1. What is Brain Nootropic Enhancer?

Brain nootropic enhancer, such as Choline Alfoscerate, is a drug that some people take for memory improvement and memory alertness boosting. These cognitive enhancers have also been found to have the ability to improve a person’s concertation and energy levels.

Although some brain nootropic enhancers are designed as treatments for conditions like sleepiness and attention disorders, others can be used by healthy people for cognitive performance improvement.


2. Most Trusted Nootropic Supplement

There are many nootropic supplements currently on the market, each providing a specific benefit as far as brain health improvement is concerned. Based on user reviews and recent research, Choline glycerophosphate tops the list of the most trusted nootropic supplements in the market.


Alpha GPC supplement 

Choline glycerophosphate, which is sold under CAS number 28319-77-9, is also referred to as α-GPC or Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is a naturally occurring choline commonly found in the human brain. The water-soluble phospholipid metabolite is also present in some food sources and supplements. Some of the food sources that are rich in this compound are meat products, wheat germ and dairy products.

In the brain, α-GPC contributes to the enhancement of your cognitive ability. The natural compound also increases your energy levels and stimulates growth hormone release in your body.

Considering the crucial function that Choline Alfoscerate plays, it is crucial to ensure you have enough of it in your body. One of the ways to achieve this is by taking the nootropic enhancer supplement. That’s why many reviews reveal that many people who are keen about their mental health buy alpha GPC powder. The powder supplements your diet to help your body maintain sufficient levels of the compound.


3. Alpha GPC Reviews

Here are some of the user reviews we’ve received concerning Alpha GPC:


☆☆☆☆  Jenny from USA

I was introduced to Alpha GPC supplements by a friend when I was experiencing a terrible academic performance due to poor concentration. It was very difficult for me to maintain proper concertation in class as my mind kept on wandering. I had some memory issues too. The cumulative effect of those mental issues culminated in declining academic performance.

I tried various memory-enhancement drugs, but all ended up vain. My education journey was at stake. I was worried but helpless. Although I’m that person who’s used to keeping things to themselves, one day, I decided to open up to one of my buddies. To my surprise, she could relate to what I was going through as her aunt had similar issues some years back.

According to my friend, the aunt regained her mental health after about two years of taking Alpha GPC supplements. I decided to give them a try too. I opted to buy Alpha GPC powder 28319-77-9 and have been taking 600mg of it once daily.

Roughly a year down the line, my journey with Alpha GPC supplement has been worth celebration. Each month I celebrate a great milestone towards regaining my mental health. I can maintain mind concentration for more than 30 minutes continuously. I can remember things better.

I can’t thank my friend Lily for introducing me to Alpha GPC supplement. I’d highly recommend it to someone experiencing similar issues out there.


☆☆☆ Glen from Canada

This is very great stuff. I want to attest this; yes, it works! I have been stacking my Alpha GPC supplements with noopept, caffeine and taurine. I’m now a wolverine, thanks to this super-effective supplement.


☆☆☆☆☆ Christine from Germany

My brain feels incredibly better on this supplement. Previously, I was using some brain boosters that negatively interfered with my creativity, problem-solving potential, focus as well as the flow of clear thoughts. There’s no way I could allow them to continue wreaking havoc with my health.

After weeks of research on the best solution for my cognitive problems, I decided to settle on Alpha GPC. After a week of using the supplement, honestly speaking, I had started to become my earlier smart self. From the many supplements I’ve tried so far, it is the only one that supplies me with enough brainpower every day. Better still, it doesn’t give me any side effects whatsoever. I absolutely love it.


4. Alpha GPC benefits

Alpha GPC benefits are plenty. Among them there are;


 Increased memory performance

Animal model research and human studies conducted within the last three decades show a remarkable influence of Alpha GPC on brain. The administration of the compound to better memory performance.

In the brain, alpha-GPC breaks down into choline and glycerophosphate. Considering that it is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, the choline component of the supplement supports various cognitive functions such as memory encoding, learning ability, concentration as well as the recall ability.

As a result, alpha GPC benefits are common among people with conditions such as dementia. Dementia may be caused by brain damage or even poor blood flow.

Due to the aforementioned alpha GPC mechanism, the impact of Alpha GPC on brain is quite positive. Particularly, the cholinergic compound contributes to brain damage recovery and facilitates better blood flow, thus improving memory function.


 Cognition boost

Amazingly, alpha-GPC is able to penetrate through the barrier separating the blood and the brain, besides the ability to increase choline level. As such, it can play an integral part in acetylcholinesterase inhibition as well as neural plasticity, thus supporting cognitive function.

