What is 6-Paradol?

6-paradol is an active compound mainly found in the seeds of Guinean pepper, which is also known as Grains of Paradise or alligator pepper. It is also naturally found in ginger as a minor compound usually formed together with 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol.

Many people tend to use the herbal extract for numerous health benefits such as burning of calories. Besides 6 paradol fat burner aspect, the compound has minimal and mild side effects. As such, many users consider 6 paradol fat burner a safer option as compared to other pharmacological drugs designed for fat burning.

In addition to its medicinal purposes, the 6-paradol maintains the original taste of its source to serve as a spice for favoring food.


How does 6-paradol work in the body?

6-paradol works under two mechanisms in order to help burn fat:


1.By increasing the activity of brown adipose tissue

The brown adipose tissue is a specialized connective tissue that brings about metabolic thermogenesis. A single ingestion of 6-paradol compound increases energy usage through the activation of brown adipose tissue by enhancing glucose utilization in the c-c12 myotubes.

This generally explains the 6-paradol thermogenesis process, which is very effective for body fat reduction.


2.By increasing the burning of calories

The brown adipose tissue contains a protein called UCP-1 that regulates burning calories foe maintenance of body warmth. Regular 6-paradol use activates UCP-1, consequently increasing the rate at which the body burns the fat stored in its fat reserves.

Increased calorie burning as a result of 6-paradol use means that your body will get more energy from the fat cells for various functions. Therefore, it becomes less dependent on external energy sources, and as a result, your appetite decreases.


What are the 6-paradol benefits?

There are several 6-paradol benefits, including:


1.Regulation of hormones

People with hormonal imbalance are among the users who seek 6-paradol benefits. Hormonal imbalance occurs when there is excessive or inadequate hormone level in the bloodstream. This can lead to severe effects throughout the body. In such a case, 6-paradol benefits the body by reversing such adverse effects by facilitating the achievement of a balanced hormone level.


2.Antitumor effect

6-paradol could also be of remarkable help to people with cancer, thanks to 6-paradol anti-inflammatory activity as well as anti-tumor ability. The natural compound could enhance cancer recovery and/or bar the development of tumors in your body. As such, it can play a crucial role in cancer prevention and treatment.

The 6-paradol anti-inflammatory activity makes 6-paradol supplement a go-to choice for people who want a product that offers natural anti-carcinogenic phytochemical. This is because the supplement originates from edible plants. As such, the 6-paradol anti-inflammatory activity is not associated with severe side effects that arise from consuming products with artificial or poor-tolerance components.

Additionally, research shows that 6-paradol use supports skin carcinogenesis and TPA.


3.Reducing hypertension

Hypertension is characterized by a continuous increase in blood pressure levels in the body. The condition can be controlled by both pharmacological and non-pharmacological ways. However, some hypertension drugs bring about negative side effects, leaving 6-paradol as one of the best options for blood pressure control.

Weight loss is one of the most effective strategies for managing high blood pressure, and this is where 6-paradol anti obesity and weight loss property come in handy. With proper 6-paradol dosage, a person with hypertension is likely to experience a significant weight loss that will contribute to reduced blood pressure.


4.Improved lipid profile

High lipid profile is harmful to your health. The 6 paradol fat burner helps lower your cholesterol levels, hence reducing the amount of fat in the body. The improved lipid profile due to 6-paradol thermogenesis reduces your risks to various illnesses.


5.Improved brain health

Various studies show that 6-paradol can act as an antioxidant. 6-paradol antioxidant ability occurs through carbohydrate and lipids oxidation reduction. When the oxidation rate is reduced, the amount of free radicals in the body decreases. Considering that free radicals promote chain reaction that can cause severe brain cell damages, 6-paradol antioxidant effect promotes brain health.


6.Better bodybuilding results

If you want a more attractive and healthy body shape, you can leverage on 6-paradol bodybuilding benefits. 6-paradol bodybuilding effect comes as a result of the compound’s ability to improve thermogenesis through increased calorie burning.

However, it is worth noting that 6-paradol bodybuilding benefit, just like any 6-paradol benefits, is not something you’ll realize overnight. You need to take the right 6-paradol dosage for a longer duration, say months.


Why choose 6-paradol?

6-paradol is a compound that has been useful to many people for various benefits. By choosing 6-paradol, you choose to gain an array of 6-paradol benefits, including improved digestion, energy expenditure increase as well as improved body fat loss.

Although you might want to consider other supplements for the aforementioned benefits, 6-paradol remains a better option because it’s benefits and mechanism are backed by scientific evidence. Various researchers have subjected the compound to human studies and found sufficient evidence supporting its ability to provide the benefits.

Another plus for 6-paradol as compared to is counterparts is that it is not a stimulant. Therefore, it neither increases your heart rate, nor does it cause jitters, as it is with some other fat burners. Whether you take 6-paradol powder, tablets or capsules, rest assured that you’ll never experience any of the side effects as a result of the supplementation.


