Pramiracetam powder is a derivative of the racetam family. Its discovery and existence dates back in the 1970s, thanks to the Parke-Davis Company. What tells this nootropic from other racetams is its molecular structure and high potency.

Over the years, pramiracetam use has been all the rage in the treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological disorders. In the late 80s and early 90s, there were several successful clinical trials, which proved the efficacy of pramiracetam in reversing memory loss.

The legality of this drug is not as stringent as other nootropics. For instance, you can rightfully buy pramiracetam powder and use it without rubbing shoulders with the authorities. Although you cannot purchase the product in Canada, you can lawfully import it for personal use. In Europe, pramiracetam powder is only available under valid prescription for managing dyslexia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD.


Why Pramiracetam is So Popular?

Pramiracetam use is popular in the nootropics realm due to its potency. It is 30 times more effective than piracetam. The drug works magically even with the smallest dose. It is highly bioavailable with a relatively long half-life.

The fact that you may not feel any side effects make the pramiracetam experience worthwhile. The drug is not addictive at all. It is safe and well-tolerated in the human body. There are successful human trials that vouch for the efficacy of this nootropic. Besides, it stacks well with most racetams and other nootropics powder.

Another plus of pramiracetam is that obtaining is more like purchasing a pair of sneakers. There are no strict laws that require you to have a prescription, especially in the US.


How Does Pramiracetam Work?

Pramiracetam fat-soluble nootropic enters the bloodstream through fatty acids. It has a high bioavailability and it will reach the peak concentration in about 30 minutes.

This smart drug causes an increase in choline uptake in the hippocampus. Therefore, it indirectly regulates the release of acetylcholine (ACh), which is responsible for several brain functions.

ACh is responsible for the formation and retention of long-term memory. Besides, the neurotransmitter leads to an increase in cerebral blood flow, a factor that improves cognition.


What is the Use of Pramiracetam?

In Europe, Pramiracetam use is permissible in the treatment of dementia. This neuroprotective smart drug is efficient in enhancing long-term memory and boosting cognitive functions. In the US and Canada, students buy pramiracetam powder for off-label use as a study drug when boning up for a major exam.

Since its development in 1979, Pramiracetam has been a prescription drug to patients with neurodegenerative diseases and brain traumas. Its target market was majorly the elderly but healthy people have joined in the pramiracetam experience, especially for boosting their productivity in their studies and businesses.


The Effects & Benefits of Pramiracetam

Improves Memory

Pramiracetam promotes reference memory. Scientists have not only tested these nootropics on murine models but also human subjects.

The drug works by stimulating the hippocampus to create new memories, retain the old ones, and reduce forgetfulness. Most students take bliss in the pramiracetam experience to boost their memory when studying for exams.


Management of Cognitive Diseases

There have been several clinical trials that prove the efficiency of Pramiracetam powder in curbing degenerative diseases.

Pramiracetam benefits patients with dementia by reversing amnesia and enhancing recollection. In Europe, for example, the smart drug is a legal prescription for managing Alzheimer’s disease.



Taking pramiracetam capsules will protect your neurons. The nootropic reverses cognitive disorders to patients who have suffered from brain trauma of cerebrovascular origin. What’s more, it reduces cognitive decline that may occur due to exposure to amnesic drugs like scopolamine.


High Learning Capacity

Several studies confirm that taking pramiracetam nootropic drugs will enhance spatial learning. It is a cognitive enhancer that will make you grasp things with ease.

The nootropic bumps up the activity of nitric oxide synthase in the hippocampus. This neurotransmitter alleviates cognitive disorders and it plays a significant role in learning and memory. It works by increasing the supply of blood to the brain, hence, modulating the neuronal activities.

Pramiracetam benefits the central nervous system by stepping up the production of acetylcholine, which also has a hand in learning. Besides, you will have a sharp, attentiveness, and alertness.


The Recommended Pramiracetam Powder Dosage When Used Alone

A typical daily pramiracetam dosage lies between 400mg and 600mg. In the existing clinical studies, the subjects would take up to 1200mg of the smart drug, preferably after meals.

Since pramiracetam powder has a slightly longer half-life, you can split the dosage into two. This measure is quite an advantage to the pharmacophobic group. Three doses per day can be an ultimate option but you have to make sure that you schedule your prescription a couple of hours before going to bed. You don’t want to mess up with your circadian rhythm.

You can buy Pramiracetam in capsule or pill form. The powder is fat-soluble, hence, it won’t be a good idea to add it in your drink. Alternatively, you can dissolve it in coconut oil or any other lipids. If you are bothered by pungent flavor, you should opt for the pramiracetam capsules.

