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Soapnut Saponin powder

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Soapnut Saponin powder is a kind of active ingredients which extract from soapnut , the soapnut is a plant on the genus sapindus,native to warm temperate…….


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



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Soapnut Saponin powder Specifications

Product Name Soapnut Saponin powder
Chemical Name Soapnut Saponin, Saponin
Brand Name Soapnut Saponin
Drug Class Whitening peptide,anti-aging peptide
CAS Number N/A
InChIKey N/A
Molecular Formula N/A
Molecular Weight N/A
Monoisotopic Mass N/A
Melting Point  278–280°C
Freezing Point N/A
Biological Half-Life N/A
Color Grey powder or White powder
Solubility  Soluble in water
Storage Temperature  7-10 °C
Application 1.For the preparation of liquid soap, shower gel,shampoo, soap, cosmetics and other wash chemicals;

2.Used as a pesticide emulsifier; kill the effect of cotton aphids,spider mite and sweet potato Jinhua and other insects are better;

3.Solubilizer, as the natural activity of organic pollutants;

4. Sapindus saponins can significantly reduce the volume and concentration of the acid, which has the potential for the treatment of acute gastric ulcer


Soapnut Saponin Powder Description

Soapnut Saponin powder is a kind of active ingredients which extract from soapnut , the soapnut is a plant on the genus sapindus,native to warm temperate to tropical regions in the world.

For the Soapnut Saponin powder contain an natural active ingredients which called saponins, for it has the funcation of Clean up stains,so they have been used for washing in thousands of years by native people in Chinese as well as Americans.Nowdays, it has been used in cusmetics and detergents as well as many other products. For the saponin is 100% natural , and extract from natural products soapnut , and the value of saponin PH is very close to our skin PH value, so when we use it in customics, it is not only can clean up our skin , but also protect our skin. So that is the reason why the Soapnut Saponin powder is more and more popular in the customics area.

♦ Soapnut Saponin powder is often used in bath cream,can remove bacteria and make skin smooth and white.

♦ Soapnut Saponin is often used in shampoo,can dispel effectively dandruffs,ease scalp itching and remove oily scalp.

♦ In cosmetics, when discharge makeup,it can remove eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and powdery bottom.

♦ Soapnut Saponin powder is often used in washing powder and cleaning agent,can dispel besmirch and Kill bacteria.

♦ It is used against asthma, diarrhoea, cholera, verminosis and gastralgia dyspepsia.

♦ It is used in lumbago, hysteria, dyspepsia and worm affection.

♦ Soapnut Saponin powder is used as surfactant and used for washing hairs and fabrics.

♦ Research Information : Sapindus Mukurossi Peel Extract possesses antimicrobial activity. It is effective against both gram ve and gram ve bacteria.



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    Got Soapnut Saponin powder to test, test result show very high quality and purity!

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