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Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder (66170-10-3)

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Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate (SAP) is a naturally occurring water-soluble………


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder (66170-10-3) video


Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder (66170-10-3) Specifications

Product Name Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder
Chemical Name ▪ sodium ascorbyl phosphate

▪ Sodium ascorbyl monophosphate


▪ L-Ascorbic acid 2-phosphate trisodium salt

Brand Name N/A
Drug Class Skin-Soothing, Vitamins, Antioxidants
CAS Number 66170-10-3
Molecular Formula C6H6Na3O9P
Molecular Weight 322.05
Monoisotopic Mass 321.944252 g/mol
Melting Point  N/A
Freezing Point N/A
Biological Half-Life N/A
Color white to off-white powder
Solubility  Soluble in water (clear solution at 10% concentration), pH 9-10 (3% in water)
Storage Temperature  N/A
Application ▪ Cosmetics whitening additives

▪ Anti-aging.

▪ Treating Natural acne-killer


Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder (66170-10-3) Description

Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate (SAP) is a naturally occurring water-soluble derivative of Vitamin C, it’s more stable and bioavailable than Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Ascorbic Acid (among other Vitamin C derivatives).  It is specifically produced for use as a stabilized source of vitamin C in cosmetic products.  Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate is widely used in skin care recipes for UV protection, collagen production, as an antioxidant and for its skin lightening and brightening effects. For example, these daily cosmetics contain Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate ingredients: Sun protection cream, antiwrinkle products, body lotions, day creams and night creams, and whitening products.

Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder is therefore an effective antioxidant, which is cleaved enzymatically in the skin to release active vitamin C, so that effectively resist ultraviolet radiation and catch the free radical of oxygen, promote the production of the collagen cell. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate also counteracts skin aging in promoting collagen formation and acts on the melanine formation process to prevent hyperpigmentation and senile keratosis. It therefore has skin lightening properties.

In addtion, as an effective water soluble anti-oxidant which is stable in cosmetic formulation. Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder is the perfect completion to Vitamin E Acetate, which is the common oil soluble equivalent. The oil soluble Vitamin E Acetate together with the water soluble Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate powder are the perfect anti-oxidant system in all skin-care formulations which are used against the daily environmental stress for the skin.

Since Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powdert is steady, nonpoisonous, no irritative, it is the fine additive of the modern functional beautiful whitening cosmetics.



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    Got Sodium L-ascorbyl-2-phosphate powder to test, test result show very high quality and purity!

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