Everything about Oxytocin Acetate

1. What is Oxytocin Acetate?
2. Oxytocin Acetate Mechanism of action
3. Is Oxytocin only useful in women?
4. Oxytocin Acetate benefits
5. Oxytocin side effects
6. Is Oxytocin safe for you?
7. Other drugs that may affect Oxytocin Acetate
8. Oxytocin Acetate mode of administration and dosage
9. Reviews
10. Where can I get Oxytocin Acetate?
11. Conclusion


For a hormone that plays a significant role in pregnancy, birth, and emotional bonding, Oxytocin Acetate is the real deal. This article will shed some light of the Oxytocin benefits, side effects, and where you can buy it.

1. What is Oxytocin Acetate? phcoker

With scientists putting more effort to learn about the human body, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are hormones such as oxytocin acetate that affect one’s feelings towards the other. Love has been known to be a very significant factor that affects one’s behavior towards something or someone. Interestingly, all this is triggered by a single, naturally occurring hormone that influences all emotions and impulses.

Commonly known as the cuddle chemical or the love hormone, Oxytocin is ranked as one of the most potent drugs that enhance emotions. Oxytocin is a drug and a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus and secreted into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland. Its secretion is influenced by the electrical activity of the neurons found in the hypothalamus. For instance, once the cells in the hypothalamus are excited, Oxytocin is produced and vice versa.

2. Oxytocin Acetate Mechanism of action phcoker

(1) Oxytocin and Emotions

Researchers have established that oxytocin acetate is useful during moments of pleasure. Even naturally, this hormone is found in abundance during moments such as getting a hug from a soul mate, the first touch between two people of the different or same gender who are attracted to each other. Oxytocin creates a sense of pleasure and therefore creates a feeling of repeating the actions of pleasure. It is further involved in alteration of brain signals that control the expression of non-verbal cues such as facial expressions. This process, perhaps, happens through changing of the amygdala signals that processes the emotional stimuli.

(2) Oxytocin and Labour

Oxytocin contributes to the mechanism of labor by interacting with other factors. It plays a role in the inception and completion of labor in humans. During the expulsion of the baby, the levels of oxytocin increase significantly. Further, there is a notable surge in oxytocin levels to be responsible for pulsatile and contractile changes in women.  The oxytocin that is produced locally in the placenta is responsible for the mechanism of labor. The receptors on which oxytocin work are also up-regulated during labor.

Moreover, the sensitivity of these receptors is increased in labor occurring before or at term. For there to be coordinated contractile effects of the muscles in the uterus, there is the formation of gaps among the uterine cells. These gap junctions are formed by connexin protein. Oxytocin increases the number of these proteins, thereby up-regulating the number of gap junctions (34/35).

During the inception of labor, the levels of progesterone fall and the oxytocin acetate increase the dilation of the cervix.  The dilatational effect causes more pain during labor and therefore stimulates the body to release more oxytocin, which in turn causes more dilatation and pain, and the vicious cycle is set in to cause the birth of a child.

(3) Oxytocin and milk let-down

After childbirth, the next natural thing to occur is breastfeeding, an act that cannot happen in the absence of oxytocin. The suckling action of the child sensitizes the nipples of the mothers in post-partum. Once this sensitization occurs, the signals are sent to the hypothalamus of the brain to release the oxytocin. This action creates a surge of oxytocin in the appropriate environment. The oxytocin travels in circulation and causes the contractile muscles of the alveoli of the breasts to release the milk in a process termed as “Milk let-down.“

3. Is Oxytocin only useful in women? phcoker

One of the most common questions that people ask is whether the Oxytocin supplement is only beneficial to women. In short, the answer is no. The explanation given will help you understand why we recommend the intake of Oxytocin Acetate for both genders.

(1) Oxytocin in women

This hormone is very crucial in women because it plays a significant role in nursing and the birth process. During labor, it causes uterine contractions and helps the uterus shrink after one has delivered. When a baby is suckling, the release of Oxytocin is stimulated, which in turn leads to the body allowing the flow of milk for the baby. Additionally, Oxytocin plays a significant role in strengthening the mother-child bond.

(2) Oxytocin in men

Just like in women, Oxytocin promotes bonding in men. In research done on fathers who had five months babies, there was an increase in the play activity that the fathers and the babies were engaged in after getting an Oxytocin boost through a nasal spray. Those that did not get the Oxytocin zap did not seem to play closely with their babies as compared to those that used it.

In another study done, Oxytocin proved to be a fidelity booster because it made men who were in relationships stand farther away from attractive women compared to those who were not on Oxytocin. There was no difference noted on single men, and it was assumed that this was because they had not bonded with any woman.

