Spermidine powder

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Spermidine is a natural product, chemically classified as a polyamine. The spermidine levels in our body begin to decline with age so it is recommended to replenish them with supplementation. Spermidine ingredients has the potential to stop the natural process of cellular aging and to fight diseases that are associated with aging.
Spermidine is a relatively new ingredient on the supplement market for anti-aging and longevity. Natural spermidine extract powder can be obtained from Wheat Germ, but the spermidine content in it is very low, maybe lower than 0.1% in purity.

What is Spermidine ?

Spermidine is a polyamine compound typically found in ribosomes and living tissues that has various metabolic functions within organisms and plays a critical role in cell function and survival. You’re probably wondering why it’s called that way; well, that’s because the compound was first discovered in a sample of semen in 1687 by the celebrated Dutch microscopist Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, hence the name. However, it’s found in all eukaryotic cells.
Spermidine is created from its precursor, the compound putrescine in the body. Putrescine is the precursor for spermine, another polyamine that’s also important for cellular function. Putrescine and spermidine help facilitate healthy tissue growth and function. How? Polyamines can bind to many different molecules, and there they promote cell growth, DNA stability, cell proliferation, and apoptosis processes. It also appears that polyamines function similarly to growth factors during cell division.

Spermidine and autophagy

Before we dive into some of the interesting research behind spermidine and why some researchers think it might be useful in slowing down aging, we should first take a look at how it is created.
As we know that putrescine allows the creation of spermidine as part of a process in which putrescine breaks down decarboxylated S-adenosylmethionine.
It plays an important role in the regulation of various biological processes, including levels of intracellular pH and the maintenance of cell membrane potential. Spermidine also plays a central role in a number of important biological processes, including aspartate receptors, cGMP/PKG pathway activation, nitric oxide synthase, and cerebral cortex synaptosome activity.
Spermidine is of interest to scientists in the context of aging because it is a key morphogenetic determinant for the lifespan of cells and living tissues [3].
The ability of spermidine to trigger autophagy is thought to be the main mechanism by which it appears to slow down aging and support longevity [4].
It has been demonstrated to induce autophagy in mouse liver cells, worms, yeast and flies [5].
A defective autophagy mechanism and a lack of spermidine are highly correlated with reduced life spans, chronic stress, and acute inflammation.

Spermidine forms and specifications

Other terms referring to spermidine are spermidine trihydrochloride powder, Wheat Germ Extract Powder (Spermidine) 1%.
What is Spermidine trihydrochloride powder?
Spermidine trihydrochloride powder, it is the trihydrochloride form of spermidine. Spermidine base is in liquid form, while Spermidine trihydrochloride is in powder form. Spermidine trihydrochloride is a more stable form because spermidine is very air sensitive. Spermidine trihydrochloride powder benfits are the same with Spermidine benefits.

What is Wheat Germ Extract 1%?
Wheat germ extract contains the largest amounts of Spermidine, it is 1% spermidine contain. The Spermidine in wheat germ is useful in slowing cancer growth and enhances cardiovascular health. It also contains antioxidants and can improve your overall immunity.

How does spermidine work

Spermidine is non-toxic compound. Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine that stimulates cytoprotective autophagy. What makes spermidine ingredients so special is its effect of promoting the natural process of autophagy in the body, which keeps cells fresh and healthy.
Autophagy act as a cellular trash disposal service. This self-cleaning program helps cells by removing everything from damaged or misfolded proteins to whole organelles and then recycles them. This is an important role because damaged cellular materials negatively affect cell health and in severe cases can cause serious damage.
It also protects your cells from harmful compounds like free radicals. Spermidine has anti-aging properties because it enhances cell fitness throughout your body. For example, it improves heart and brain cell health, which lowers the occurrence of age-related diseases. You can increase the Spermidine level that you take in everyday by taking and buying Spermidine supplement powder.

Spermidine sources(What foods are high in spermidine)

Spermidine is found in every cell of the body. The natural product is not actually produced by cells themselves, but by certain enterobacteria. Around one-third of spermidine is produced within the body while the remaining two-thirds, a significant majority, is absorbed from our food.
Spermidine is water-soluble, rinsing in water drastically reduces spermidine in food.
In general:
fruit is low in spermidine,, the winner is mango with 3 mg/100g meat and fish are low in spermidine, the winner is minced beef with 4mg/100g nuts and dried fruit are low in spermidine: the winner are hazelnuts with 2mg/100g vegetables are low in spermidine, the winner is corn with 3mg/100g
24.3 mg/100g Wheat germ
19 mg/100g cheddar cheese
6 – 14 mg/100g peas
19 mg/100g red beans
2- 10 mg/100g broccoli and cauliflower
9 mg/100g Champignons de Paris mushrooms
3 mg/100g mango
3 mg/100g chickpeas
3 mg/100g corn
2 mg/100g celery and melon
2 mg/100g wholegrain bread

While spermidine is available in whole foods, it can also be taken in supplement form – the most effective way of maintaining your spermidine levels. There are many spermidine supplements for sale online, to get the best results, buy the product from qualified Spermidine supplier.
Spermidine supplements have the advantage of containing a controlled quantity of the active ingredient. Natural sources, on the other hand, are subject to a great deal of natural variation. Therefore, a high-quality spermidine trihydrochloride powder is your best choice if you wish to precisely compensate for age-related spermidine decline.

