1. Yohimbine Tree-History
2. Description–What Is Yohimbine HCL?
3. What Is Yohimbine Used For?
4. Get Health benefits from Yohimbine
5. Yohimbine together with other compounds
6. How should I take yohimbine?
7. Potential dangers of taking Yohimbine
8. Yohimbine user reviews
9. Yohimbine supplements for sale

For a product that has five-star reviews on the treatment of dysfunction and as a weight loss supplement, you can trust in theYohimbine. In this article we will tell you aboutYohimbine benefits, Yohimbine reviews, Yohimbine dosage, Yohimbine usesand all other necessary information regarding this insanely helpful drug.

Yohimbine Tree-History

The history ofYohimbine rises from West Africa where it was used as a traditional aphrodisiac that improved sexual performance. Though the natives used the bark ofYohimbe in numerous ways, its primary use has been in curing impotence in men.The natural remedy was used as medicine where the Yohimbe bark would be crushed and mixed with other herbs to form a powerful plant remedy. It was also known as the “love tree”.


Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale


Description–What Is Yohimbine HCL?

Yohimbine (146-48-5) is a fascinating dietary supplement that has numerous potential benefits where it can help one maintain a healthy weight as well as enhance sexual vitality. Despite having been on the shelves longer than Viagra, it is crucial that you gather all the information there is about the supplement before taking it. Lucky for you, this article embarks on providing you with all the details you need to know. Guide on Ipamorelin Benefits and Ipamorelin Use

Today, yohimbine has found a deserving place as a prescription drug that is used to treat dysfunction. Though most skeptics place it as one of the aphrodisiacs, scientific studies give evidence that shows that yohimbine Hydrochloride (Yohimbine HCL) is one.

Doctors prescribe the standardized forms of yohimbine to patients who need a little help in their sex life.  The modern product contains active ingredients that are extracted from the bark of the evergreen Yohimbe tree. As a prescription drug, it is commonly referred to as yohimbine hydrochloride (CAS 65-19-0) and is said to be an alkaloid. You can also find Yohimbine in tablet and capsule form and is sold as 98% pure powder. Yohimbine is marketed on its ability to treat dysfunction and also to help in weight loss.

The active ingredient in theYohimbe bark is believed to block alpha-2 adrenergic receptors which play a role in inhibiting erections.  It also promotes the release of nitric acid which causes blood vessels to dilate thus increases the blood reaching the sexual organs.

It is also a great fat burning compound especially for eliminating stubborn fats. The product is used to aid in the loss of weight within a short period.  The herbal supplement simply increases the adrenaline levels in the body. It also works against the regulatory process that inhibits fat burning.

What Is Yohimbine Used For?

  • Used to treat Erectile Dysfunction

A failing sex drive can cause a man to lose his self-esteem thus affecting the quality of his life. Prompted by many reasons, this condition affects very many men globally. A large number of people suffering from this condition get caught up in the web of schemers who only rip them off or worsen the situation. However, today there is a natural remedy that allows them to rest easy as it’s not only safe but also effective. Most health food store promotes theYohimbe bark extract as a functional aphrodisiac that boosts sex drive and the remedy to dysfunction.

  • Encourages Weight Loss

Could you walk as fast as you could ten years ago? Run with the same speed as you could a while ago? If your response is no, then you’ve possibly gained some weight. While you may be trying to train and eating right, the Yohimbine results may prove to be better. It is an excellent way of getting rid of the extra weight without having to spend all your time at the gym or starving yourself to death. Yohimbine HCL(65-19-0) can help one achieve and maintain a much healthier weight.  This natural weight loss supplement has alpha-2 adrenergic receptors found in fat cells.  Taking it leads to increased fat and weight loss. When consumed before or during exercise it increases fat breakdown. It also suppresses hunger and appetite and as a result, reduces the level of food consumption. Yohimbine is incorporated into weight loss programs as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine for a more efficient effect.

The advantage of losing weight is that it does not only improve your appearance but also prevents you from conditions like high cholesterol, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many more. Once you take Yohimbine, you now start the journey to a healthier and fitter version of you.


Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale


Get Health benefits from Yohimbine

  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Men who have dysfunction have a tough time in their sexual life — however, the Yohimbe extract deals with this by promoting the flow of blood to the sexual organs. It helps relieve symptoms of dysfunction, increases one’s fertility and also enhances the sexual drive.  So, if you have been experiencing problems in your sexual life, thenyohimbine might be the best solution for you. Though men commonly use the pharmaceutical aphrodisiac, women with low libido levels can also benefit from its use.

