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Ferulic Acid powder (1135-24-6)

Ferulic acid is a ferulic acid consisting of trans-cinnamic acid bearing methoxy and hydroxy substituents…….


Status: In Mass Production
Synthesized and Customized Available
Capacity: 1277kg/month



Ferulic Acid powder (1135-24-6) video


Ferulic Acid powder (1135-24-6) Specifications

Product Name Ferulic Acid powder
Chemical Name ▪ 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid

▪ trans-4-Hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid

▪3-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)acrylic acid

▪ (E)-Ferulic acid


Brand Name Ferulic Acid
Drug Class whitening,Anti-inflammation
CAS Number 1135-24-6
Molecular Formula C10H10O4
Molecular Weight 194.18
Monoisotopic Mass 194.057909 g/mol
Melting Point  168-172 °C(lit.)
Freezing Point 169-173ºC
Biological Half-Life 8 hours
Color slightly yellow powder
Solubility  Soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, DMSO, and dimethyl formamide (DMF), which should be purged with an inert gas.
Storage Temperature  -20°C Freezer
Application ▪anti-aging

▪skin protection



▪sunscreen enhancer


What is ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid, as mentioned, is an antioxidant. It’s naturally found in the cell wall of plants including bran and certain fruit seeds where it helps to protect and preserve. In the world of skin care, it does just that: protects and preserves. Applied topically, ferulic acid can protect against free radicals and help with skin rejuvenation.

Ferulic acid works well in tandem with other antioxidants like vitamins C and E to stabilize and promote their strengthening qualities and further protect against the harmful effects of free radicals. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, “Ferulic acid alone (and vitamins C and E) provides partial protection but vitamins C, E and ferulic acid [altogether] provide virtually complete protection.

Ferulic acid powder can be taken by mouth as a dietary supplement. Practitioners of alternative medicine believe that doing so can prevent or treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases influenced by oxidative stress.

As a plant-based antioxidant, Ferulic acid neutralizes free radicals (superoxide, nitric oxide and hydroxyl radical) and helps to prevent damage to our cells caused by ultraviolet light. It most often used in anti-aging skin care products and food preservation. Some studies suggest that ferulic acid may be helpful for people with diabetes and pulmonary hypertension. Additionally, it’s sometimes used by the pharmaceutical industry in some medications. More research is being done on other potential uses for this widely available antioxidant, including for Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases.


Ferulic acid benefits ?

  1. Ferulic Acid Inhibit platelet aggregation, increase 3H-5HT releasing from platelet.
  2. Ferulic Acid Inhibit thrombosis, lower blood viscosity, in order to increase brain microcirculation, it can used for curing ischemia palsy.
  3. Ferulic Acid Antioxidation, clear free radical, protective cell, accommodate body immune function.
  4. Ferulic Acid Anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti- mutation, anti- ultraviolet radiation.
  5. Ferulic Acid Enhance human bodys motility of sperm and mobility.


Ferulic acid benefits in skin

  • Sun damage protection
  • Sun damage repair
  • Antioxidant
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Lightening & brightening
  • Anti-androgenetic alopecia
  • Stabilizes l ascorbic acid


Ferulic acid powder uses:

1.As the raw materials of drugs, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;

2.Functional food as capsules or pills;

3.Health products as capsules or pills.


Ferulic acid side effects?

Overall, ferulic acid is safe for most skin types. If you have sensitive skin, though, it’s a good idea to test a small amount of the product ahead of time, just as you would with any new skin care product.

There’s also a possibility of developing an allergic reaction to ferulic acid. This is due to the ingredient it’s derived from. For example, if you have an allergy to bran, then you might be sensitive to ferulic acid derived from this plant source.

You should stop using any product containing ferulic acid if you develop any of the following side effects:

  • redness
  • rash
  • hives
  • itchiness
  • skin peeling



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