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Glabridin powder (59870-68-7)

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Glabridin powder is a prenylated isoflavonoid found in licorice root extract that is reported to possess ……..


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



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Glabridin powder (59870-68-7) Specifications

Product Name Glabridin powder
Chemical Name Glabridin 59870-68-7 UNII-HOC5567T41 CHEBI:5369 HOC5567T41
Brand Name N/A
Drug Class Whitening peptide
CAS Number 59870-68-7
Molecular Formula C20H20O4
Molecular Weight 324.37
Monoisotopic Mass 324.37g/mol
Melting Point  154~155℃
Freezing Point N/A
Biological Half-Life About 10.7 h
Color Yellowish-brown powder
Solubility  DMSO: soluble5mg/mL, clear (warmed)
Storage Temperature  RT
Application Used as an ingredient in cosmetics and is listed in International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).


Glabridin powder (59870-68-7) Description

Glabridin powder is a prenylated isoflavonoid found in licorice root extract that is reported to possess antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antiatherogenic, antioxidant, antitumor, and estrogen-like properties.These diverse biological activities are largely related to the capacity of glabridin powder to down-regulate reactive oxygen species, bind to antioxidant effectors, and act as a selective estrogen receptor modulator.

Glabridin powder is a common skin whitening ingredient. Only 1g Glabridin powder can be extracted from per 500kg licorice root. And its whitening effect is 1000 times that of vitamin C. Therefore, it also enjoys the name of “Whitening Gold”. Glabridin, as a major ingredient of licorice for skin, is mild and non-irritating. Glabridin is recognized as a safe and scientific whitening cosmetic ingredient.

Glabridin powder can penetrate into skin’s inner layer, and exert its high-efficiency whitening activity. It effectively inhibits the activity of various enzymes during melanin production, especially inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Glabridin powder also has effect of preventing rough skin, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Glabridin is recognized as a whitening ingredient with good curative effect and comprehensive functions.



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    Got Glabridin powder to test, test result show very high quality and purity!

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