What is BPC-157(137525-51-0)?

BPC-157, also called PL 14736, PL 10, and PLD-116, is one of many peptides available on the supplement market. However, what sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it’s extracted from a gastrointestinal protective protein.

BPC-157 is a pentadecapeptide which is a composition of 15 amino acids found in human gastric juice. It has been discovered that BPC-157 plays a significant role when it comes to healing various wounds suffered by the body but mostly it has shown noticeable results in healing tendon. This is a protein booster that was initially made to help with inflammatory bowel disease as well as gastric ulcers. However, with consistent research it has been established that the healing properties of BPC-157 are not limited and they can also help with intestinal re-sectioning in addition to reattaching muscle to tendon.

Although additional research needs to be conducted in order to confirm BPC-157’s ability to heal multiple levels of the body, there’s enough evidence to confirm that it has a positive effect on angiogenesis growth factors. Angiogenesis refers to the process through which blood vessels are developed in the body and it plays an important role in healing damaged tissue.


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What does BPC-157 work on body?

Research on BPC-157(137525-51-0) has been on-going since 1991 and results thereof indicate that the peptide has the ability to repair damaged teeth, bones, muscles, tendons, and even intestines. This data is based on in-vitro lab tests as well as in-vivo studies conducted on both rodents and humans. Some of the human trials involved injecting the peptide under the skin (subcutaneously) and into the muscles (intramuscularly).

Scientists recognize BPC-157 as a “stable gastric pentadecapeptide”, due to its ability to bring equilibrium to human gastric juice. It has also been shown to treat ulcers, heal inflammatory bowel disease as well as the upper and lower GI tract with remarkable efficiency. The best part is that BPC-157 doesn’t come with any adverse side-effects!

The abovementioned studies all indicate that BPC-157 works great when it comes to fast-tracking wound healing. Through its positive interaction with the Nitric Oxide (NO) system, BPC-157 helps heal wounds by building up the blood vessels and protecting the endothelial tissue. It also promotes gene expression while specifically targeting genes that are responsible for collagen formation, generation of growth factor and cytokine. It can also heal intestinal anastomosis and short bowel syndrome. All of the abovementioned conditions are known to affect sufferers of bowel inflammation, diarrhea, constipation, and gut pain. These positive effects have been observed even in conditions that had reached advanced stages.

BPC-157 Supplements
BPC-157 Supplements:How to Inject BPC-157 or take BPC-157 orally?

BPC-157 Benefits

  • Repairs The Brain
  •  Protects Against Drug-Induced Damage
  • Restores The Serotogenic Transport System
  • Protects Dopaminergic System
  • Enhances The GABAergic System
  • Reverses Opioid Tolerance
  • Protects The Heart
  • Accelerates Body Repair
  • Helps With Allergies And Viruses
  • May Help Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Helps With Ocular Dysfunction
  • May Help Oral Cavity
  • May Help With Urinary Incontinence

BPC-157 application in the market

(1) BPC-157 for BodyBuilding

The most important role that BPC-157 plays is in the bodybuilding. The main tissue responsible for collagen production and Angiogenesis is the granulation tissue. Vessel formation or angiogenesis can slow down in case of injury or aging. Usually, as bodybuilders grow old, they need support for the restoration of the process of angiogenesis and therefore BPC-157 is used. As established, BPC-157 contains high level of healing properties for muscles and joints which relieves pain that is experienced by bodybuilders and heavy lifters. Many of them have personally testified that this medicinal supplement has been effective in eliminating the pain.

(2) BPC-157 in Supplements

BPC-157 is not a recent drug but due to its synthetic nature it has not been widely used in the past. However, it is starting to make its appearance in the world of supplements. Although, it is not independently used as a supplement, it is used as an ingredient in a few of joint support dietary supplements. It is not only beneficial in relation to providing restoration of bones and muscles but also prevention from various related diseases.