Oxytocin Acetate leads to an antisocial effect on people that one may think that they are not part of their in-group. That was observed when Dutch students were administered with the drug and seemed to be more positive with fictional Dutch characters as compared to other characters with German or Arab names; it was therefore concluded that Oxytocin affects ones social bonding by strengthening it when one perceives the other as being part of them.

Oxytocin Acetate

4. Oxytocin Acetate benefits phcoker

  • It is an anti-inflammatory

Oxytocin may be one of the effective anti-inflammatory drugs in existence. It works by decreasing specific cytokines, which in turn help in wound healing in case one is suffering from one.

  • Oxytocin solidifies relationships

Oxytocin Acetate levels are known to affect how connected you feel with your loved ones as well as how satisfied you feel while around them. Once there is a troubled relationship, you are most likely going to undergo obsession and emotional highs and lows. The good news is that one of the Oxytocin Acetate effects is that it causes a more connected relationship.

  • It promotes attachment

It’s interesting how Oxytocin Acetate enhances attachment. A study done on pregnant women showed that those with higher levels of oxytocin during their first three months of pregnancy bonded so well once the babies were born. Those that had high levels throughout the pregnancy and during the first month after delivery engaged more in behaviors like singing and bathing the infants in ways that showed more affection and stronger bonds.

  • Acts as an amplifier for emotional memories

Those fond memories that you have in the past shared with your mother or with your best friend should never be forgotten. That is because it is what that gives you a sense of wellbeing. Use of Oxytocin could intensify the fond memories that one shares with another person.

A study done on men showed that Oxytocin use helped them remember the positive memories they shared with their mothers. On the downside, this could bring back negative memories like those of being bullied as a child. Consequently, the stress levels could go up and even the need to avenge.

  • It helps a mom be a mom

As mentioned earlier, Oxytocin assists in the separation of the placenta and also in keeping the uterus contracted hence reducing bleeding. Also, it allows for the ejection of milk from the ducts, thus facilitating breastfeeding.

Furthermore, after giving birth, Oxytocin helps to enhance the intimacy between the child and the mother through the gentle touches and even by a mere gaze, not forgetting that dads on Oxytocin enjoy the company of their children more and are less likely to be hostile.

  • Increases generosity

Does sacrificing something that means a lot to you for someone else feel like getting blood out of a stone? Well, if you want something to make you more generous and turn you into a giver, then you should know that that’s just what Oxytocin does.

It could either affect you negatively or positively, but the thing is that Oxytocin will increase the empathy you feel towards others hence making you give or share things, sometimes at a personal cost.

  • Oxytocin Acetate as a supplement

Sometimes the Oxytocin level in the body could be low, and there will be implications. For a nursing mother, this could mean that there will be the prevention of the milk-ejection reflex hence little or no breastfeeding.

Low Oxytocin levels are known to lead to autism and autistic spectrum disorders like Asperger syndrome. These conditions are characterized by poor social functioning. By supplementing the Oxytocin in the body, you could get a breakthrough in the treatment of these conditions. Moreover, giving your natural Oxytocin stores a little boost could play a significant role in the treatment of depressive disorders.

  • As a sexual feelings booster

Although sex has been said to be an integral part of any relationship, it still could be a challenge to some. Lack of good quality sex could lead to having a bad relationship, and no wonder every couple should be on the lookout for something that will fire up their libido.

Fortunately, Oxytocin helps improve on your sagging libido hence allowing you to enjoy more quality sex with your partner. In men, it increases the capacity and gives one pleasant contentment during an orgasm since this is the moment when it is released in loads. It is also known to make a man more affectionate towards his woman through the promotion of man’s nurturing behavior.

There will be no more excuses why you shouldn’t have sex with your loved one once you are on Oxytocin Acetate (50-56-6); This drug will improve your sex drive by giving you the sexual appetite you’ve been looking for.

  • It eases stress

We all know what constant worry is capable of; it will rob your peace of mind, rob you of sleep, give you wrinkles, and ensure that it poisons your moments. In case this is happening to you, then you should know that there is a way to relieve stress.

By merely taking Oxytocin Acetate, you can siphon stress out of your life. That is because it evokes the feeling of contentment, reduces anxiety, and keeps you calm, especially when you are in the company of a friend.

Regardless of what is eating you up; financial pressures, family disputes, or emotional demands, you can generate some inner peace with the use of Oxytocin supplement.