Spermidine benefits

Spermidine anti-aging
Cell aging occurs when the natural process of autophagy, which is the recycling of damaged cells, goes wrong. Spermidine, as an autophagy modulator, can be an effective weapon against aging. Spermidine concentration decreases with age. Taking spermidine supplement powder is associated with aging and reduces the number of free radicals.

Spermidine and Hair growth
Research has shown that using spermidine supplements can promote hair growth. For example, a study of 100 healthy people showed that a spermidine-based dietary supplement prolongs the phase of active hair growth, called the anagen phase. The longer the hair follicle remains in the anagen phase, the longer the hair will grow. Research in test tubes has also shown that spermidine stimulates human hair growth.

Spermidine improves Cardiovascular Health
Spermidine from food sources has been shown to bring out cardioprotective effects through autophagy, according to studies in rats, mice, and humans demonstrating reduced hypertension and arterial aging. Similarly, increased spermidine intake is associated with reduced blood pressure and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, leading to lower mortality in humans.

Spermidine benefits to prevents Cancer
In addition to increasing lifespan, up to 25%, research conducted in mice has shown that spermidine supplementation decreases liver fibrosis and cancer risk, even in subjects exposed to chemicals inducing liver fibrosis. Human observational studies also link the intake of dietary spermidine with decreased risk of colon cancer. When you take Spermidine supplements made with spermidine trihydrochloride powder, you will go a long way in protecting your body from cancer. You can use Spermidine supplements during cancer treatment.

Spermidine may reduce cognitive decline
Research published in 2021 in the journal Cell Reports provides a detailed account of dietary spermidine improving cognition and mitochondrial function in flies and mice, with some prospective human data to top it off [13]. While this study was interesting, it had some limitations, and additional dose-response data is needed before a firm conclusion can be made about benefits to human cognition. Taking spermidine supplement powder may can reverse neuron damages caused by inflammation, oxidative stress, and ischemia.It may can decrease the risk of suffering neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Spermidine and Weight Loss
While spermidine seems to play a role in the formation of fat cells, there is no evidence foods (or supplements) containing this substance promotes weight loss. Likewise, nobody can say if this stuff boosts metabolism either. Human research on weight loss and metabolic rate is lacking.

Spermidine vs NMN

They both are hot ingredients for anti-aging and longevity, but the mechanism of action is different. spermidine ingredients help against aging through autophagy, while NMN powder can have beneficial effects in anti-aging by boosting the NAD+ levels in our body. Spermidine supplementation is a better way to accomplish your goals because autophagy is a natural process that begins to break down and recycle damaged cells.
They are both soluble and stable in water, with high bioavailability.

Spermidine vs Spermine

Spermine is another type of polyamine. Both compounds are related to each other. Spermine is derived from Spermidine and is crucial for cell metabolism in human beings and plants. Taking spermidine supplements made with spermidine trihydrochloride powder ensures that you get spermine benefits too.

Spermidine and the Mitochondria

The mitochondria often called the powerhouse of the cell is a very popular area of anti-aging research. Defects in the mitochondria are thought to contribute to aging. Spermidine is thought to promote mitochondria formation in cells. But again,dose-response data is needed before a firm conclusion can be made about benefits to improve mitochondria function.

Spermidine side effects

No side effects are observed while taking spermidine supplement powder, if you do experience Spermidine side effects, cease taking it immediately and consult your doctor. To buy best spermidine will help to avoid the bad side effects

Spermidine dosage

The optimal spermidine dosage has not been established, although some experiments in older adults show that 1.2 mg of spermidine per day is completely safe.

Spermidine and COVID-19

The mainstay in medical news over the past few years has been the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has had major implications for longevity, health and wellbeing globally. Using supplements to enhance immune function and reduce inflammation became popular during the pandemic as people took autonomy over their own health. Supplements may help prevent and reduce symptoms of respiratory illnesses like the cold and flu. The hope was that this could be transferrable to COVID-19 infection. Considering that a major mechanism affected by spermidine is autophagy, which is part of the immune system clearing away pathogens and regulating inflammation, this hypothesis is not so far-fetched.
Even more to the point, a current study by virologists at the Berliner Charité is exploring the potential of spermidine in connection with the highly charged topic of COVID-19. We know from previous research that the coronavirus changes the entire cell metabolism, resulting in a sharp decline in spermidine levels, among other effects. This in turn inhibits the process of cellular waste disposal (autophagy). In the German study mentioned above, cells infected with coronavirus were treated with spermidine, with the result that the virus multiplication rate decreased by around 85%. An earlier study by Professor Simon of Oxford also indicated that spermidine strengthens the immune system’s antiviral responses. So spermidine has two aces up its sleeve when it comes to fighting coronavirus: (a) restricting virus propagation and (b) strengthening the antiviral immune response. But we still have to wait and see – detailed clinical studies will be required before we can draw any definite conclusions.

