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Minoxidil powder (38304-91-5)

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Minoxidil powder applied to the scalp is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with a…….


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



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Minoxidil powder (38304-91-5) Specifications

Product Name Minoxidil powder
Chemical Name ▪ minoxidil

▪ Rogaine

▪ Loniten

▪ Regaine

Brand Name Minoxidil
Drug Class Beauty peptide for hair growth
CAS Number 38304-91-5
Molecular Formula C9H15N5O
Molecular Weight 209.25
Monoisotopic Mass 209.25 g/mol
Melting Point  272-274 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Freezing Point N/A
Biological Half-Life 4.2 hour
Color White Crystalline powder
Solubility  Slightly soluble in water, soluble in methanol and in propylene glycol. Soluble in water (2.2 mg/ml), 100% ethanol (29 mg/ml), propylene glycol, acetone, DMSO (6.5 mg/ml), and methanol.
Storage Temperature  Store at RT
Application ▪ Used as an antihypertensive and antialopecia agent. Minoxidil activates ATP-activated K+ channels

▪ Antihypertensive, antialopecia agent

▪ A selective ATP dependent K+ (Kir6) channel activator


Minoxidil powder (38304-91-5) Description

Minoxidil powder applied to the scalp is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with a certain type of baldness. The exact way that this medicine works is not known.If hair growth is going to occur with the use of minoxidil powder, it usually occurs after the medicine has been used for several months and lasts only as long as the medicine continues to be used. Hair loss will begin again within a few months after minoxidil powder treatment is stopped.

Minoxidil powder is an orally administered vasodilator with hair growth stimulatory and antihypertensive effects. Minoxidil is converted into its active metabolite minoxidil sulphate by sulphotransferase enzymes. Minoxidil powder sulphate exerts its antihypertensive effect by opening of plasma membrane adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-sensitive potassium channels (KATP channels), thereby directly and rapidly relaxing arteriolar smooth muscle and subsequent reduction of elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure by decreasing peripheral vascular resistance. This agent’s hair growth stimulatory effect may be mediated through its vasodilatory activity, thereby increasing cutaneous blood flow, or due to its direct stimulatory effect on hair follicle cells and forcing them from their resting phase into their active growth phase.



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    Got Minoxidil powder to test, test result show very high quality and purity!

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