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Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1)

Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1) is an alcohol derivative of fluorene. In the most……..

Status: In Mass Production
Unit: 25kg/Drum
Capacity: 1570kg/month


Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1) video


Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1) Description

Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1) is an alcohol derivative of fluorene. In the most significant isomer, fluoren-9-ol or 9-hydroxyfluorene, the hydroxy group is located on the bridging carbon between the two benzene rings. Hydroxyfluorene can be converted to fluorenone by oxidation. It is a white-cream colored solid at room temperature.

At same time, Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder is a wakefulness-promoting agent, countering sleepiness and inattention. It’s an analogue and pro-drug of modafinil (also known as Provigil) – a compound used by Airforce pilots on long missions to stay awake and alert. Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol) is also a novel eugeroic nootropic that is very similar in action to Modafinil. It was originally developed as a research compound to promote wakefulness and alertness. Due to its reported efficacy as a eugeroic agent, it is becoming popular among advanced nootropics users. Interestingly, users report less stimulating effects than Modafinil, but a greater ability to promote vigilance. Other reported benefits include attentional enhancement, increased motivation, subtle mood boost, improved cognitive function and ability to learn.

Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder (1689-64-1) Specifications

Product Name Raw Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) powder
Chemical Name Hydroxyfluorene;

9-Fluorenol; Fluoren-9-ol; 9-Fluorenyl Alcohol; 9-Hydroxy-9H-fluorene; 9-Hydroxyfluorene;

Brand Name No data for available
Drug Class Aromatics, Environmental, SMART Drugs
CAS Number 1689-64-1
Molecular Formula C13H10O
Molecular Weight 182.222 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 182.22 g/mol
Melting Point  153-156°C
Boiling point 275.62°C (rough estimate)
Biological Half-Life No data for available
Color White to Off-White Solid
Solubility  Chloroform (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
Storage Temperature  Refrigerator
Hydrafinil(9-Fluorenol)Application Used in medicine, health products, food, beverage, cosmetics, biological and chemical reagents and other industries.




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