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Raw Yohimbine powder (146-48-5)

Raw Yohimbine powder is an herbal supplement that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and promote weight loss. The main way that yohimbe………

Status: In Mass Production
Unit: 25kg/Drum
Capacity: 1570kg/month


Raw Yohimbine powder (146-48-5) video


Raw Yohimbine powder (146-48-5) Description

Yohimbe is an herbal supplement that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and promote weight loss. The main way that yohimbe works in the body is through blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. Raw Yohimbine powder blocks alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenoceptors, increasing adrenaline and dopamine and decreasing serotonin levels. Blocking these receptors also increases blood pressure, releases insulin, and decreases blood sugar levels.Raw Yohimbine powder blocks serotonin-1B, -1D,-2A, and -2B (5-HT1B, 5-HT1D, 5-HT2A, and 5-HT2B) receptors, and dopamine-2 and dopamine-3 (D2 and D3) receptors.


Raw Yohimbine powder (146-48-5) Specifications

Product Name Raw Yohimbine powder
Chemical Name D-Raw Yohimbine powder,ALPHA-YOHIMBIN, RAUBASIN
Brand Name Yohimbe, Johimbe
Drug Class Plant alkaloid
CAS Number 146-48-5
Molecular Formula C21H26N2O3
Molecular Weight 354.45
Monoisotopic Mass 354.443
Melting Point  231-233 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point 487.66°C
Biological Half-Life Elimination half-life is approximately 36 minutes.
Color White to off-white powder
Solubility  Soluble in water (10 mg/ml)
Storage Temperature  Refrigerator
Application An α2-adrenoceptor antagonist



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