Raw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6)

December 27, 2018

Magnesium (Mg) plays an essential role in supporting ………

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Raw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6) video


Raw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6) Specifications

Product NameRaw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder
Chemical Name778571-57-6;
Raw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder; L-Threonic acid magnesium salt;
Magnesium L-Threonate; UNII-1Y26ZZ0OTM; Magnesium L-threonate anhydrous.
Brand NameMagnesium L-Threonate
Drug ClassSmart drug
CAS Number778571-57-6
Molecular FormulaC8H14MgO10
Molecular Weight294.495 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass294.044 g/mol
Melting Point No data available
Freezing Point No data available
Biological Half-LifeNo data available
ColorOff-White to white powder
Solubility Good water-solubility
Storage Temperature Stored in a clean, cool, dry area
ApplicationFertilizer,food,feed,medicine,industrial use etc


Raw Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6) Description

Magnesium is one of the greatest deficiencies in the modern western world, which is particularly troubling given the mineral’s involvement in over 300 enzymatic actions in the body. Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium and specifically for improving magnesium levels in the brain.

Developed by a Chinese scientist at UCLA, Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate is a combination of the mineral magnesium with a chelating agent called L-threonate. The latter is helpful for crossing the blood-brain barrier and bioavailability.

These effects combine to provide long and short term memory enhancements, neuroprotective effects combating cognitive decline , can improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6) Mechanism of Action

  • L-Threonate significantly enhances the bioavailability of magnesium
  • Magnesium inhibits the activation of NMDA receptors and blocks calcium channels, decreasing neuronal hyperexcitation and excititoxicity
  • Magnesium can greatly improve both short and long-term memory and delay age-related memory impairment
  • Can have anxiolytic effects and improve sleep quality
  • Improves synaptic activity and plasticity
  • Improves glucose metabolism and energy production
  • May increase cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

Benefits of Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6)

  • Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate improved body magnesium status.
  • Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate improved cognitive abilities
  • Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate reduced fluctuation in cognitive ability
  • Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate reversed clinical measures of brain aging

Recommended Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6) Dosage

The recommend dosage of Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder is 1500mg-2000mg each day (depending on body weight) for 12 weeks.

Side effects of Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate powder (778571-57-6)

The most common side effect associated with Magnesium use is drowsiness, which is why it is best taken at night. Dizziness and headaches are rarely reported, but possible side effects.‍


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