As a newbie, ensure to start from the lowest possible dose as you monitor your body for tolerance and effects. Thereafter, you can adjust the dosage to your preference and even add some pramiracetam stacks.


Pramiracetam Side Effects You Should Know

Unlike other racetams, Pramiracetam side effects are infrequent. Your body can tolerate the supplement regardless of the dose.

You might experience transitory symptoms like pramiracetam headache, dizziness, insomnia, gastrointestinal distress, or agitation. However, you can avoid the adverse side effects by reducing the pramiracetam dosage. If you’re having frequent headaches, you might need to stack with choline.


Pramiracetam VS Piracetam

Piracetam is the predecessor of all other nootropics in the racetam family with its inception dating back to the early 1970s. Conversely, pramiracetam is a derivative of the smart drug.

These two racetams have similar effects. However, they differ with their molecular structure and potency. For instance, pramiracetam  smart drug is up to 30 times potent and more efficient than its precursor. What’s more, the nootropic has higher bioavailability.


Pramiracetam Stack Advice

Pramiracetam potentiates the effects of other nootropics. It is a potent drug per se but you can stack it with other racetams and cholinergic supplements.

If you’re new into the nootropics domain, you should not be in haste to try any pramiracetam stack. After all, this smart drug still works efficiently as a stand-alone substance. Once your system can withstand the effects of pramiracetam, you will be free to combine it with other nootropics.

Cholinergic supplements are ideal in this stacking as they remediate pramiracetam headaches.


Pramiracetam and Oxiracetam Stack

This stack will undoubtedly double up your ability to focus, stay alert, and hark back to your past.

For each unit of oxiracetam, you will have to take four units of pramiracetam capsules. Take, for example, if your stack includes 800mg of pramiracetam dosage, you have to incorporate 200mg of oxiracetam.

  • Daily Dose
  • 200mg of oxiracetam
  • 800mg of pramiracetam
  • 300mg of choline


Pramiracetam and Aniracetam Stack

Besides stimulating the brain functionality, these two racetams will ward off anxiety, negativity, and depression.

Aniracetam has a short half-life compared to its counterpart. Therefore, it will kick in time and start acting before you can experience the pramiracetam benefits. Stacking these two will also prevent you from developing tolerance to one nootropic.

For each pramiracetam dosage, you will require about 600mg of aniracetam.

  • Daily Dose
  • 600mg aniracetam
  • 400mg pramiracetam
  • 300mg choline


Pramiracetam and Alpha GPC stack

This pramiracetam stack is the ultimate source of acetylcholine. Not only does it boost the brain functions but it also improves memory. The plus of Alpha GPC is that it is highly bioavailable as it efficiently crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Supplementing with GPC choline remedies some of the Pramiracetam side effects like headaches. Besides, it rejuvenates the neurons, repairs worn-out cell membranes, and synthesizes acetylcholine, which is a significant neurotransmitter responsible for memory.

For your daily dose, you’ll need about 400mg of Alpha GPC supplement.

  • Daily Dose
  • 400mg Alpha GPC supplement
  • 400mg pramiracetam


Pramiracetam coluracetam stack

Coluracetam relaxes your mind, enhances meditation, and restores long-term memory. It enhances the uptake of choline in the neuronal cells. What’s more, the supplement is good for eyesight as it repairs the optical nerves and retinal damage.

For your pramiracetam stack, a 30mg of coluracetam is sufficient.

  • Daily Dose
  • 30mg of coluracetam
  • 400mg of pramiracetam
  • 300mg choline


How and where to buy pramiracetam powder?

You can buy nootropics pramiracetam in powder, capsule, or pill form. The smart drug has not received valid approval by the FDA but you can still rummage for it on virtual stores. There are several black markets around and so, you need to make sure that you fall for a reputable online seller.

You can bank on us for your order because we have a proven track record of selling legitimate nootropics. We carry out independent laboratory testing on all our products before marketing them to our esteemed clients.

In case you are wondering why pramiracetam capsules are pricey than other racetams, I’ll give you the reason. Synthesizing this substance is close to a Greek puzzle. The process is more complex than it is during the synthesis of most nootropics.



Nootropics pramiracetam is a potent smart drug for expanding your learning capacity. It is a good choice for both the elderly and the healthy people who want to focus, stay alert, and have mental stability in their daily tasks. The supplement helps patients with neurodegenerative conditions to retrieve their lost memory and maintain every detail.

All nootropics have undergone preclinical trials but pramiracetam is among the few that have been tried on human subjects. From the various research studies, it is quite evident that the drug is safe for consumption and well-tolerable in the body.

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