What is 9-ME-BC?

9-Me-BC (9-Methyl-β-carboline) also known as 9-MBC is a novel nootropic compound from the β-carboline group. The β-Carbolines come from the heterogeneous carboline family. This means they are produced both endogenously in the human body and also exogenously in certain fruits, cooked meat, tobacco smoke and coffee.

The β-Carbolines (BCs) are identified as neurotoxic, however, it was recently discovered that 9-Me-Bc is beneficial. 9-Me-BC is a dopaminergic neuroprotector that also enhances cognitive function.

9-Me-BC powder as well as 9-Me-BC capsule supplement form is an excellent nootropic. Since unlike other nootropics whose benefits fades after a few hours, 9-Me-BC offers long-lasting and prolonged effects. 

9-ME-BC powder- How does it work?

9-Me-BC is very well rounded nootropic that exhibits several mode of action. The several 9-Me-BC mechanisms of action enables it to be very effective in its course of action.

Below are the 9-Me-BC mechanisms of action;

  1. It raises the level of dopamine in the brain by preventing the breakdown of dopamine, unlike other stimulants like caffeine that reduces dopamine due to excessive release and utilization.
  2. 9-Me-BC stimulates dopamine activity, differentiates as well as protect the neurons, dendrites and synapses in the brain. This is why it’s able to enhance learning, memory and cognitive function
  3. It influences the tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and its transcription elements while interacting with the tyrosine kinases. The tyrosine kinases play role in converting L-tyrosine to L-Dopa responsible for the synthesis of dopamine.
  4. 9-Me-BC inhibits the monoamine oxidase A and B (MAOA and MAOB) thus prevent production of neurotoxic compounds such as DOPAC from dopamine metabolisation. These substances cause death of the dopaminergic neurons.
  5. 9-Me-BC enhances the mitochondrial respiratory chain. It accomplishes this by either increasing or protecting the NADH dehydrogenase, which is used in electron transfer process for energy generation.
  6. 9-Me-BC can also increase neurotrophic factors such as Nerve growth factor(NGF), SHH (Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Molecule), Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that enhances cognitive function, focus as well as motivation.
  7. It stimulates neuronal activity while also promoting growth of new neurons. This enhances memory and learning and general cognitive function.
  8. Anti-inflammatory properties. 9-me-BC happens to fight chronic inflammation in the brain by reducing inflammatory cytokines, which are known to cause microglial accumulation that in turn disrupt cognitive function.


9-ME-BC benefits – How 9-ME-BC Powder (Nootropic) can help you?

9-Me-BC supplement possess a wide range of health benefits. The various 9-Me-BC benefits are as a result of the several mode of actions it exhibits.

Below are the 9-Me-BC benefits;


i. Can improve learning, memory and cognition

9-Me-BC stimulate neurons activity as well as boost the growth of new neuron cells. This is very key in enhancing learning, memory and general cognitive function.

9-Me-BC also boost ATP energy production by enhancing the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Hence increased energy that boosts motivation and alertness.

In a study of rats, 9-Me-BC supplement given for 10 days was found to improve learning. The study reported this was due to increased dopamine levels as well as promoting the growth of synapses and dendrites. 


ii. Helps fight inflammation

Inflammation is a natural mechanism by which the body fights against infection or injuries. However, chronic inflammation can be harmful to the body and has been associated with many diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

It hence becomes necessary to curb this inflammation before it becomes deleterious in your body. Fortunately, 9-Me-BC powder can help prevent chronic inflammation. It fights inflammation by decreasing inflammatory cytokines.


iii. Can enhance libido

9-Me-BC nootropic compound is very dopaminergic. Dopaminergic compounds are known to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain. This in turn increases the dopamine activity that is closely related to increased libido.


iv. Might enhance athletes’ performance

The ability of 9-Me-BC to increase energy production and also mood and motivation makes it a potential candidate from improving athletes’ performance.

9-Me-BC experience: How to use 9-MBC?

The recommended 9-Me-BC dosage is taking one 9-Me-BC capsule daily. One 9-Me-BC capsule is equivalent to 15 mg of the 9-Me-BC powder.

It is advisable to take the 9-Me-BC capsule in the morning as it is known to increase alertness, mood, and motivation, which you’ll definitely require during the day’s activities.


Is it safe and legal to use 9-MBC? 9-me-bc risks?

9-MBC is considered generally a safe dietary supplement. From an animal study, 9-Me-BC nootropic administered for 10 days was found to be entirely safe.

However, no data is available in regards to use of 9-Me-BC supplement for extended periods of time and also very scarce clinical trials in regards to this 9-Me-BC nootropic.

It is therefore advisable to take care when taking this nootropic by taking breaks in between to avoid any potential 9-Me-BC risks that could arise. 

The 9-Me-BC supplement is legal in every country worldwide. It is categorized and sold as a dietary supplement hence regulated in the same way as foods by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is legal for anyone to buy and use 9-Me-BC supplement. Despite, 9-Me-BC being considered legally safe, it is advised for one to consult their medical practitioner before indulging into it.


9-Me-BC side effects

Although 9-Me-BC supplement is generally regarded as safe, there are two main possible 9-Me-Bc side effects that you could experience;

Photo-sensitivity –long exposure to sunlight should be avoided when using 9-Me-BC supplement as this could result to DNA damage due to UV rays’ exposure. If you have to be under sunlight a sunscreen would be necessary to avoid the said 9-Me-BC side effects.

Dopamine neurotoxicity could also occur; however, this occurs when you exceed the recommended 9-Me-BC dosage. Therefore, could be avoided by taking the recommended 9-Me-BC dosage.

Other 9-Me-BC side effects reported from users who shared their 9-Me-BC experience include nausea and headaches. However, these adverse effects are very rare and only occur when one takes an overdose of the 9-Me-BC supplement.


Who can benefit from 9-me-bc (nootropic)?

Basically everyone can reap the benefits from 9-Me-BC nootropic. However, some groups of people can benefit more from 9-Me-BC than others. Workers, students and athletes can bountifully reap from 9-Me-BC benefits.

Since, 9-Me-BC is very well-rounded and very dopaminergic, it is an excellent supplement for students who want to increase alertness, motivation to learn as while still improving their learning and memory to remember more.

Working could stressing and draining, but luckily 9-Me-BC offers the motivation and energy that boost your efficiency at work. It stimulates neurons that keep you focused all the way.

Users of 9-Me-BC reviews are very positive with no or limited side effects reported. Hence a good supplement for all.


9-ME-BC powder for sale – Where to buy 9-ME-BC?

9-Me-BC for sale is readily available online. However, high level of purity should be assured for you gain the expected results. Consider 9-Me-BC review from users to get insights of the best 9-Me-BC capsule or powder supplements.

Just like other supplement, it is good to put into consideration the 9-Me-BC risks that might occur and take the necessary precautions.

Many users of 9-Me-BC buy it from approved nootropics suppliers who offers 9-Me-BC for sale at the very high quality. 

When you consider using 9-Me-BC buy from companies offering 9-Me-BC for sale in bulk quantities to enjoy discounted prices.

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