Who can benefit from 6-paradol?

There are various groups of people who can get 6-paradol benefits. They include:

  • Men or women who’ve already attained the age of 18.
  • Adults who want to shed excess body fat.
  • Anyone who wants to boost their existing fat burning formula.
  • People who are sensitive to stimulants but still determined to achieve their weight loss goals.


6-paradol side effects

So far, the recorded 6-paradol side effects are insignificant. In fact, some 6-paradol users never experience any 6-paradol side effects at all. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has included 6-paradol in their summary of the largely protected botanicals.

However, conserving that it is part of Zingiberaceae ginger family, the compound might cause mild allergic reactions among users who are allergic to the plant’s extract. The same case applies to those who have identified uneasiness to cardamom. Therefore, such people should use 6-paradol supplement with the alert.

Furthermore, a clinical report featured on the Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences shows that 6-paradol supplement may pose a possible health hazard on expectant women, especially during their pregnancies’ first trimester. However, the scientists didn’t observe any 6-paradol side effects among men.


What is 6- paradol dosage?

Just like any other supplement, the clinically correct 6-paradol dosage is established on the basis of the amount required to produce the desired result. In this respect, the recommended daily 6-paradol dosage ranges between 25 mg to 50mg, depending on the desired effect.

For bodybuilders, the commonly recommended 6-paradol dosage ranges from 40mg to 50mg. This dose applies to the majority of avid supplement users as well.


What is the best time to use 6-paradol?

If you are planning to buy 6-paradol, it’s crucial that you know when to use it beforehand to get the best out of it. Just like other fat burning supplements, the best time for 6-paradol use is in the morning. Take it before doing anything else in the morning.

If you’re supposed to take the supplement in two doses per day, the best time for the second dose is early afternoon. Alternatively, you can take this dose before you start your evening workout session.


6-Paradol as Fat Burner Supplement

Fat burning is one of the 6-paradol benefits. Many people use 6-paradol supplements for fat burning or as pre-work supplements. Lots of organic supplement enthusiasts tap into 6-paradol anti obesity benefits, which is brought about by 6 paradol fat burner ability.

6-paradol supplement possesses fat-burning properties. Better still, unlike other weight loss products, the supplementation has low stimulant content. As such, paradol anti obesity benefits aren’t associates with the side effects that are associated with high stimulant levels in the body.

Various studies have revealed the ability of 6-paradol supplement to convert regular fat cells into brown fat cells.

The main function of brown fat cells is to convert energy from food to body heat. As such, due to the increase in the cell conversation, the body’s fat stores decrease, improving the body’s ability to perform thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis refers to the production of heat in the body. Supplements that boost fat burning such as; 6-paradol are considered to be thermogenic. 6-paradol thermogenesis is activated in brown adipose tissue and may open up new avenues for the regulation of weight loss and weight maintenance.

6-paradol use as a burner supplement increases brown fat conversion. Brown adipose tissue controls whole-body energy usage and body fat. Research on the relationship between brown adipose tissue (BAT) activity and body fitness suggests that BAT protects the body against body fat accumulation, thanks to its energy dissipating activity.

Daily ingestion of the 6-paradol increases whole-body energy usage and decreases visceral fat in human beings. It does this through the activation of brown adipose tissue. Research suggests that the supplement is safe and effective for reducing body fat, hence preventing visceral fat accumulation.

Relevant studies suggest that 6-paradol fat loss benefits result from the fact that the compound increases daily energy expenditure. A 6-paradol dosage of about 30mg to 40mg is recommended for fat loss.

A study was done to nineteen men who were given 40mg of the 6-paradol every day for four weeks. They were then placed in a cold room and their feet put on top of ice block for a few hours. Afterwards, they were examined for brown tissue activation, which showed an increase, leading to an increase in energy expenditure.

6-paradol use for fat loss has been proven effective. So, if you have been trying to lose weight, leverage on 6-paradol benefits for fat loss. However, if you want to realize the best fat loss results, it is advisable to 6-paradol powder, capsules or tablets as part of a more comprehensive fat burning formula.


Where to buy 6-paradol powder?

If you intend to buy 6-paradol powder, there are many offline and online drug and dietary supplement stores that you can count on for the purchase. However, whether offline or online, it’s important that you buy the product from a licensed and reputable seller. Otherwise, you might end up buying counterfeits.



6-paradol, an active compound in Guinean pepper and a minor compound in ginger, is a safe and healthy fat burner. Additionally, from antitumor effect to antioxidation and hormonal regulation, there are more 6-paradol benefits. Better still, unlike other fat burners, 6-paradol side effects are minimal and mild. As such, you can confidently count on 6-paradol supplement for safe and efficient bodyweight loss, among other health benefits.



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