Various clinical studies have revealed how the impact of Alpha GPC on brain boosts cognitive function. The benefit is especially common among elderly people experiencing usual memory decline due to advanced age. At high doses of about 1,200 mg per day, alpha-GPC has been found to provide remarkable support to human cognitive functions.


 Improved athletic performance

Alpha-GPC is able to improve athletic performance because of its ability to trigger the release of growth hormones and support the burning of fat in the body. Additionally, it also helps muscles to recover after exercises.


 Stroke recovery

Due to its ability to improve cognition in the brain, stroke victims are able to reacquire their mental functions after consistent alpha-GPC uptake


 Radiotherapy shielding

Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy undergo some serious side effects. A-GPC lowers the extent of brain damage caused by the radiation.


 Better focus

For people with attention disorders such as narcolepsy, choline alfoscerate helps them to have better concentration.


 Mood improvement and Energy level boost 

Alpha GPC raises the energy levels bringing about muscle strength.

Mood-related disorders also stand to enjoy some great alpha GPC benefits. Due to its significant influence on cognition, the compound is also able to influence your mood.

α-GPC plays a crucial role neurochemical balance and so, can help in correcting the dysregulation that might occur at the prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum, causing mood disorders.


5. Alpha GPC Dosage

Alpha GPC dosage differs from one person to the next, depending on their objectives of taking it. However, in most cases, the recommended Alpha GPC dosage for an average person ranges from 300 milligrams to 600 milligrams.

However, for athletes, their standard dosage is 600mgs. This is because they are aiming for growth hormone secretion, boosting their energy levels and stronger muscles.

People experiencing cognitive decline symptoms have a different Alpha GPC dosage though. Their dosage is divided into three separate doses of 400mg each, making a total of 1200mgs per day.

Research shows that oral administration of Alpha GPC is most effective when taken at a dosage of around 300miligrams to 600 milligrams. It is advisable for a person taking the supplement for the first time to start with a dosage of 300-600 before taking higher doses.

For adults, the advised cumulative Alpha GPC dosage range in a day is 300-1200mg, preferably taken in one or two doses. Taking the supplement in the recommended doses is crucial for your safety. Besides, the supplement is more effective when proper dosage is adhered to.


6. Alpha GPC Side effects

Although Alpha GPC is mostly safe and well-tolerated, especially among healthy adults, there are a few reported cases of Alpha GPC side effects. Some of the common Alpha GPC side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Illusion of power
  • Increased heart rate
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • dizziness
  • low blood pressure
  • paranoia
  • High body temperature

In most cases, severe Alpha GPC side effects occur when users take high doses of the supplement. This is evident from different Alpha GPC reviews. So, if you are planning to buy alpha GPC powder for own consumption, it’s advisable to remember to start taking a fairly low dose.


7. Why We Need Design Own Nootropic Stack?

Every nootropic provides a unique cognitive enhancing benefit because of its distinct mechanism of action in the brain and body. So, if you want an array of nootropic benefits, it’s advisable that you design a nootropic stack that will provide you with the exact benefits that you are looking for.

Research shows that a combination of nootropics synergizes, multiplies and complements the effects of every nootropic in the nootropic stack.

There are two options for getting a nootropic stack. The first one is to purchase a preformulated stack from a reputable supplement manufacturer or seller. In this case, the product is created by a manufacturer using their own judgment on the best nootropic combo, which is ultimately processed into capsule form.

In most cases, such preformulated are fairly effective. Besides, they save you the weighing and mixing work that’s involved when one is making his/her own nootropic stack.

On the downside, when you go for the “off the shelf” option, you can’t experiment with various dosages of the cognitive enhancing formulation, since the stack is available as capsules. It’s pretty difficult to break the capsules to create other new dosages.

Additionally, you can’t separate the preformulated stack into individual components. Therefore, it’s impossible for you to take individual components separately to test their respective effectiveness on your brain health.

The second option is to get various nootropics separately and design your own nootropic stack. For instance, you can buy alpha GPC powder from an alpha GPC powder supplier and another nootropic for DIY stacking. With the separate components, you can decide to take each of the nootropics at a time to see how it will work on you. After establishing the best for your brain health, and combine two or three of them to form a nootropic stack that will deliver the best-desired results.

Designing your own nootropic stack allows you to be creative and adjust the dosages of the supplementation formula and the quantity of each of the components whichever way you want. You can do that until you achieve the stacking formula that works best for you.