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Another important factor about BPC-157 is that since it reduces joint pain, it can also be used by elderly people who are more accustomed to undergo body aches. It will help on controlling the pain that is caused by an aging body.

Share exprience after use BPC-157

I originally use BPC-157 for my biliary system and leaky gut, but found it to have other systemic effects. I’ve only taken it orally and sublingually and it has helped me with my sleep, cognition, and food intolerances. I only need very little doses (~50mcg). I’ve also noticed increase histamine in my gut from it (could be part of the repair process). I will be trying it soon for my blood-brain barrier issues with CIRS (intranasally or injected).

Some people I know have taken it intranasally or corneally (as eye drops) and it has worked. Others have reported it significantly helping their workouts, spinal injuries, anhedonia, depression, IBS, anxiety, and Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (to name a few).

Here’s my speculation and what I hope to see research in: I would love to know how BPC-157 works on tight junctions in the gut and zonulin-1 (ZO-1) or it’s effect on the microbiome/microbial byproducts and peptides as it seems to reverse a lot of dysbiosis-related disorders.

How to use BPC-157?

BPC-157 can be taken through two methods:

♣ Injections

♣ Orally

There are two types of injecting methods: intramuscular and Subcutaneous. Intramuscular injection is applied near the muscle which is pain. By injecting it deeply inside the muscle you will be able to provide BPC-157 to your body for healing. The other method is subcutaneous injection which is applied under the skin. Both of them are useful injecting methods.

When it comes to taking it orally, you simply have to spray the compound in your mouth through the syringe. This method should be performed with proper care to avoid any mouth injuries.


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(1) BPC-157 Injection

How to get the BPC-157 online?

You can buy BPC-157 at a few different Peptide Suppliers on the internet. I’ll warn you: kind of like online pharmacies, the websites are cheesy, and they technically aren’t allowed to sell or advertise these kind of peptides as something appropriate for human consumption or human injection, but you can pretty easily find it and buy BPC-157 if you know how to use your Googling skills properly.

I can’t ethically say any of these forms of BPC-157 are “superior” since none of it is technically legal to sell for human use (you’ll notice each site specifies that it is for laboratory chemical research only) but figured I’d give you a few choices in case one of the websites above is out of stock at the time you happen to be reading this article.

For reasons you’re about to discover, I also buy BPC-157 from Phcoker and get good results.

BPC-157 Supplements How to Inject BPC-157or take BPC-157 zpsew4
BPC-157 Supplements:How to Inject BPC-157 or take BPC-157 orally?

What do you need to do before inject BPC-157?

① One box of insulin syringes, preferably 1ml/1cc, with 28 gauge 1/2 inch attached needles (the slang term for these syringes), among self-injectors of peptides and hormones, is a “slin pin”.

② One 30ml bottle of bacteriostatic water.

③ One package of alcohol cleaning wipes.

How to mix BPC-157?

① Pop the caps off both the BPC-157 and BAC.

② Gently alcohol swab the rubber stopper on the BPC-157, then let it dry. Same goes with the BAC vial.

③ Dose out the correct amount of BAC. In the case of a 30ml bottle of BAC, if you fill three insulin syringes full of water, then very slowly and carefully (peptides are extremely fragile) inject each of those syringes into a 5mg bottle of BPC-157, you are going to nearly completely fill the 5mg bottle of BPC-157.

④ Once the 5mg bottle of BPC-157 is full, then based on this very handy Peptide Mixing & Dosing Calculator, each time you inject a 1ml/1cc syringe into it and pull that syringe back to the fifteenth tick mark, you are going to have yourself approximately 250mcg of BPC-157.

How to store B-157 after mix?

Before and after reconstitution, keep your BPC-157 away from UV rays, sunlight and heat. It will remain stable at room temperature for up to ten weeks, but for best storage and results, you should store in your refrigerator, in which case it will stay stable for up to six months. It will stay stable in a freezer for up to two years.


