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Sheep placenta extract powder

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Sheep placenta is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on these………


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



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Sheep placenta extract Powder Specifications

Product Name Sheep placenta extract powder
Chemical Name Sheep placenta, Sheep placenta extract powder
Sequence N/A
Brand Name Sheep placenta extract
Drug Class Moisturize,whitening,anti-aging peptide
CAS Number N/A
Molecular Formula  C18H35NO
Molecular Weight 281.48
Monoisotopic Mass 281.48g/mol
Melting Point  N/A
Freezing Point N/A
Biological Half-Life N/A
Color Gray fine powder
Solubility  Soluble in water
Storage Temperature  Stored in original and tightly closed containers or bottles at room temperature (not exceeding 25°C).
Application Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair care products, health tonics, and food products other than ritual consumption


Sheep placenta extract Powder Description

Sheep placenta is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on these bio-essentials that new life is developed. Scientific studies found that placenta contains high level of special proteins (placenta proteins), some of them promote cell growth, some of them regulate hormone secretion and some of them strengthen our immune system.

A process for extracting sheep placenta extract powder includes such steps as collecting sheep fetus and/or placenta, washing, sorting, quick freezing, slicing, pulping, hydrolyzing protease for 1-3 hr, filtering with ultrafiltrate membrane, standardizing, loading in bottles, and then low-temp. storing for short period storage, or sterilization by Co-60 radiation for long period storage. Obtained product can be used for biomedicine, health-care food and comsetics.

Function of sheep placenta extract powder:

▪ Rstoring the body after surgery.

▪ Anti-allergy, anti-tumor.

▪ Improving memory.

▪Preventing female infertility, miscarriage, premature.

▪ Increasing male sperm production,

▪ improve infertility (both men and women), ▪ increased sexual function.

▪ Improving the immune system, to postpone the female menopause, menopausal syndrome.

▪ Promoting breast development, postpartum sagging breasts to restore strong, flexible.

▪ Regulating the female endocrine, comprehensive and effective to improve the human skin, beauty, whitening skin, enhance skin elasticity, to dark spots, prevent wrinkles, stretch marks and aging.



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    Got Sheep placenta extract powder to test, test result show very high quality and purity!

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