Where to buy bulk spermidine?

If you struggle to get enough in your diet you can also get it as a spermidine supplements. The synthetic spermidine used in supplements is identical to the naturally occurring molecule.
You will mostly find wheat germ extract spermidine powder capsules when you try to search spermidine supplements -but these are generally underdosed.  Most don’t even list how much spermidine they have. Phcoker offers bulk spermidine trihydrochloride powder. The best spermidine supplement powder is with high purity and bioavailability.
Our company as a manufacturing factory offers large stock and wholesale pricing about spermidine trihydrochloride powder and Spermidine.


ls spermidine the same as wheat germ?
Spermidine is found in many of the foods that we eat. And in fact, our Wheat Germ Extract Powder (Spermidine) 1% are extracted from wheat germ. However, we often don't get what we need from diet alone, especially as we age and our body needs more nutrients. This is where supplements can step in to help support a healthy body.

ls spermidine safe to take?
Yes, it is a naturally occurring product in the body and part of our natural diet. The data suggests that spermidine supplementation using a spermidine trihydrochloride powder is safe and well-tolerated.

Does cooking destroy spermidine?
In the case of some cooking techniques that involved higher temperatures (53) described that roasting, grilling, or frying produced losses of up to 60% of spermidine and spermine in chicken meat.

when should l take spermidine supplements?
Some experiments showed that 1.2 mg of spermidine per day is completely safe. Whether this is done in the morning, at noon or in the evening, is subject to your personal preferences, but we recommend taking it always at the same time of the day.

ls sperm a spermidine?
Spermidine was first discovered in a sample of semen in 1687 by the celebrated Dutch microscopist Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, hence the name. However, it’s found in all eukaryotic cells. Spermidine contain lower in the Semen.

Should I take spermidine supplements?
Early studies show that a spermidine-rich diet may contribute to a longer lifespan. Taking daily spermidine supplements as you age is a safe way to protect against age-related illnesses and promote holistic health.

Can spermidine revert aging?
External supply of the natural polyamine spermidine can extend life span in model organisms including yeast, nematodes, flies and mice. Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that increased uptake of spermidine with food also reduces overall, cardiovascular and cancer-related mortality in humans.

How much spermidine is in aged cheese?
The more mature the cheese, the more polyamines it contains.
Spermidine is just like that. Mature cheese has an average of 10 mg of spermidine per 100 g of food, according to 2011 analyses. Scientists from Graz therefore attest to the ripened cheese a good effect for the heart, but also point out the high fat content.

Can l take spermidine on an empty stomach?
In any case, we recommend to take the Spermidine during a meal to increase bioavailability.

Can I take spermidine while fasting?
Studies show that spermidine supplements reliably increase autophagy. Spermidine is a powerful way to mimic fasting on days when you want to eat or to enhance your intermittent fast for even more benefits (personally, I use both fasting and spermidine supplements made with spermidine trihydrochloride powder to maintain autophagy).

What is Spermidine 3HCL?
Spermidine is a naturally occurring aliphatic polyamine that is produced in the human body, as well as by some foods. Originally Spermidine ingredients was first isolated from semen, hence the name, however it is now produced synthetically and extracted from foods. Phcoker offer bulk spermidine trihydrochloride powder with wholesale price. We have high quality spermidine trihydrochloride powder for sale.

What is Autophagy?
Autophagy works like a cellular waste recycling program. It helps your cells clean damaged or misfolded proteins and large organelles that can lead to age-related illness, and alters them back into functional cellular parts, resulting in cellular rejuvenation. In many ways autophagy lays the foundation for a long and healthy cellular life. As we age, autophagy begins to slow and eventually stagnates, making us more susceptible to disease. However, we can boost autophagy through fasting or Spermidine supplements.

How to increase your spermidine levels in your body?
Unfortunately, our body accumulates damage as we age, increasing our propensity for disease. Likewise, our natural spermidine levels gradually decline with age. However, this can be rectified by eating foods high in spermidine and taking Spermidine supplements, thus limiting the impact of aging on longevity. While it is generally beneficial to enjoy a varied diet rich in whole foods, the most effective way to attenuate declining spermidine levels is by taking spermidine trihydrochloride powder. Although not monitored by the FDA with the same regularity as pharmaceutical drugs, longevity supplements commonly contain ingredients found naturally in the body and food, so pair high efficacy with low toxicity. Spermidine supplements are available in powder or tablet form and when taken regularly can effectively delay age. A hot topic on the longevity supplement scene, there are several competing brands of spermidine supplements that are all marketed as having anti-aging benefits. Designed to be taken daily to support a healthy lifestyle, the supplements can also be combined with other longevity ingredients like Resveratrol. The best Spermidine supplements is the one made with spermidine trihydrochloride powder. Spermidine trihydrochloride powder is more stable form, always buy spermidine trihydrochloride powder from the real suppliers.


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