reported, PT-141 results take the shortest time to experience effects. For instance, some women may notice some changes within a few minutes while for others, it may take hours. All in all, PT-141 is one of the fast acting sexual enhancers whose effect on sexual dysfunction can be felt within the shortest time possible.

 (2). Is PT-141 more suitable for women?

As much as both men and women use PT-141, it has proved to be the women’s favorite. That is because it offers them most of the benefits and fewer side effects compared to others. The only symptom that affects them is nausea and vomiting, which is rare too.

Additionally, females responded better to the drug as compared to men. The PT-141 comes as a savior to women because there are very few drugs that deal with sexual dysfunction in women.

How to Use PT-141

The most common way of PT-141 application is through injection. This injection is usually useful for both men and women in the treatment of sexual dysfunction issues.

The injections are usually administered subcutaneously, where there are more fat deposits. Often, the points of injections are around the stomach area and lower abdomen or the thigh. The jabs should be given at the same time of the day so that you can get the best PT-141 experience.

The general PT-141 dosage for both men and women is 2mg, which should be given one hour before sex. If doing it for the first time, you could inject 1mg as a test dose before adding the other 1mg thirty minutes later.

To avoid overdosing, you shouldn’t exceed 2mg in seventy-two hours. You should always choose the best timing, that is convenient for you.

The PT-141 nasal spray is another common way to administer PT-141. Many people prefer it because it is easier to use. Just by inhaling the PT-141, you can achieve the libido you have been looking for. Here are the steps you take for the PT-141 nasal spray application;

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  • Blow your nose gently to clear the passage for the medicine.
  • Read all the instructions on the packaging before administering it. Shake before use and squirt a small amount if that is indicated.
  • Squeeze the bottle gently and inhale the medication with your mouth closed. That could be applied while in an upright position so that you will not have to tilt your head backward. Always keep the bottle clean and capped to avoid contamination.

Experience Shared By PT-141 Users

My libido is back to normal

Agnes K says, “Initially, I bought this product for skin tanning. My skin responded so well, and I decided to continue with its use. One thing that has made me love the PT-141 experience is the fact that it increases one’s libido. I didn’t think that my libido will ever change since I had tried almost all supplements touted as magical pills to no avail. From the first night I used it, my desire has been up there. I now enjoy it with my partner every single night. I find myself wondering why I did not know about it earlier. Indeed, I can feel much difference.”

Few side effects

Lilian D. says, “I have been having unsatisfying sex for as long as I can remember. My libido went from a vibrant one to feeling nothing even during foreplay. I was prescribed with some pills by my doctor, and I hated its side effects, especially the rapid heartbeat and insomnia. My PT-141 experience has, however, been different.  I rarely suffer from any side effects, and even from the PT-141 reviews I have read online, few people have suffered from any. With this sex enhancer, I am now able to enjoy my sex life without paying the price of suffering from numerous side effects. Thank you, PT-141.

Offers the best results

Maggie S. says, “I am addicted to skin tanning and have been doing it for the last fifteen years. I thought of trying out this product after reading the PT-141 reviews and seeing a few before and after pictures that showed how well it could give a natural tan. I am amazed and pleased with the results. The tanning lotions I have been using have been leaving me with a disgusting smell, but that’s a thing of the past now. The orange hue they gave me is gone, and I now look natural. I love the fact that everyone thinks that I was born like this. Try this, and you will probably never look back.”

It gives the best orgasms

Benjamin Paterson says, “Recently, my wife stopped having orgasms, and everything I tried seemed to hit a rock. She lost interest, and I somehow lost my sexual confidence because I felt that I could not satisfy her. I talked to the physician, and he suggested that I try this out. I was a bit skeptical about it but decided to gift my wife on her birthday and see how it goes. To my surprise, we had the best that night. She got aroused at the slightest touch and told me that she had not had such strong orgasms for years. I felt good that finally, my wife could enjoy our lovemaking. We just ordered for our next shipment and can’t wait for it. I will recommend it to someone who feels like they can no longer have an orgasm.”

Great product

Jesica S. says, “This sexual enhancer is the best product I have come across so far. I underwent menopause at a young age due to a health condition I suffered, and things have never been the same again. Other than vaginal dryness and feeling uncomfortable, I always underwent pain because I never enjoyed having sex. PT-141 has helped me, especially with my orgasms. I feel energized, and I always want it. My husband says that I have never been this sexy and now wants to use it too. PT-141 has made a huge difference in my marriage life, and I am forever thankful. It is worth every penny too.”

PT-141 (Bremelanotide)
PT-141 (Bremelanotide):A new drug used for Female sexual dysfunction

Risks After using PT-141

Many people who take this drug, experience positive PT-141 results. No wonder they still rely on it to treat sexual dysfunction as well as tan their skin. Although it offers all this, it is essential to know that just like there are PT-141 benefits so are risks.

That doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from the side effects; rather, there is the risk that something unwanted or unexpected may happen. Some may be very mild that you will barely notice. Others go away within the first two hours of its use. Here are some of the side effects that you may suffer from once you use PT-141;

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  • Increased sexual crimes- Some people may take advantage of this drug to engage in sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence. That is because one may not be ready to control their sex desire hence end up committing a sex offense.
  • Sex desire that will not go away- The excessive urge to have sex even after having it is one of the effects that you are likely to suffer from after taking this drug.
  • Immediate flushing after injecting this drug
  • Medical complications, such as high blood pressure
  • Pain at the injection site- Injections is known to cause a little discomfort after administration. That is usually perfectly normal unless the pain becomes severe or the site gets an infection. To avoid such an occurrence, always use a sterile needle to give the injection.
  • Nausea
  • Upper respiratory infection


Having a partner should be all roses, sweethearts, chocolates, and romance. If this is not the situation for you, then you could find yourself getting anxious, especially if you suffer from libido problems. Not only is sex important in a relationship, but it is an integral part of human life. Having a good sex life has proven to improve one’s overall well-being and prevent one from suffering from some diseases too.

If you have felt like your sex life has become boring, and you are gradually losing interest, you need to invest in your sexual pleasure. In your search for something to heat your sex life, you are likely to come across plenty of tips and tricks that may not make any change. By incorporating sex enhancers, you could make sex more comfortable and fun.

Today many over-the-counter sex enhancers in the market promise you an increase in libido and endurance. Most of these are just marketing stunts that sellers use as selling strategies.

In truth, most of these supplements are not medically researched on and what you are told may not be accurate. Before settling for a sex enhancer, you have to go for one that is safe for you, and that is from a trustworthy supplier. Quality should always be a top priority when you decide to stock your drawers withsexual enhancers.

If you are still wondering which sexual enhancer to buy and where to buy it, then we could help you make that decision. We are the best PT-141 manufacturer who will offer you with the best PT-141 for sexual dysfunction. Why not amp up your sex drive today?


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