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The stuff is super fragile. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of very slow and patient reconstitution. When you spray the BAC into the BPC, aim for the sides of the BPC bottle, and don’t spray directly onto the BPC powder itself. When you draw the BPC up into the syringe for injection or oral use, turn the bottle of BPC upside down very carefully and then draw the liquid up into the syringe very slowly. When you inject it or spray it into your mouth, inject it very slowly. If you keep it in the refrigerator, keep it away from things that might knock it over or jostle it around.

How to inject BPC-157?

♦ Subcutaneous injection

The subcutaneous method is the easiest and least painful because it involves inserting the injection under the skin, preferably in an area as close to the injury or pain-point as possible.

♦ Intramuscular injection

Alternatively, you can inject BPC-157 intramuscularly, which means stabbing the needle right into the muscle. Needless to say, this is a very painful method, especially when you consider that it’s typically done in an area that’s close to the injury as well.

Spray BPC-157 into your mouth

By far the easiest method is to spray the peptide into your mouth. Just make sure to hold the liquid inside your mouth for about 90 to 120 seconds before swallowing.

If you’re okay with needles then you can always opt for a subcutaneous needle instead. All you have to do is pinch an area of the skin as close as possible to the injury, making sure to angle the needle so that it sort of “slips” underneath the area of the skin that you’ve pinched and not directly onto it. This can be a bit difficult to do so it might be a good idea to get someone to help you out with it. Remember to use an alcohol swab to clean the area of the skin that you’re about to inject, as well as the rubber stopper before and after the injection.

The most painful yet equally effective method that you can choose is the intramuscular injection. Similar to subcutaneous injections, this method requires that you clean the rubber stopper and the part of the skin that you’re about to inject with an alcohol swab. However, you’ll be stabbing the skin with the needle instead of working it in like you would with the subcutaneous method. Keep in mind that you’ll be administering the needle as close to the affected area as possible, which might add to the pain. But, thinking happy thoughts have been shown to help in some instances although we can’t guarantee the efficacy of that method. On the bright side, this method will enable the peptide to work quickly and accelerate healing.

(2) Oral BPC-157

Oral BPC-157: The effective BPC-157 dosage

It is important to keep in mind that it is still a recent medicinal compound that is becoming common with time. This is why the dosage is not set but merely estimated. It is recommended that that a person who weighs 250 lbs can take 180µg, 110ug for 200 lbs of weight and 6µg for 150 lbs. It is recommended to take a prescribed dosage to complete your cycle.


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Warning on BPC-157

BPC-157 has been shown to be safe in clinical trials for inflammatory bowel disease (PL14736), safe for intestinal anstomosis therapy, and is currently in clinical trials for multiple sclerosis.

In most studies, BPC 157 exhibits a rapid, beneficial effect (since the first day) on a cellular level.Coritcosteroids may reduce BPC-157’s ability to heal muscles. As it is proangiogenic, it could enhance growth of cancer. Same of most of drugs, BPC-157 warning need to be taken seriously.


After reading the article, you’re probably wondering to yourself why no-one has told you about this incredibly healing peptide yet.

One of the problems is that BPC-157(137525-51-0) is not patentable which means the pharmaceutical industry cannot make money from it. Even your doctor probably doesn’t know about it because it’s not being marketed, and since it’s not regulated by the FDA, BPC-157 technically isn’t allowed to be sold for human use. And this is regardless of the fact that BPC-157 is a natural gastric juice peptide.

The good news is that BPC-157 hasn’t been banned by sports governing bodies like WADA and USADA. This means that athletes and bodybuilders can still take it and benefit from its healing properties.But the lack of long-term human studies on BPC-157 means there’s a possibility of it becoming prohibited by these governing bodies in the future.


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Nevertheless, BPC-157 is pretty safe to take, as no adverse side effects have been shown in the short-term clinical trials that have been conducted so far. So if you have a problem with gut inflammation, injuries or any of the conditions mentioned in this article, then you might want to consider it as a form of treatment.