  • Weight management

If you have looked in the mirror or weighed yourself and wondered what to do about the much weight you are putting on, then you should consider using Oxytocin. Making other lifestyle changes may seem futile, but Oxytocin use is the ideal solution when it comes to reducing weight.

It acts as an appetite suppressant through the Oxytocin neurons in the hypothalamus. If one does not have sufficient Oxytocin neurons, they are likely to suffer from uncontrollable feeding, which will lead to obesity.

What makes it an excellent choice in weight management is that it causes few Oxytocin Acetate side effects and comes with a vast array of benefits on weight matters.

  • Medication for migraines

Having constant, throbbing pains on your head can be stressful. It could affect your life to the point that you can no longer undertake your daily activities usually. That could weigh you down, especially when you do not have the right treatment and do not know how you could alleviate or ease the pain. Oxytocin use is one of the effective ways you could minimize your migraines and get some relief.

Half of the patients administered with Oxytocin Acetate as a treatment for migraines reported that the pain reduced by half while a quarter of the others said that they no longer suffered from the migraines after four hours of its use.

  • Addiction or substance use disorder

Addiction may seem complicated, but there are ways that one could fight the addiction and overcome the compulsive drug seeking tendency. Oxytocin Acetate is beneficial to recovering alcoholics, opiates, or heroin users because it reduces anxiety. It may also assist in reducing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and other addictive substances.

  • It improves social skills

A study done on people who have autism showed that inhaling Oxytocin Acetate enhanced the way they interacted with one another. It was therefore concluded that those who suffered from it had low levels of Oxytocin. Oxytocin, thus, helps in dealing with difficulties in communication as well as in building social relationships. Also, it helps reduce the fear towards others, especially in autistic individuals.

  • It triggers protective instincts

Oxytocin use is known to bring out the protective instinct in someone hence making one overprotective to those in their `in groups`. For example, a soldier on Oxytocin will protect his/her country by all means in case of a battle because he feels some attachment towards his fellow citizens.

  • It induces sleep

Insomnia is one of the most prevalent disorders that affect people of all ages, not forgetting the seniors. It may sound like not much of a problem, but once you do not have enough sleep for over two weeks, you will most likely feel tired, disoriented.

Anyone who spends the whole night tossing and turning should give Oxytocin Acetate a try. That is because one of the Oxytocin Acetate effects is to help you get some sleep. Oxytocin counters the cortisol effect hence giving a calming effect that will undoubtedly give you some slumber. With its use, you will have no trouble catching some sleep once you hit the pillow at night.

Oxytocin Acetate

5. Oxytocin side effects phcoker

As much as Oxytocin comes with several benefits, it has a few risks too. For instance, it may enhance bonding and the formation of communities; it could also lead to the creation of in-groups and out-groups that, in turn, leads to prejudice, and envy.

In some cases, it has promoted dishonesty, especially when the lie benefitted the group that the liar belongs to.

Medically, Oxytocin use could cause the following side effects;

  • Abnormal heartbeats
  • Bleeding after childbirth
  • Allergic reactions
  • Nausea

6. Is Oxytocin safe for you? phcoker

You should avoid taking this medication if you know that you are allergic to it. To be sure that you are safe to take it, tell the doctor if you suffer from any of the following conditions;

  • If you are not more than thirty-seven weeks pregnant
  • You have had surgery on your uterus or cervix (this includes a prior C-section
  • Have had a difficult labor due to the small pelvis
  • Have had five or more pregnancies
  • A severe uterus infection
  • Cervical cancer
  • A heart rhythm disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Genital herpes

You ought to notify your doctor if you are breastfeeding.

7. Other drugs that may affect Oxytocin Acetate phcoker

Some of the medication that you are on may affect the effectiveness of Oxytocin in your body or cause an allergic reaction. As a result, you may have to discontinue their use if you are planning to use Oxytocin. They include;

  • Medicine that has caffeine as an ingredient such as migraine headache drugs
  • Cough or cold medicines that contain a decongestant, i.e., pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine
  • Stimulant medications, e.g., those used to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), including Stratella, Ritalin, Daytrana, Concerta, Adderall, and others.

8. Oxytocin Acetate mode of administration and dosage phcoker

Today, there are many ways that you would prefer to have your Oxytocin Acetate. Here are a few;

 Oxytocin injection

Often, people prefer to have Oxytocin injections because they term them to be more effective. Expectant women mostly use it as a way of beginning and improving contractions during labor. It could also be used to terminate the pregnancy.

Since injections could come with lots of side effects, one is advised to practice extra caution when using them.

 Oxytocin pills

It is the most familiar way that many people prefer to have their Oxytocin.