Another reason you should buy alpha GPC powder and other cognitive enhancing supplements separately to customize your own stack is the cheaper price tag. Considering that there are no packaging and marketing costs involved, this option is more economical as compared to purchasing a preformulated stack.

Cheaper price tag and full control are one of the main reasons why most people opt for making their own stacks. The main flaw of creating custom stacks is that most of new users don’t know how to start, what to use, and how big the dose should be.


8. How to Create Nootropic Stack for Beginner?

Although DIY nootropic stack is more pocket-friendly and flexible in experimenting with, some new nootropic users go for preformulated stacks. This is because they aren’t conversant with the procedure of making them on their own. If you are one of them, here are a few simple steps you can follow to create a nootropic stack easily even if you don’t have prior experience.


Step 1: Ask yourself crucial questions such as:
  • What do I want this stack to do?
  • What’s my budget for the stack?
  • At what time and how regularly do I want to take the stack?
  • Must I use this stack for a long time to get the desired results?
  • Am I ready to deal with the possible negative effects of the stack
  • How safe is the stack?


Step 2: Do comprehensive research

Research is the foundation of any successful nootropic stack design. Read comprehensively on popular nootropic supplements such as nootropic enhancer Alpha GPC and any other nootropic enhancer supplement you might be interested in. You need to understand how those supplements you intend to take will work in your body.

When you know how a particular nootropic functions in the human body, you’ll be able to establish which other nootropic will work best with it. It is advisable that you pick a nootropic enhancer supplement with different effects from the primary (the first) nootropic. The two will work differently in your body to offer you a synergistic effect that will boost your memory and brain health to a great extent.


Step 3: Start simple

If you are a beginner nootropic user, it’s advisable to start out with simple nootropics and nootropic enhancers. However, while choosing your stacking components, establish if they function in a way that addresses the issue/issues your trying to solve

When starting to use the stack you’ve chosen, begin with a fairly small dosage to see how your body responds to it. Then, depending on the results you get, you can increase the doses gradually until you establish the best dose for you.


9. Examples: Creating Alpha-GPC Stack


(1)Alpha-GPC(α-GPC) + Caffeine / L-Theanine

Alpha-GPC can be a good brain enhancer and body energy booster but can cause fatigue and dizziness. On the other hand, being a stimulating nootropic, caffeine can lift these Alpha GPC side effects, allowing you to enjoy Alpha GPC benefits to the fullest.

Add about 300milligrams to 600 milligrams of Alpha GPC powder or Alpha GPC capsules to a cup of brewed coffee. Drink this alpha GPC stack in the morning and in the afternoon. For a start, you can take the Alpha GPC stack in the morning for a few days to see how it will work on you. If you observe good results, you can start taking it in the afternoon as well.


(2)Alpha-GPC(Choline Alfoscerate) + Oxiracetam

Just like Nootropic Enhancer Alpha GPC, Oxiracetam supports choline-acetyltransferase mechanism in acetylcholine synthesis. As such, it improves mood, recall, concentration, focus, as well as memory. Therefore, staking Choline Alfoscerate and Oxiracetam provides optimal brain function effects. Besides, Alpha GPC will fight off the headaches that Oxiracetam is likely to bring about.

Take about 200mg to 500 mg of nootropic enhancer Alpha GPC after taking an equal amount of oxiracetam. You can do this staking once a day, preferably in the morning for a start. Then, you can increase the dosage gradually and perhaps add an afternoon dose if the combo turns out to be good for you.

As you consider making an Alpha GPC stack, it’s crucial to ensure that you are sourcing your supplement from a reliable Alpha GPC powder supplier. There are lots of Alpha-GPC sources, both offline and offline. However, make sure that you consider only licensed and reputable Alpha-GPC sources.

After confirming the licensing, find out what other users have to say about the particular Alpha GPC powder supplier you consider purchasing your supplement from. Alpha-GPC sources with many negative user reviews are a red flag.


10. Conclusion 

Considering its rare and mild side effects and unique mechanismAlpha GPC is a safe and very effective body and brain nootropic enhancer. Better still, it has good tolerance among healthy adults. Therefore, if you are looking for a supplement to boost your memory, cognition, mood, focus and physical strength, you can’t go wrong with choline alfoscerate. You can stack it with other nootropics such as caffeine and oxiracetam for better results. Also, alpha GPC reviews suggest the importance of starting with a low alpha GPC dosage to avoid adverse effects.


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