  • Boosts blood circulation

If your blood circulation system is slow, then you are probably faced with slow healing rates, low energy levels, and cognitive cloudiness.  In such a case then you probably need a vasodilator. Yohimbe is the perfect vasodilator not only because it’s natural but also because it’s beneficial.  It expands the blood vessels which in turn increases the flow of blood thus delivering the necessary nutrient and oxygen to all the organs and cells. All you need is to add a little amount of yohimbine to your herbal supplement to improve your healing, cognition and improve your energy levels.

  • Reduces Hypertension

When tension in the blood vessels is eased, your cardiovascular health is much better. If your blood vessels are tight and constricted, it means that your heart has to work twice as hard in pumping blood through the body which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This situation can eventually lead to stroke, blocked blood vessels and heart attacks.  When you add yohimbine to your diet, you may be alleviating the chances of coronary heart disease.

  • Weight Loss

Another valuable use of Yohimbe is in its effect when it comes to losing weight.  If you have been working out and are still not able to lose weight then blocking some adrenoreceptors in your body may be the solution to your successful weight loss. Use of the Yohimbine supplement allows for higher levels of norepinephrine which inhibits fat mobilization from happening and also leads to fat breakdown in the body.

  • Improves athletic performance

On top of helping with weight loss,Yohimbe also increases muscle mass and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It helps to increase the amount of energy one uses thus promoting your energy levels.

Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale

  • Relieves Depression

Dopamine is the hormone that helps keep the human brain active and efficient. When the dopamine levels are low one is likely to experience fatigue, mood swings and in the last case leads to depression. Yohimbine features unique properties that are known to increase the dopamine levels thus alleviating the feeling of being miserable.

  • Treats dry Mouth

Yohimbe increases the flow of saliva. If you are taking medication that causes your mouth to be dry, then yohimbine would help you deal with the condition. Dry mouth or xerostomia is a situation whereby the salivary glands are unable to produce enough saliva to keep your mouth wet which is usually a side effect of some specific medication.

  • It decreases blood clotting

Excessive blood clotting can result in heart attacks, kidney failure, and stroke. Studies done have led to the conclusion that yohimbine can reduce blood clotting where it blocks certain adrenoceptors and also works on converting epinephrine into norepinephrine.

  • It reduces anxiety and fear

Dealing with an anxiety disorder can be quite a task. Having a strong feeling of fear even when there is the absence of any danger makes one feel uncomfortable and may be the most frightening moment of your life. At this point, you may not know how to deal with it while any efforts you make may even result in the condition getting worse than before. Yohimbine supplement has proved overcome phobias and panic attacks effectively. It does this by increasing the norepinephrine levels. Once this happens, your mood is uplifted, and the sudden feeling of anxiety and overwhelming fear will not have any place in your life.

Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale

  • It treats type 2 diabetes

It is no secret that diabetes is now one of the most prevalent conditions affecting people in the world. One of the Yohimbine benefits is that it decreases blood glucose and increases insulin levels. It is a great way to treat type 2 diabetes naturally, and studies show that it is as effective as prescribed medication in the treatment of the condition. Even better the Yohimbine weight loss effect improves the blood sugar levels thus keeping type 2 diabetes at bay.

  • Itmay improve cognitive performance

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation that needs better thinking. Perhaps working on a project that requires a lot of thinking, studying for a tough exam or when you are just trying to learn something new. Any tedious task may need some extra focus and intelligence, and that’s where Yohimbine hcl comes in handy. Studies done have shown that Yohimbine makes you smarter and your brain to work more efficiently. As a result, you can tackle any cognitive tasks and even be able to multitask without having to wear out your brain.

  • It improves on your memory

Have you in the past wished that you could improve on your memory? You know that your memory is low when you keep forgetting on the obvious stuff like where you placed your keys or forgetting an answer to a question that you just revised for. As hard as it may appear, you can improve on your memory and reduce on forgetfulness. One of the Yohimbine uses is to help improve on your memory. It does this by increasing the norepinephrine levels. With its constant use, you can always get the most out of your memory and remember almost every segment of information that you need to.

  • It protects the kidneys

Kidneys are a very critical organ in the body that filters waste, i.e. toxins, salt, excess water and gets rid of it. If the waste were left to accumulate, it would negatively affect our bodies. Kidneys also control blood pressure levels and blood acidity. With kidney diseases being on the rise it is good to take care of this organ. For patients who take Yohimbine, it has proved to reduce inflammation and improve how the kidney functions. You could also take Yohimbine and improve on your kidneys’ working capacity.

Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale

  • It may help in the treatment of arthritis

Though many people take it as a normal part of aging, arthritis can be very uncomfortable and even very painful. While it may be frustrating to deal with this condition and the devastating symptoms that come with it, you are not helpless. Yohimbine reduces joint inflammation while at the same time it prevents joint damage and increases the antioxidant levels. The Yohimbine effect may help you live a normal life by keeping your joints in check.

  • It may be used to reduce pain

Pain can happen to any of us at any moment. It could be through illness, accident or injury. Of the many positive Yohimbine reviews that people have given, one of them is its ability to relieve pain. If you are interested in a natural way of reducing pain without having to take synthetic medication or seeing a doctor, then Yohimbine is the way to go.

  • It may help with clonidine overdose

Clonidine is a drug that is prescribed in the treatment of high blood pressure, withdrawal symptoms (from smoking, opioids, and alcohol), anxiety disorders and ADHD. Once overdosed it could lead to nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness. No need for you to get scared; Yohimbine will handle that.

Yohimbine together with other compounds

  • In combination with Naloxone, it helps treat PCOS

Dealing with PCOS can be quite a challenge. From the many painful symptoms to having difficulty while trying to conceive, the condition might make you give up on ever getting well. Because hormonal changes cause it, almost every woman could suffer from it. Fortunately, Yohimbine(65-19-0) can eliminate or minimize the unwanted symptoms caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. And since this condition is linked to other health conditions like endometrial cancer and cardiovascular disease, the faster you take Yohimbine, the quicker you prevent yourself from other complications.

  • Together with Berberine, it prevents organ damage caused by Sepsis

Sepsis is a health condition where tissues get harmed when the body is responding to an infection. Berberine and Yohimbine(65-19-0) prevent the immune cells (neutrophils) from damaging multiple organs and also reduce the inflammatory messenger molecules.


Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale


How should I take yohimbine?

Like all other goods taken into the body, it is good to note that taking too much supplements is not also good for your health. It is therefore crucial that you know the right Yohimbine dosage for you. Traditionally, the bark of the Yohimbe tree is used by drinking a brew that is achieved by boiling strips. In other cases, the bark was crushed and used in powder form. However, today Yohimbine is available in capsule form which is much more convenient. The recommended dose for Yohimbine fat burn is 20mg which are divided into two daily doses for better effect. For dysfunction, one should take as much as 42mg per day.

The supplement yohimbine is said to be much more effective when it is before or during meals since it can potentially cause the insulin levels in the body to increase significantly.  Caution should be taken because different brands contain varying amounts of Yohimbe. It takes close to 45 minutes to absorb and should be used 3 hours before sex.

Who should not take Yohimbine?

Before taking this supplement you ought to ask yourself, is Yohimbine safe for you? Various reasons could make you not fit to take this medication, and they include;

  • A history of heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Mental health conditions
  • Liver disease

Another thing that could make you not be fit for this supplement is pregnancy. In case you are on this supplement and planning to conceive, you should seek the doctor’s advice. Any individual who is under the age of eighteen is asked to refrain from the use of Yohimbine.

Potential dangers of taking Yohimbine

Yohimbine products may cause potential risk due to incorrect labeling. A study done showed that among 49 yohimbine products that were studied only two provided the correct information on the label. The supplements had 0-12.1mg of yohimbine, whereas just a dose of 5.4 mg is recommended.

The actual doses of the products that listed inaccurate quantities ranged from 23%-147% of the amount of Yohimbine that they stated. The disadvantage that comes with this is that you are likely to take a higher dose than you should and this could make you suffer from harmful side effects.

To protect yourself from the Yohimbine dangers, ensure that you buy the supplements from a brand that you can trust in. Also, go for a product that is tested for safety and quality.

Yohimbine Side effects

Generally, with any supplement, there are side effects. The Yohimbine side effects are either severe or mild. Those that have been reported most are high blood pressure, anxiety, increased heart rate, and gastrointestinal distress. The rare side effects include acute kidney injury, seizure, and heart attack.

However, you should note that these side effects were as a result of taking products that contained other ingredients together with Yohimbe and therefore they could have also contributed to the effects. Sarm RAD140 (Testolone) User told: Reviews, Use steps, Risks

Yohimbine is one of the safest supplements but comes with some potential dangers like severe effects and incorrect product labeling.