 Oxytocin nasal sprays

Unlike the Oxytocin injection and Oxytocin pill, the oxytocin nasal spray works faster because it moves swiftly through the bloodstream to the brain. Mostly, the nasal spray is used on patients who suffer from mental issues.

 Oxytocin Spray

The advantage that comes with this spray is that you could use it like any other body spray. You only need to apply it in the area that is most convenient with you, and you reap the benefits. For instance, some people would prefer using it around the neck area and collar while others may prefer spraying it on their pillows, blankets, scarves, and clothing.

In all, it works magic, especially in building trust and creating stronger bonds with others.

 Oxytocin necklace

Many of us love to wear jewelry, and the good news is that you could have a variety of them made from Oxytocin. Nowadays, lots of online shops are offering oxytocin necklace in a variety of different patterns. Even more, you can choose the length and the material you want it made from, i.e., platinum, gold, or silver.

 Oxytocin Antidote

The antidote is administered intravenously into the system in controlled dosages. For example, when the aim is to induce labor, an IV infusion of up to 2milliunits per minute is given at sixty minutes intervals.

The Oxytocin Antidote is powerful and could cause death once ingested. It is also useful in the management of Autism.

 Oxytocin Tattoo

Ever thought that you could have a molecule tattooed on you so you could have a little extra when you’re feeling moody? If that’s the case, then having an Oxytocin tattoo should be in your bucket list. It is a perfect way to reduce depression, pain, and social fears, and most importantly, your friends will appreciate you for the increased generosity.

 Oxytocin Supplement

The Oxytocin supplement is an over the counter drug that is often used to increase sexual pleasure and interest. It is also used in weight management as well as increasing the milk flow during lactation.

Oxytocin Acetate

9. Reviews phcoker

 It has cured my depression

George says, “As a man who has struggled with depression for almost ten years, I would say that this drug is magical. It was commended to me by two colleagues who have also been battling depression. Before using it, I had used all sorts of medication and tried many doctors and therapists, and none seemed to work. Everything has, however, changed. I now enjoy the company of my wife and children, unlike when I loved to stay alone. Well, I feel like I am completely cured because I never feel the sadness that I used to. My energy, confidence, and happiness are back; thanks to Oxytocin Acetate.”

 Best choice for sex and foreplay booster

Terry says, “Would you want to improve your relationship? Is your sex life getting boring? If you have tried making your foreplay fun but have failed because you no longer feel much affection towards your partner, then you should try this. Oxytocin is an excellent buy that has given my sex life a complete turn-around. My husband and I now feel thirty years younger and enjoy every bit of our love making sessions. I recommend it.”

 Best pain reliever

Jonathan says, “I am now used to taking this, and I don’t think I would trade it for anything. Since I discovered that it helps with migraines, it has become my go-to drug. I no longer have to suffer the pain all day. Oxytocin Acetate got me!”

10. Where can I get Oxytocin Acetate? phcoker

Do you feel like there is a need to increase your Oxytocin levels? Would you want to have a better mood and forget about your worries and stress? Have you spotted someone special and feel like you want to spend every moment with them? But you have sometimes felt like the bond is not as strong.

As seen in the article, Oxytocin Acetate is the greatest weapon you could use to ensure that you now start making good memories by having excellent dinner, movie, and sex dates as you spend quality time together. But you don’t want to walk into a store and ask for Oxytocin supplement without considering some factors like pricing and quality. So where do you get your Oxytocin Acetate (50-56-6)?

With the supplement industry growing every day, there is the likelihood of some sellers not delivering what you ordered for. The unfortunate certainty is that you may get duped only to buy Oxytocin Acetate that will not deliver in terms of its effectiveness and safety. The only way to prevent you from purchasing a product that may be loaded with fillers is to get an Oxytocin Acetate supplier that you can trust in.

We are a reliable Oxytocin Acetate manufacturer who will provide you with quality Oxytocin Acetate for sale as well as that for your personal use. Our Oxytocin price is friendly, and you could inbox us for any queries that you may have.

11. Conclusion phcoker

It is clear that Oxytocin is what makes us human. We wouldn’t have emotions without it, and that’s what makes us who we are. The ability to socialize, care, and spread love to others would not exist.

Oxytocin has proved to be an effective drug not only to those suffering from depression but to anyone who wants to improve socially. Business managers, employees, and salespeople who have been on Oxytocin have reported losing more deals than they did before.

You also notice that Oxytocin Acetate is used to treat various conditions that affect our wellbeing. So what could you be waiting for? Order for it and enjoy being wholly human.


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