Sunflower powder

October 30, 2020

The sunflower powder (solid beverage) is very rich in contents of amino acid and vitamin E, A, C after extraction and biological enzymolysis. Sunflower powder (solid beverage) is mainly composed of micro-molecules with a relative molecular mass of less than 1000u, which is easy to be absorbed by human bodies and has a high utilization rate.

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Sunflower powder Specifications

Product Name Sunflower powder
Chemical Name N/A
CAS Number N/A
InChIKey N/A
Molecular Formula N/A
Molecular Weight N/A
Monoisotopic Mass N/A
Boiling point  N/A
Freezing Point N/A
Product self life Unopened for 24 months
Color White or light yellow
Solubility  N/A
Storage Temperature  Store at room temperature and should be placed in a cool and dry place.

After opening, be consumed as soon as possible to protect the products from moisture and agglomeration.

Application Food, healthy care supplement, functional food.


What is Sunflower powder?

Sunflower powder (solid beverage) is obtained from sunflower powder, through many processes

such as raw material selection, extraction, biological enzymolysis, drying and packaging, etc.

The sunflower powder (solid beverage) is very rich in contents of amino acid and vitamin E, A, C after extraction and biological enzymolysis. Sunflower powder (solid beverage) is mainly composed of micro-molecules with a relative molecular mass of less than 1000u, which is easy to be absorbed by human bodies and has a high utilization rate.


What are the benefits of Sunflower powder?

 Helps regulate uric acid and get gout improved

Most of the existing drugs for treatment of gout and hyperuricemia are chemical drugs, which have more toxic and side effects. Therefore, more and more researchers are committed to finding natural active substances of good curative effect and low toxicity from natural plants. According to clinical verification of traditional medicine and modern pharmacological research, sunflower has a variety of pharmacological activities. In the study of sunflower extract, it was found that sunflower extract reduces blood uric acid content to a certain extent and has a certain inhibitory effect on the activity of xanthine oxidase in mouse serum.


Get chronic prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia improved

Chronic prostatitis is one of the most common diseases among middle and old aged men. Most of patients have such main symptoms as difficult urination, dripping after urination and soreness of lower limbs. According to medical journal reports, the cure rate reached 80% among 100 aforesaid patients who were treated with flower powder. Prostatic hyperplasia is also a chronic disease peculiar to the elderly men, the incidence of which is as high as more than 75%. After patients consumed flower powder, there is an inhibition in glandular hyperplasia, a shrink in glandular volume, and an improvement in endocrine regulation function.


Get liver funtion improved

Bee pollen has obvious effect on alcoholic cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and repairs liver function as soon as possible.


Effects on the cardiovascular system

 Flower powder is rich in vitamins and some flavonoids compounds, which has good effects on enhancement of capillary strength, and prevention and treatment of capillary permeability disorder, cerebral hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, hypertension, and varicosity.



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