Yohimbine Uses effects Yohimbine supplements on sale


Yohimbine user reviews

The Yohimbine benefits may sound very good on paper, but you may want to know if it works. Here are some of the Yohimbine reviews that we have gotten from our clients.

Ree says `Being an emotional eater, I have struggled with weight gain. From different diets and supplements to saunas. I had to seek help from a bigger person regarding the eating habit, and fortunately, I got help. What about the weight I had already gained? I needed to lose it like yesterday because none of my clothes looked good on me. I have been combining Yohimbine with working out, and I can’t list all good things I can see in myself. I am down to 130 lbs all the way from 178 lbs. I would advise anyone who would like to shed some weight to try the Yohimbine.’

Yu Yan says, `I bought this product for my husband as his birthday present after reading its benefits on the internet. His energy level and stamina have changed dramatically in and out of bed. Surprisingly his hypertension has reduced too. He keeps thanking me because for the past three months our love life is back to where it was twenty years ago. I will recommend this to everyone.’

Fad says, ‘Never feel like you’re losing your money while buying this supplement. At first, I felt the same but ever since I started using it things are now different. I have realized an increase in the drive for the first time since I got to my 40s. I started feeling the difference after the first week of use, and my libido is now at the peak. What more could I ask for? Thank you Yohimbine.’

Wang says, ` I had lost hope of ever bearing a child. For the past eight years, I have visited many gynecologists in vain until the last one recommended Yohimbine to me. I always envied colleagues who went home early to look after their children. I missed the cries and the laughter that came with having children, and I was almost falling into depression. Yohimbine has brightened up my life, and I can’t trade anything for my daughter Yu. I am now a father and my marriage life is the envy of many. I wish I knew about this miracle supplement eight years ago. It is worth every penny.’

Dr. Khalid says, ` I have been asking most of my patients who suffer from dysfunction to use Yohimbine supplements, and it has not disappointed them. For anyone who is tired of using synthetic medication for the same will appreciate the fact that Yohimbe is natural and its side effects are mild. Additionally, they are chock-full of health benefits and will, therefore, be useful to your body all around.’

Yan says, ` I am very excited about the Yohimbine herb because it is so far the greatest weight loss product I have ever taken. Everyone looks for a clean and natural way to shed the extra pounds should consider going for this.’

Becky says, ` For the whole of this week, my husband has been on this supplement, and the word fabulous is just an understatement. I am 35 and married to a loving husband, but the problem is that work and kids have taken the better part of him. He no longer gets in the mood, and if he does, it doesn’t last long. He takes it before we get intimate and it has worked. I was almost giving up, but this one has turned out to be very helpful. We can now enjoy ourselves as much as we like. I know he’ll be a repeat customer.’

Yohimbine supplements for sale  

Perhaps everyone at one point in life uses one or more supplements. Whether it is for weight loss, increased muscle mass or any other that improves the quality of life. However many will admit that not all supplements are as effective and it goes down to where you bought the supplements? Some may be useless concoctions that will not benefit your body in any way. In today’s market, many suppliers are still selling expired or dangerous counterfeit supplements. The fake supplements masquerade as the real products, and you might fall for the lie only to get duped. Some may not just be fake but may have an ineffective amount of the active ingredient. Even worse some may have none of it.

That is why finding the right seller for your supplements is very important because you will not get ripped off. A legitimate seller or manufacturer is always very responsive to any questions or concerns on matters quality, price or effectiveness. Any uneducated, vague or unrealistic answer about the product should act as a red flag when you are planning to buy supplements. Luckily for you, we can help you get the best supplements when it comes to price, output, and quality.

At Phcoker.com you can easily buy Yohimbine online at a fair price and get it delivered at your location. You don’t have to keep wondering where to buy Yohimbine; we ensure that you enjoy the buying process and get precisely what you ordered for.  So how do you buy from us?

Here are the steps of the online purchase:

  1. Go to Phcoker.com website
  2. Search “Yohimbine(65-19-0)”
  3. Fill and submit the application form for the purchase
  4. You might be requested to fill in a short medical questionnaire; fill it in and submit. Our specialist will review and possibly approve your order.
  5. Once your order is approved, you’ll pay for the product and then wait for Phcoker.com to deliver it to you.

Order from us today and start taking the supplements to enjoy the Yohimbine sex drive, weight loss, and all the health benefits that it comes with.


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